Basket of News, Aug. 10-16, 2013

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Aug 162013

(Yo it’s Roberta–this post was scheduled to go up earlier this morning, and I cannot figure out on the back end why it did not. It was some kind of wackadoo wordpress fail. Apologies to Karl and anticipating Basketcases. And now, let’s go, on with the show!)

The Breaking Bad theme, played on meth lab equipment:

The return of Breaking Bad breaks its own record, with a series-high 5.9 million viewers Sunday.

Mental Floss compiles 40 awesome tributes to Breaking Bad.

Jimmy Fallon is Joking Bad.

Aaron Paul did an Ask Me Anything at Reddit.

Two more versions of the Walter White body count — detailed and in chart form. (via John Ghalt and SmilerG)

The Guardian claims Breaking Bad lacks a “real woman.”

RealClearWorld examines international relations theory in Breaking Bad. Yes, really.

CNN’s Belief Blog examines BB and the evil within us all.

Homeland drops a trailer for Season 3.

PopWatch celebrated John Slattery’s birthday with its Top 5 Roger Sterling Moments.

Emmys 2013: The case for Jon Hamm.

Anna Gunn and Christina Hendricks are among 21 Emmy-nominated actresses talking about their on-set rituals at THR. Plus, Christina explains why she wants to be on Game Of Thrones:

I want to wear pelts and horns and ride around on horseback.

Christina Hendricks also joins the (voice) cast of Disneytoon Studio’s latest Tinker Bell movie, The Pirate Fairy.

Linda Cardellini talks to the l.A. Times about Don Draper and whether Jon Hamm really smells like frosting.

Kiernan Shipka has signed on to a Lifetime remake of Flowers In The Attic.

Talia Balsam has been cast as a political reporter in an early Season 5 episode of The Good Wife.

Lionsgate settled a right of publicity lawsuit brought by 79-year-old former model Gita May Hall for using her image without her consent in the opening credits of Mad Men.

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  8 Responses to “Basket of News, Aug. 10-16, 2013”

  1. Mark your calendars! November 5th is the release date for the DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets of Mad Men Season 6.

    “The extras include Commentaries, interviews and innovative special features examining the time period and culture of the Mad Men era:
    Design of a Decade
    Recreating an Era
    Gay Power!
    Gay Pride!
    Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out”

    Taken from:

    • I’m looking forward to adding MM S-6 to my DVD collection!

      I’ve also purchased all the BB DVDs released so far. Since they wrapped production in late March or early April & the “final eight” finish up on AMC at the end of September, I wonder if those last episodes on DVD will be available for purchase sooner than usual. Hope so!

  2. So no one’s doing Breaking Bad recaps? (I know they weren’t done in previous seasons, but at last the show has been given its proper due and attention on this blog this year, so I’m just wondering.)

  3. Anne B was doing the BB recaps last year. Maybe our fair Anne is just not that into you, BB.

  4. Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan appeared on Mythbusters:Breaking Bad Edition on Aug 12. The Mythbusters demonstrated that hydrofluoric acid would not dissolve a bathtub and methyl fulminate would not explode by throwing it on the floor. Short clips can be seen on the Discovery Channel website.

  5. I clearly have way too much time on my hands….but, who would ever think that RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad and Marten Weiner (yes, Glen Bishop) from Mad Men would team up to do a “Weird Science” video on Funny or die?

    And, anyone who thinks grown-up, good-looking Glen Bishop is creepy, needs to get their eyes checked!

  6. No love for Breaking Bad anymore here, I guess. The final 8 episodes are airing, getting killer ratings and all sorts of media coverage…..but nothing here beyond a speculation thread and a few snippets in this post.

    Why no live threads?

    Why no recaps?

    Why, with only 6 episodes left of one of AMCs most important and critically acclaimed shows, are we getting new posts on a show that’s currently in between seasons?

    AMC has NEVER aired Breaking Bad during the day. NEVER. Only after dark. Yet, all day Friday August 9 they aired BB season 4, then an HoW marathon Saturday August 10, and then aired last year’s 8 BB episodes all afternoon Sunday August 11 until the new episode started at nine. They also had an onscreen countdown until the 9pm premiere-I’ve only ever seen that for TWD or MM.

    The end of Breaking Bad is a MAJOR television event for this summer, on the network that this blog covers more than any other. But there’s very little coverage on the Basket. Sad. I don’t get it.

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