Basket of News, June 22-28, 2013

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Jun 282013

“In Care Of” set record ratings for a Mad Men season finale.

Matthew Weiner did post-finale interviews with all the heavyweights — The Daily Beast, Entertainment Weekly, Alan Sepinwall, and Basket Of Kisses.

Gothamist unpacks “In Care Of,” from the Milton Hershey School to the Camaro Z28.

Hershey’s “was thrilled and incredibly flattered to be part of such a popular television show.”

Vincent Kartheiser talks to Vanity Fair about Pete’s chemistry with Bob Benson, those suicide theories, and whether or not we should assume that Pete’s mother is really dead.  VK has a a shorter chat with Zap2It.

Vulture lobbies Kevin Rahm for a Ted-Pete comedy spinoff and Rahm reveals which of his family members had the best reaction to watching Ted hook up with Peggy.

Don Draper’s childhood whorehouse was likely run down with CGI.

Mad Men Screenshots With Things Written On Them.

Matt Zoller Seitz assesses S6 and hypothesizes our familiarity with Don breeds contempt.

Slate looks at “How Mad Men Fought Vietnam.”

Indiewire assesses the Black presence on MM S6, as well as MM’s Inferno.

Mashable hosts an S6 playlist.

Breaking Bad released a teaser poster. And Walter White is getting his own beer.

Paul Giamatti is joining the cast of Downton Abbey. Yes, really. Spoilers at the link.

Alison Brie, dancing like a chicken.

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  20 Responses to “Basket of News, June 22-28, 2013”

  1. I wondered how they did the new whorehouse vs. the old one. Should’a figured CGI!

  2. That a sound guy made Jon’s “waah-waah” into a ringtone is the best thing I’ve read all week.

  3. I clicked through the ‘screenshots with stuff written on them link’ – the first page is meh – but there are quite a few doozies in there.

  4. Late news item …

    No Mad Men this Sunday of course, but NYC and Long Island TV viewers can watch a documentary about the original Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue.

  5. Raise your hand if you ate a Hershey Bar classic this week. I hadn’t had a Hershey Bar in at least a decade. I would love to know if there has been a notable uptick in sales. Are these formal product placements?

    • I didn’t have a Hershey bar this week, but when Utz chips were featured a few seasons ago, I began jonesing for ’em big time! I’m from the East coast and always loved Utz, but after 20 years in the Midwest and over a decade in California, I only got to eat ’em on occasional visits back to DC. Then I found the Utz website. Now I order some several times a year. Love ’em!

      • Utz are Better than nuts!! I started buying these after that too.
        Also… All that Heinz Baked beans talk made me remember that they are actually a thing. I didn’t buy them, but I did buy Heinz Vinegar (and maybe some sauces)

    • I had a Hershey bar this week!

  6. Interesting that whoever is compiling ratings for the Wikipedia entry had Eps 513 and 613 essentially tied in ratings (respectively, 2.70 and 2.69-million households)

    Both of these are less than a handful of early Season 5 and Season 6 episodes.

    I still shake my head when I see these figures and compare them to blog interest and press attention in general.

    • I think most who watch Mad Men are hard core fans of the show by now. Even if they didn’t start watching the show in its first season they have watched every episode by now. Matt and his writers know they have passionate fans. Casual fans of the show are in the minority. Mad Men has a loyal dedicated fan base.

    • I wonder how accurate those numbers are because if they just represent viewers who tune into AMC on Sunday, then they are probably spot on. However, does this metric also include people who watch MM episodes on iTunes, Amazon or other outlets?

      I would guess that given the blog interest and press attention, the hardcore Mad Men viewers are very sophisticated folks who figure out all sorts of way to view their favorite show.

      • I’ve only known one person who was chosen to participate in a TV ratings survey and it was back in the 1980s, so the technology and methodology has probably changed.

        When she agreed to take part, they hooked a device up to her TV and cable. I can’t remember if she also had to make notations onto a paper diary or not. I do recall that the way it was set up was that you had to acknowledge a signal they sent out at regular intervals, to show that someone was actually watching the TV and hadn’t just left the room with the TV on, with nobody watching it. As I recall, it’s a fairly small sampling group that’s divided by age, gender, race, etc, and they distribute the devices along those lines. Afterwards, they tabulate all the raw data and extrapolate it to give an indication of how many million folks are watching what shows, breaking down the viewership numbers according to the various demographic groupings.

      • I have friends who typically cancel their cable service for the summer. They are hard core Mad Men fans – on Mondays they download the Sunday episode.

        This microscopically (if at all) reduces those 10PM ratings but accelerates Lions Gate’s cashflow – perhaps even enhances it, since they will either buy the DVD set or I’ll give them an extra set.

  7. I feel lost today. Instead of counting down until 10 pm, I’m just counting down….until I go to sleep?!? And then when I wake up tomorrow, I can start reading recaps, and reviews, and comments. I have post Mad Men malaise big time.

    • I hear you, Nordic. I just rewatched the final episode and can’t believe that the season is really over. The rhythm of my week (Sunday show and open thread, Monday-Tuesday recaps and comments, Wednesday TLo Mad Style, Thursday-Saturday checking BoK posts and comments…) has gone out the window! I guess it’s time to take a vacation! 🙂

    • Me too! Glad that House of Cards will have a new season this fall but it’s not the same.

  8. Video montage on The Beast (link in the post)

    2:18 of gold – Peggy from age 19 to 27.

    “Thanks to ‘The Cut,’ watch Peggy Olson grow up from Season One through Season Six.”

  9. I think Vincent Kartheiser is brilliant and I loved the question about Tammy, I think Pete really does love her. I wished Pete and Trudy had stayed in the city and let Tammy play in Central Park–it was over for them when they moved to the suburbs.

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