Okay, who had “Gay” in the pool?

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  1. I had “Death,” but I’m not conceding yet. How do we know that Death isn’t gay?

    • I’m with you – he can be gay and be any of the other things on the chart too. Me, I’m betting on the next generation’s Don Draper. Ooh, maybe he switched name tags with the real Bob Benson in Vietnam!

    • I’ve got Jim Cutler down as Death/The Devil.

      • He *is* extremely reptilian. Has Harry Hamlin always had such a small head? It’s freaking me out!

    • Me too. I will hold with “Meet Joe Black”

  2. Tom and Lorenzo for the win!

    • They are killing it over there, the stuff about Bob Benson today is fantastic. http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/2013/06/mad-style-favors.html

      • Agreed… What an AMAZING assessement Tom and Lorenzo had about Bob today in their Style post.

      • Seriously. These guys are raising the bar for the internet.

      • I agree that Bob is completely lost and hoping for some kind of signal from Pete (see Tom and Lorenzo’s blog). But this storyline doesn’t stop there. Bob and Manolo are tied up in Pete’s life now in ways that could be difficult to undo. What if Pete suggests to Joan that Bob should be fired — and explains why. I’m not sure how that would play out in Pete’s favor. Bob has a lot of cards right now. He has the innocence of Sally–and the potential to be crushed in the same way.

    • A superb sociological analysis.

  3. Just gotta say, that’s the most fun I’ve had making a graphic since the Whitman Sampler Box.

    • It *is* a pretty sweet graphic, Deborah!

      The thing that killed me was Bob’s expression when Pete said he thinks it’s disgusting. When he smiled that fake smile we all know so well it nearly broke my heart. James Wolk nailed that scene!

    • IF this is a football pool – you had GAY in an unlikely to win box (“0” is pretty good, “8” not so much).

      • I had ordinarily ambitious account man – brown noser in the pool.

      • What I know about football pools is that they’d make an amusing illustration for this post.

        • I’d explain it – but it would be way more fun to buy a square and attend the (super Bowl) party – think of it as anthropology!

  4. I had Gay, but hermitically sealed in the closet at work, so I lose.

  5. It is fun and it is gay and that’s a trend in the Basket; but the squares are not mutually exclusive and there is a distinct possibility that Bob could be one of 3 or even 4 squares; He may even be bent for all we know and may find out.

    • In what way is gay “a trend”?

      • Dunno….but at some point, I’m sure “Bob Benson is gay” trended on twitter since last Sunday night 😉 Btw – Tom and Lorenzo truly did knock one out of the park today.

  6. I had Gay after that episode where he approached Pete about the Spanish nurse in the first place.

  7. I’m still hoping for GAY HARE KRISHNA….

  8. I had “Bringing The Sexy Back”, but I’ve been swooning over James Wolk for about 18 months, when he played “Grant” (Max’s boyfriend for a few episodes) in Happy Endings.

    I could write poems about his beautiful eyes, sonnets about his smile and naughty limericks about that ass!!!

    Bob Bensen is positively dreamy.

  9. I think he’s an opportunist and is whatever he thinks he needs to be, to get what he wants. The Talented Mr Ripley has sure been mentioned here before.

  10. Ok, so he’s gay and not a mole. Probably not a mole. He still has awful taste in men. No wonder he and Joanie hit it off.

    • Too funny, kturk.
      Love everything you write.

      I did not have gay, I had G-Man who will put the cuffs on Don. Who cares if he’s gay? Sexual orientation is the least interesting thing about a person. I’m jaded, cause I’m in NYC.

      • Tilden, did I tell you I love your blog? I love your blog. I agree with you. I’m in south Florida where most parties I go to I’m one of the straight minority so the orientation thing is kind of meh. I was really kind of looking forward to ” Bob Benson, FBI. Mr. Draper, come with me quietly” or some such shit so I can holler I KNEWIT!!!! and wallow in a big pile of correctness. But that never happens with this show. Hardly ever.

        • It never happens for me either. Lane’s death was a foregone conclusion, so I don’t give myself credit for calling it.
          I don’t write the scary lawyer guy blog. That is capital T capital K tilden katz, who provides us with incisive observations.
          It’s nice to be confused with the big guys. :-)★

      • I’d like to follow up on the “G-man gathering evidence against Don” idea. It seems plausible that someone tipped off a government agency about Don and an investigation was started. Don has enough people who don’t like him and some of them know his secret.

