Basket of News, Aug. 17-23, 2013

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Aug 232013

Mad Men Season 6 comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on Nov. 5th. (via Polly Draper)

Breaking Bad — the rom-com remix:

Mad Men and 30 Rock receive a Tumblr mashup. (via Polly Draper)

Bryan Cranston was in Chemistry Club in high school. yes, really. There’s a picture.

Aaron Paul, on the other hand, was a contestant on The Price Is Right.  More recently, he talked to Reuters about the end of Breaking Bad.

The Belize Tourism Board said that it would offer free vacations to Vince Gilligan, the Breaking Bad creator and showrunner, and eight of its stars.

BB showrunner Vince Gilligan talks to The Guardian about the show’s end.

Matthew Weiner will be the 2013 Stuart Regen Visionary at The New Museum in NYC. And he’ll be there Sept. 27.  MW joins Downton Abbey showrunner Gareth Neame in discussing their favorite moments of their most recent seasons. Matt and The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara pay tribute to Vince Gilligan‘s work on Breaking Bad.

Betsy Brandt talks Marie at Rolling Stone.

Christina Hendricks gives Joan’s Season 6 highlights to the Daily Beast.  CH has also signed on to the cast of Dark Places.

Linda Cardellini also talks to the Daily Beast about Sylvia Rosen.

Rich Sommer talks to Vanity Fair about Harry Crane and the end of Mad Men.

Deadline gets good quote from Robert Morse, Linda Cardellini, Aaron Paul, Emilia Clarke, and Anna Gunn. The Hollywood Reporter talks to Morse, Cardellini and Harry Hamiln.

Ben Feldman talks to AMC about Michael Ginsberg in 1968.

Kevin Rahm talks Ted Chaough and has the mildest of Season 7 spoilers. Meanwhile, E! Online and others are taking Rahm’s spinoff joke seriously, because it’s August.

THR’s Tim Goodman picks Mad Men and Breaking Bad as two of the best TV dramas ever.

Variety examines the challenges faced by Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston in their roles as antiheroes, esp. JH.

Breaking Bad‘s RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) and Mad Men‘s Marten Holden Weiner (Glen Bishop), to parody Weird Science. (via Polly Draper)

BB‘s Jonathan Banks has a recurring role with Alison Brie on the next season of Community.

Mad Men writer Maria Jacquemetton (nee Mastras) is the older sister of Breaking Bad scribe George Mastras. Who knew?

Breaking Bad has brought Walt Whitman to the forefront of pop culture.

AMC posted fun behind-the-scenes pictures from Mad Men Season 2.

Penn Station: They’re still messing with it.

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