Fan Art Thursday 6/26/13 “Mad Kids” by Therese

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Jun 272013

In this season’s finale, we saw Don Draper actively acknowledge his inner Dick Whitman, most notably to his children.   I was inspired by the final scene to create this.   Enjoy, and let the therapy begin… Therese

Mad Kids Final


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  1. Perfect visual to a perfect season.

  2. Wonderful image! Thank you for posting this. Is that a drawing of the house or taken from a photograph?

    • Hi Yankee, I started with this still:

      Then just blacked out the characters used the Adobe Photoshop filter to create the ghostly background. But the thing that strikes me really odd about this still is just how large Sally looks compared to her brothers — especially Bobby! I always thought that the actor they used to replace the previous Bobby seemed too young and is definitely much shorter than I thought he would be if he’s around 10 or 11.

      • The actor (Jared Gilmore) who previously played Bobby is 13. The current Bobby, Mason Vale Cotton, turned 11 a couple days ago and, therefore, closer to Bobby’s age. Some kids just appear younger than what their age actually is. I remember in high school how many of the freshman looked like they should still be in grade school.

        • Ah! Well, who knows how tall this Bobby will be by next season?! They all grow like weeds!

          Only ONE more season! (*sniff!*)

  3. i wonder what the kids really would have thought of that house.

    Far as i know, at this point he hasn’t told them it was a whorehouse, and the younger kids probably wouldn’t even understand what that meant anyway. Probably even sally wouldn’t be fully aware of everything that went on.They know it’s dilapidated and in a bad neighborhood but it does look like it could have once been a big beautiful home

    maybe we’re supposed to speculate for ourselves what this revelation actually means to the kids and what he tells them

    • I think only an experienced adult would have the perspective to think it might have once been a big beautiful home. I’m sure all Sally and Bobby were seeing was extreme poverty.

      The look Sally gave was in part to ask “Is this really how it was?” And the look Don gave Sally as he unflinchingly met her gaze was in part to confirm “Yes it was. It was this bad and worse.”

    • Actually when Don lived there it didn’t look decepit at all.

      • I wondered about that too, so on one of my re-watchings I kept an eye out for the state of that house: it was definitely on the downswing and in need of repair (especially the roof) even tho’ not as run down as in 1968.

  4. Great piece of art. 🙂

  5. Therese,
    Your very nicely done piece of art is a great capstone to the Don Draper story. On that topic, I believe the end of Don Draper as a corporate power player also serves as my coda.

    The well considered work and sometimes moving essays shared by: you, Deborah and Roberta Lipp, Dark Peggy, Margarita, Lorna Moir, Ann, Ms. Turktruman, lizzief, Ms. Tornello, Elizabeth, Meowser, White T Jim B, Ondine, Jahn Ghalt, John in Cincinnati, Floretta, tilden katz, Ty, dwolff, Annabelle, Frank Bullitt and Anne B made for enlightening exchanges.

    Thank you all for thought provoking analysis.


    • Thank you for your very kind comments, Hawk. I am always in awe of the many thought-provoking and very well written posts that all my fellow Basketcases contribute here, (and don’t forget Mad Chick) I always strive to make my posts as good as theirs, and I’m so glad you enjoy them! I am particularly grateful to Deborah and Roberta for showing me the ropes of blogging; and I’ve used their training well in my own (Star Trek) blog.

      Basketcases are best! Thanks again, Therese

  6. Love this!!!

  7. I love how the house represents a piece of art. When you’re looking at the same piece of art with a group of people, theres a million different thoughts going through each person’s head. Everybody interprets it differently until the artist (sometimes comes out) and reveals what its really about. The kids have different interpretations.

    Sally: My dad grew up poor.
    Bobby: Thats a really ugly house.
    Gene: I’m hungry. Are we going to eat in that house??
    Don: I grew up poor. I was raised in a whorehouse. My childhood was traumatic.

    Fantastic artwork Therese!

    • Pamela:

      I can’t wait for the blu-ray of S6.13 with the deleted scenes and alternate endings:

      Don drives up to his dilapidated childhood home with the kids. A small child is sitting on the front stoop with a popsicle.

      Don: “This where I grew up.”
      Bobby: To everyone – “I told you we are negroes!”
      Sally: Rolls her eyes.

      And Therese – awesome artwork. Where can I buy the t-shirt?

      • Oh Crapola! I forgot about the kid with the popsicle on the stoop!!! Big fail! Haha

      • Hey Frank, Thanks! I’ll be posting this on elsewhere on the ‘net with some sort of gift tie-in (mugs maybe?) I’ll let you know 🙂

    • Thanks Pamela, and your quote of what the kids are thinking are dead on!

  8. Thought you might enjoy my Mad Men finale inspired bit of video as well 🙂

    <a href="; title="Everything You Need to Know About Season 6 of Mad Men."

  9. Here’s an item I just found about the actual house that was seen in the show. It’s in the Angelino Heights area of Los Angeles and was built in 1887.

  10. You did a great job, Therese!!!

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