        Phase one. An investigation would start by gathering public information about Dick and Don. There would be Army records and yearbook photos from Engineer Don’s High School and College. Often group photos are taken in the Army at the conclusion of boot camp and various Army schools. I know they did this at least as early as WWII. There would be fingerprint records on one or both. I’m aware that records were kept differently in the day, but even so the records would be out there if someone took a little effort to search. So phase one would yield enough evidence to convict or almost enough very quickly and cheaply.

        Phase two. Spend *hundreds of man hours* observing Don’s work habits in the hopes of gathering additional evidence (maybe a box with some photos?) at Don’s workplace. Even if there were additional pieces of evidence it would likely as not be at his home. And after almost a year, wouldn’t Bob have had the chance to search Don’s office by now. Don isn’t so careful about closing and locking doors.

        If Bob is a g-man, he is the worst g-man ever. In the time Bob has been working on this he could have convicted Don, rounded up hundreds of teenage draft dodgers, and shut down a Lexington Avenue brothel.

        • Would they really go through all that trouble for one draft-dodger? At the height of the Vietnam War, no less?

          • Of course not. That’s my point. I can’t think of any scenario where “G-man who will put the cuffs on Don” would actually work for Bob.

      • I agree with you that a person’s sexual orientation isn’t interesting now, but this was 1968 – his co-workers may care if he’s gay.

  11. I have been saying Talented Mr Ripley for awhile…maybe first, but who cares.

    I think after reading Tom and Lorenzo’s longest post ever I agree with them.

    I mean Bunson still could be a Ripley, but I think T & L make a compelling case.

    I hope we know more by season’s end.

    Whether or not Bob is gay, I’d hit it (but then I would be rejected…waaah).

  12. Faye Miller’s brother….LOL! Love it. 🙂

  13. Ryan Seacrest was my guess. Then I revised it to Bishop from Aliens but David from Prometheus is a little more sinister and may be closer to the mark.

    My longshot guess: Jim Cutler met Bob while he was working as a towel boy at Turkish bath. Bob is Cutler’s protege. SCDP is not the first rival Cutler has hired Bob to infiltrate. Only this time Bob’s feelings for Peter cause him to switch sides, thwarting Cutler’s attempt to break away with Chevy.

  14. It is nice to see all the possibilities on a board Ms. Deborah!

  15. I was clearly in the minority (and dead wrong as it turns out) but I had him boinking Joan (or working toward it). I thought Joan’s “He’s too young” to Momma Gail’s “he’s adorable” was misdirection or initial indecision.

    • Shtup! What a great verb! Sounds Yiddish…

      • I’m still trying to find someone who will tell me whether schtupp (sp?) is a vulgarism or a socially acceptable synonym for “intercourse.”

        • Given that I am a deeply lapsed Jew, I may not be the right authority on this but “schtup” (sometimes spelled “sctup”) is a pretty commonly used term for having sex.

          Is it socially acceptable? I’m no judge, but the best boss I ever had in my life, who was the CEO of a multinational corporation, was quite comfortable using this term in conversation wtih me. However, in the context in which I’ve always heard it used, it isn’t an exact replacement for sexual intercourse–it has a slightly negative connotation, meaning casual sex or sex you shouldn’t be having. Example, when we were contemplating adding an employee-assistance plan to our benefits offering, my boss’ assessment was, “Well, if you need help figuring out how to deal with an aging relative, I can see why this might be helpful, but if you’re just schupping your neighbor’s wife, why should I pay for you to feel less guilty.”

          Hope that helps.

          • Thanks, you have explained it very well.

          • Your explanation fits well with my impression of its usage – casual, illicit sex. Easy to find sources agree that its yiddish. So many yiddish terms add color to American English – allowing euphemistic expression that’s not as jarring as the usual gutter english.

        • I watched Young Frankenstein with my (Yiddish-speaking*) Dad once, and when “Lily Von Shtup” was introduced he laughed so hard he was snorting…
          anyways, in a delicate I-can’t-believe-I’m explaining-this-to-my-daughter way he told me that shtupping in Yiddish was quite vulgar in that it referred to pure physical lust. “To shtup” was to give in to your baser animal urges.

          *which is why I was watching it with him–so he could translate the Yiddish portions for me

  16. […] Benson is gay. I just want to get that out of the way, because whoever had “Fraud” in the pool is doing a happy dance right now (and there are a lot of you), so I want you to know you still have […]

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