Sep 122013

The fifth of our 7-part series of Mad Men art by artist  Aaron Kirby (a.k.a.AtomicKirby) * who’s recreated fantastic Mad Men characters in period-accurate magazine covers.  Here, Beth Dawes takes cover art one step further in this well-thumbed edition of Candid Magazine.

beth_dawes_in_candid_by_atomickirby-d6fgbro*Note: Copyrighted material used with permission only


  4 Responses to “Fan Art Thursday 9/12/13 Mad Men Magazine Series by Aaron Kirby- “Beth””

  1. I’ll bet Vincent would love to have the original!

  2. It isn’t even Halloween yet, but here is an announcement about a new CD: ‘Mad Men’ Christmas…
    Settle around the fireplace this holiday season with Mad Men Christmas”

    • I may purchase this, if only for the Nellie McKay “Christmas Waltz”…

      Wish they’d included a Doris Day Christmas tune…

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