Basket of News, Nov. 9-15, 2013

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Nov 152013

The Walking Dead‘s ratings are so big — especially among the 18-49 demo — that it has been years since such ratings have been seen. The Allahpundit compares TWD to the old shows it now challenges, and suggests a series finale.

Speaking of humor, there’s Cracked:

With the show’s ratings, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Andrew Lincoln talked to Entertainment Weekly about the 10th anniversary of Love, Actually. He’d like to get Hugh Grant and Colin Firth on TWD. [Bill Nighy, of course has already done Shaun of the Dead. -K]

AMC announced Thursday that it has renewed Hell on Wheels for an expanded fourth season.

Jared Harris married his longtime girlfriend Allegra Riggio in Miami on Saturday.

Elisabeth Moss talks to Entertainment Weekly about her turn on The Simpsons… and a little about Mad Men.

Matthew Weiner was among those TIME interviewed about John F. Kennedy and his impact on America.

Kiernan Shipka features in the creepy trailer for Flowers In The Attic.

Alan Taylor, who directed the Mad Men pilot (among other episodes), leaped to the big screen with Thor: The Dark World.

January Jones, her hairstylist and makeup artist talk to THR about one of her red carpet outings.

Christina Hendricks will take center stage at the upcoming P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards in Toronto.

Remember those stories about Jon Hamm having to be reminded to wear underwear as Don Draper? It’s ongoing. Also, Jon was spotted dining with Sean Penn.

Ed Driscoll joins the chorus of complaints over the lack of Mad Men Season 6 commentaries.

Vince Gilligan spoke at the U of Florida about his background as an aspiring moviemaker and the creative processes behind the curtains of Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul… and David Blaine.

Bob Odenkirk talked to ScreenRant about Better Call Saul.

Shonda Rimes talked to Morning Edition about the future of Scandal.

The New Yorker looks at what Masters of Sex overlooks (so far).

Mob City – which features Walking Dead alums – has a trailer online.

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  6 Responses to “Basket of News, Nov. 9-15, 2013”

  1. Just want to share with Basket cases that I am just about through with the recent release by Henry Bushkin, Johnny Carson’s attorney who has written a tell.

    Well, brace yourself, Johnny Carson was Don Draper.
    Detached, Womanizer, Smart and much more. Had serious Mommy Issues.

    Bushkin should have titled it “How I Made Carson the Man He Became!”

    • Yeah, I’ve heard things about the book. Oddly, I always thought Duck Phillips had a Carsony vibe.

      • Gee, Duck had such a looser presentation toward the end. Remember his pathetic scene in the Suitcase?
        Great acting!

        Carson is mysterious like Draper. He was closed off to all around him and suffered from a cold unloving mother.

        This is a satisfying read, even though Bushkin brags throughout the book. He really serves himself high praise and it gets tedious. It reminded me of the line Roger gives Don when discussing Ogilvy’s book. “It should have been titled; Why I’m So Great!”

        Thanks Karl,

  2. Breaking Bad alternative ending…was it all a dream?

    • It’s blocked on youtube, but put the youtube title in your search engine for other sources (I would type the title, but that would give everything away)

  3. After deadline …

    Last Friday, Charlie Rose & his guests looked at the current state of television & pondered whether it is in a 2nd Golden Age. As you might expect, a few of our favorite shows popped up in the conversation …

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