Basket of News, Sept. 7-13, 2013

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Sep 132013

AMC announced in a joint statement with Sony Pictures TV on Wednesday that they are moving forward with Breaking Bad prequel-spinoff Better Call Saul.

Jimmy Fallon is Joking Bad:

BuzzFeed has the 16 Breaking Bad Characters of Congress.

A doctor tells Slate that Breaking Bad is possibly the best medical drama on TV, ever.

A Glasgow coffee bar courted controversy with Breaking Bad-inspired cupcakes topped by cracked blue sugar

…but maybe not as much controversy as Citizen Brick’s BB-inspired Superlab Playset, which immediately sold out online.

Bryan Cranston is profiled by Tad Friend in The New Yorker.

AMC kills The Killing. Again.

Christina Hendricks tells The Cut what she would like from Joan’s closet  as a Mad Men souvenir.

Kiernan Shipka returns to Funny or Die in “Child Star Psychologist 2.”

Janie Bryant wants to update Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe.

Matthew Weiner debuted You Are Here at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The early reviews from HitFix, IndieWire, The Hollywood Reporter and The Guardian are not kind.

…USA Today, however, picked up tidbits from Matt — including one about Mad Men — after the premiere.

Robert Kirkman further teases how the walkers in The Walking Dead Season 4 will become more dangerous.

The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven — at Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights event — delves into Season 3 of the series, taking place inside the prison and Woodbury.

AMC’s Josh Sapan touts how multiplatform deals have helped their quality shows blossom.

After leaving Downton Abbey, Jessica Brown Findlay is set to join the cast of Fox’s Frankenstein.

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