Season Finale Party Raffle Winners!

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Jun 252013
Watching the finale.

Watching the finale.


Apropos of nothing, Roberta with Cuba Gooding Jr. after the party

Apropos of nothing, Roberta with Cuba Gooding Jr. after the party

Hello Basketcases!

OMG our party last night was ridiculous! Our best yet by miles, even without celebrity drop-ins! (Although I happened to get a snuggle from Cuba Gooding Jr. a few hours later at a different spot–but I digress….)

The black and white photo above, and the few later in the post, are all courtesy of Blane’s crew (more about Blane below as well). Many more photos and video to come, so keep on watching this space over the next few days and weeks. But I wanted to make sure our prize winners were congratulated and once again, thank our fantastic sponsors.

Although let me please pause and say, hey folks–your donations toward this event were terrifically appreciated. AND please don’t let the fact that the party is over stop you! Please give the Basket a bit of financial love, if you are comfortable doing so.

And now for the winners!
The recipient of two $24 orchestra seat tickets to Bawdy, New York’s Biggest Little Vaudeville, masterminded by and starring the outrageous Jesse Luttrell, was Lyle Goodale. Lyle scooped up some pre-sale raffle tickets, so good on him! He and his friends were just wonderful–Lyle, I might just see you at the show, as it is the final Bawdy of the season!

Leesa Dahl won the next prize, a state-of-the-art haircut with Soho-based Master Hairstylist George Rylander of Dop Dop Salon; value $115.
This was funny. The first raffle ticket pulled was held by Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience. Go take a look–his picture is there on the right sidebar.
So we drew again.
I was really happy Leesa won. She’s been to, I believe, every one of our parties, she is absolutely lovely, and she remembers George from our Season 3 finale event–George was providing on-the-spot period hairstyling, and he worked with Leesa that night.

The finishing touches on my hair??? at the Season 3 finale party.

The finishing touches on my hair??? at the Season 3 finale party.

I cannot say enough about George–everyone who knows me knows I am his #1 fan. He is one of the most amazing stylists you will have the pleasure to work with. The magic he offers is not only in his designs, but in how he really listens to you–what works about your hair, what you like about it, what is your comfort zone, what you’re willing and not willing to do with it to get yourself out of the house. He factors all of that in, as well as how to best complement your features in ways you didn’t know would benefit your look–and you just get more beautiful in George’s hands.
Go see Georgie over at Dop Dop.

Danielle Liza Beeber had the winning ticket for Rebecca Lubart’s Dynamic Body Breakthrough Introductory Session; value $225. That was really cool because Danielle had already approached Rebecca after hearing her speak about her offerings earlier in the evening. They were standing next to each other when I called the ticket number!
Rebecca, a former competitive figure skater, had been on her way to a career in dance, when a fall left her with four herniated discs and a condition of chronic, excruciating pain–at age 21. Though Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physical Therapists alleviated the pain, it always returned, more intensely than before. On her search for solutions, she went to to find the answers. Through wonderful teachers, training programs, and multiple certifications, Rebecca was able to rehabilitate her own spine. She is able to dance, and lives a pain-free life. She has made it her business that no one live with pain–whether it be from injury or just the every day stress of sitting at your computer. Rebecca has personally helped me with terrible pain I’ve been dealing with (my shoulders–oww!) and I can’t recommend her enough.

L-R Basketcase Topaz, Rebecca Lubart, Basketwriter B. Cooper

L-R Basketcase Topaz, Rebecca Lubart, Basketwriter B. Cooper

Claudia Connor will be attending the Writing Episodic Comedy: 3-day crash course at Primary Stages; value $340.

And last but absolutely not least, Steve Gellis is the winner of a Private VIP Video Blogger Coaching Day; value $1,500, with Blane Friest of DDM Production!
Everyone at the party got to experience Blane as he and his little band of gypsies infused the event with Sizzle. Make sure you check out this preview of Blane’s upcoming Share the Sizzle seminar, and register yourself into it!
And under the category of making sure people are taken care of, Blane has offered the hairless Nathaniel a free ticket to said seminar. See how everyone wins?

Roberta, Basketcase Maureen, and Deborah

Roberta, Basketcase Maureen, and Deborah

Rachel tore a lot of tickets! Thanks for being such a great Basketeer!

Rachel tore a lot of tickets! Thanks for being such a great Basketeer!

A big fat shout-out to the wonderful folks at The Central Bar, who could not have been nicer. The space was a rare combination of hip and comfortable, the drinks wow, and the food delicious. I recommend them highly, both for private parties and just to have a bite and/or a drink downstairs in the main room.

Yoni sold her hand-crafted jewelry including her favorite <a href=

holzuhren watch to delighted party attendees. ” src=”×150.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ /> Yoni sold her hand-crafted jewelry to delighted party attendees.

More on the party to come, folks!


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  1. AHHH! I missed Cuba??? How? When??? =(

    I had a great time. I love Central Bar, especially when its not crowded. I wanted to say hi to you and Deborah but you guys were all over the place. I will be moving in 2 or so months out of NY BUT I will be planning on flying in next year JUST for the finale party!!

    As always, awesome job hosting! =)

    • Thanks Pamela! I know, there were so many people I wanted to talk to, and we had a bigger team than we’ve had before, but there was also so much to manage!

      Cuba was much later, in a different bar =)

  2. So glad you had a great party — Next year I will definitely be there!!! (I have to, it’s the Final Season!) Sorry I couldn’t make it, but I’m sure next time will be all the better!

  3. Loved the party! I will probably return next year because I never pass up an opportunity to visit NYC. Basketcase Maureen

  4. Ladies, I’m back at home in Buenos Aires, and I have to tell you the viewing party was one of the highlights of my NY trip. Thank you for everything, I’m catching up with what I missed these days almost offline.

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