Basket of News, June 8-14, 2013

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Jun 142013

Gothamist unpacks “Favors,” from Ocean Spray to Whiskey Sours.

Matthew Weiner talked Season 7 at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences headquarters in North Hollywood. And he talks to The Wrap about those Bob Benson theories.

Matt also tells TheWrap he heartily approves of ’80s Don Draper on Twitter.

UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist and Mad Men obsessive Dr. Paul Puri talks about how the events of “Favors” may affect Sally Draper.

Kiernan Shipka talks to AMC about growing up on set and Sally’s most shocking moment before “Favors.”

Kevin Rahm talks Ted Chaough on HuffPost Live, USA Today and at the L.A. Times.

Linda Cardellini is engaged to her longtime boyfriend.

John Slattery joins THR’s Best Drama Actor Roundtable (and talks about his worst audition).

THR’s group portrait of supporting stars includes Kevin Rahm and Abigail Spencer.

Elisabeth Moss picked up a Best Actress Award at the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony on Monday for her lead role in Top of the Lake.  She tells Access Hollywood Peggy is “totally a cat lady.”

Vulture traces the History of Peggy and Joan. (via ruthie.)

US News & World Report more boardly surveys Season 6 theories.

Mad Men is nominated for a Television Critics Association Award in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Drama.  Breaking Bad, Homeland and Game of Thrones will also compete.

This is Mad Men on Drugs — on video and in pyschedelic portraiture.

Bryan Batt speculates about Sal Romano’s 1968 at Vulture. (via ruthie).

One Life to Live star Erika Slezak talks to Vulture about Megan Draper’s dual soap roles. (also via ruthie.)

Rolling Stone revisits the Women of Mad Men.

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  8 Responses to “Basket of News, June 8-14, 2013”

  1. Thanks–I always love looking at the recent interviews listed on your blog. You may have already done this, but I was just wondering if you have analyzed the current season cover for season 6 (the artwork for the season on iTunes of Don travelling in two different directions with a glimpse of a veiled woman, sirens, an airplane, and a stop sign in the distance). The artwork is so interesting this season–especially with all the sirens and references to airplanes we’ve heard this season– and I was just wondering what your take on it is. Thanks!

  2. I stopped reading the Rolling Stone piece as soon as they said that Peggy’s sister is raising her baby. Why do people still think that??? That has to be one of my biggest Mad Men pet peeves.

    • Seriously, it makes me think that many viewers don’t watch with much attention! It’s such a big part of the plot!

  3. Vincent Kartheiser on Pete Campbell, “He’s this very straight-backed and well-spoken man who, under the table, has no pants on and is kicking the guy next to him.”

    I just love this guy.

    For this and other memorable quotes, see: and

    It is just criminal that Vincent has yet to receive an Emmy nomination, let alone the award itself and the recognition that it brings.

  4. I believe that the grand arc of S6 is a retelling of Dante’s Inferno. Yes I know how origininal my comment looks…. As others have pointed out, the Inferno ends with Dante walking away from the Devil. If Don represents Dante and the season ending figuratively represents Dan walking way from the Devil, who or what is the Devil? The logical definition would be Don himself. Or rather the persona of Don Draper. S6 could end with Don walking away from his ID as Don Draper and reemerging as Dick Whitman. Think about it, the stress and anxiety caused by deception has led Don to many of his despicable acts. Recall the he was most at peace when he was in the presence of Anna, the one adult person who knew him as he truly was. Dick’s life was that of someone so unwanted that the man inhabiting the body literally stole another’s identity to escape. But Dick Whitman wouldn’t die and in fact has remained a subversive element in Don’s life. In my opinion, Dick’s struggle to emerge has been one of the reasons why Don destroys everything he has built as Don Draper and tears down every success achieved by Don Draper. Killing Don and allowing Dick to emerge would allow the man to feel wanted and accepted and allow the man to enjoy what he has accomplished.

    • “S6 could end with Don walking away from his ID as Don Draper and reemerging as Dick Whitman. Think about it, the stress and anxiety caused by deception has led Don to many of his despicable acts.”

      As Arnie Rosen said as Don watched him leave through the doorway in the first episode of S6, ” People will do anything to alleviate their anxiety.”

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