From New Amsterdam …

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Dec 182013

Sterling Cooper has more failed artists and intellectuals than the Third Reich.


Anyone else miss lines like this?


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  1. Lines like that are from a time when the series was awash in awards and when the DVD/Blu Ray versions were brimming with episode commentaries and extra features.

    Sad to say, those days are apparently gone.

  2. Lines like that were from when the show was ON TV!!!! God I miss this show. Just get here already!

    And it’s okay SmilerG, we had our moment in the sun, and quite refreshingly, I see many of the years Top 10 lists for TV still include Mad Men so it is still a very valued commodity in the eyes of many.

    Even though, yes, it was part of that especially GLORIOUS time when they actually did DVD commentaries. Memories……

  3. Has anyone seen, anywhere, any explanation or excuse as to why the season 6 DVD/B-R has no commentaries?

    It’s disgraceful, and so far I have seen no attempt by anyone in the media to investigate it or query it. Is the entire media nothing but slaves of the studios? They’re happy enough to do the interviews when the studios provide spokespeople. So we’ll have to wait until two weeks before the next season launches, when they’re looking for positive interviews? Maybe they’re impossible to contact now, OK. Is one of those media circuses, where the whole industry gets together with the press, due up soon? Or who will open the can of worms when the MM PR machine gets into action later?

    • Berk, we’ve reached out to AMC and haven’t received a response.

      • Thanks, Deborah. I suspect that this has nothing to do with AMC, since the extra material is never broadcast and commentaries don’t make it to the website, just Lionsgate.

        Chances are that nothing will be said until Matt Weiner is made available for interviews in the lead-up to the next season, and then it will depend on what he chooses to say about it whether it goes any further. If it relates to some dispute between him and Lionsgate, or the usual parties being unavailable when Lionsgate wanted to schedule commentaries, we may not get anything but cryptic utterances.

    • They’re hoping the DVD commentary issue will blow over by the time the show comes back on and they are out doing interviews plugging the new episodes. I hope someone presses them on it. The season 6 DVD issue is pretty disgraceful to me. I already had it on iTunes, and wasted my money on the Season 6 DVD’s that gave me nothing more for my money.

  4. I do miss the old office.

  5. It is very difficult to sustain brilliant writing over time, in any medium. As a MM fanatic, I consider myself lucky that MM had that brilliance, at least from the glorious Season 1 to Season 5, and in parts of Season 6. Will the last two parts of Season 7–a la The Sopranos–sustain some or all of that brilliance? Or will MM jump the shark? That remains to be seen. We can only hope that the entire series will be one for the ages. Nervous anticipation!!!!

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