Sally is Betty’s Daughter

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Jul 032013

Sally Draper "Favors"

Sally Draper, Favors: You don’t get to talk to me anymore.

Betty Draper, The Gypsy and the Hobo: You don’t get to ask any questions.

It’s a unique turn of phrase, and has only been used twice in six seasons of Mad Men. Sally got “you don’t get to” from her mom.


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  1. Megan used it in Season 5, when she’s cleaning up after the party in her underwear.

  2. Betty is not the only character to say “you don’t get to.” Megan used the phrase at least twice in the beginning of season 5. She told Don, “It’s my money, and you don’t get to decide what I do with it” and, “”You don’t get to have this.” Sally is very much her mother’s daughter, though.

  3. I think, for a lot of women, awareness comes when you realize how much of your mother comes out thru your lips and thru your actions–how much a mirror to your parents you are. Maturity comes when you realize that not all she said was wrong, or done just to annoy you. The journey is in figuring out what was wisdom, and what were the parts of her to learn and improve on.

  4. Sally is definitely her mothers daughter, Don even noted it at Bobby’s sleepaway camp.

  5. We are all our mothers daughters, even if we don’t want be. Dancewosleeping is correct, until you realize both the good and bad of being a daughter of your mother, you are not your own person. That said, Sally is both her mother and her father, as most of us are. Hopefully, she will learn to take what is the best of both and make it uniquely her own. But it is going to be a rocky road. I think there was a comment in an earlier post about Sally running away to boarding school, like her Dad has run away in his past. I know popular opinion is you can’t run away from your problems(Ted and Peggy?) but actually you can geographically deal with a lot of problems merely by moving to a new town or school or type of work. Not internal problems, but sometimes situational problems.

    • I know I made a comment about Sally and Dick running away from problems, but I’m pretty sure there were other people who made similiar comments. I agree with you. Sally is a mix of both of her parents.

  6. Deborah–you’re right about the similarity, and they had another similar line this season but right now I can’t remember the exact situation or the episode. Betty said to Don (about something), “I knew you wouldn’t (something).”

    (Or possibly she said “I knew you would (something).” I can’t remember.

    Sally, in a different episode, said to Don, “I knew you wouldn’t come in.” (Or maybe she said, “I knew you wouldn’t go in.”)

    I wish I remembered more details. But in both cases, there was an air of disdain and disappointment, as if saying, “I knew I couldn’t count on you.”

  7. I would love to see Sally going back to Dr.Edna.

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