Basket of News, Oct. 19-25, 2013

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Oct 252013

The Walking Dead season premiere, once all the numbers came in, became the most watched nonsports broadcast in cable history.  The ratings slipped 12% in week 2, but still beat everything besides the NFL.

Here’s your mash-up of The Walking Dead and Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “The Monster Mash”:

TWD showrunner Scott Gimple dissected “Infected” at THR.

Lauren Cohan talks about Maggie, Glenn and Carol 2.0 on Entertainment Weekly Radio.

Scott Wilson talks about Hershel’s longevity at Rolling Stone.

David Morrissey does some Season 4 teasing at Den Of Geek.

Andrew Lincoln signs with Hollywood powerhouse CAA. So does Dean Norris.

At Slate, an epidemiologist examines “Infected.”

Homeland‘s Morena Baccarin gave birth to a boy.

Showtime renews Homeland and Masters Of Sex.

GoldDerby posits that Breaking Bad may dethrone Homeland at the Golden Globes.

This is a potential Breaking Bad spoiler, but a hoot for those who have watched the finale.

Vincent Kartheiser shows off his 580 sq. ft. urban cabin, which now has a toilet and everything. (via Polly Draper and Hollis)

Brian Markinson (Arnold Rosen) talks to AMC about infidelity and keeping his role on Mad Men a secret.

Kiernan Shipka returns for “Child Star Psychologist 3” at Funny Or Die.

Lana Horochowski, MM‘s makeup maven, talks 60s beauty tips at Elle.

Mad Men advice you can actually take to the boardroom.

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  1. Imagine if the Walkers entertained themselves with a little flag football in betwixt their munching on the heros?
    Imagine the ratings. Whooooo boy.

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