Basket of News, June 1-7, 2013

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Jun 072013

Gothamist unpacks “A Tale of Two Cities,” from Jeannie C. Riley to Carnation Instant Breakfast, with an extra post about the 1968 DNC in Chicago.

Vulture has your key GIFs from “A Tale of Two Cities.”

The Whole World is Watching“: Wired views last Sunday’s ep through its advertising.

Harry Hamlin talks to Vulture about his real-life experience with those “energy injections,” the upcoming power struggle within the firm, and why he won’t ever again venture into online message boards.

James Wolk talks to the New York Times about how his own inner Bob Benson (and perhaps a few years spent working in his father’s shoe store) helped him win his Mad Men role.

Christina Hendricks talks to Esquire pizza, Scotch, Detroit, and the rest of Mad Men.

Esquire also talked to Jessica Paré this week about where Megan Draper is heading, why she loves smoking now, her latest musical endeavors, and a whole lot more.

January Jones is topless in Sweetwater and London’s The Sun is on it. (NSFW)

Abigail Spencer, Zosia Mamet, Jessica Paré, Christina Hendricks, and Alison Brie are among Complex’s 100 Hottest Women Right Now.

Some vintage Rich Sommer and Michael Gladis. Yah, mon.

Rich Sommer talks to GQ about Harry’s feud with Joan, Roger’s crotch-punch takedown, and the joy of watching Mad Men with his co-stars.

Janie Bryant talks to GQ about Harry, Roger and Don’s Los Angeles wardrobe.

The Daily Beast tracks Megan Draper’s fashion.  Fashion bloggers mull the Sharon Tate theory.

Speaking of Sharon Tate, Alison Brie’s band, The Girls, goes Valley of the Dolls for you.

Christopher Stanley tells AMC why he prefers Blonde Betty.

At Salon, Ron Ben Tovim argues Mad Men is a modern-day Moby Dick.

la peregrina considers Michael Ginsberg and Allen Ginsberg after “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Jared Harris got engaged to longtime galpal Allegra Riggio.

At Rolling Stone, Rob Sheffield argues everyone is “screwed” without Lane Pryce.

Matthew Weiner participates in THR’s Showrunner Emmys Roundtable.

Elisabeth Moss participates in THR’s Best Actress Emmys Roundtable.

Mad Men and Breaking Bad rank highly in the WGA’s Top 100 Best Written TV Series.

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  1. As you might expect considering the name I use 🙂 , I loved the Salon piece comparing Mad Men to Moby Dick, though the same could be done (and has been, including on this site) with The Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn; the Great American Stories of the Outsider and how he fits (or fails to fit) into the society at large.

  2. Has anyone found “Top of the Lake” streaming anywhere?

    • Top of the Lake is available on Netflix streaming

      • Great! Thanks for the info. I had recorded it, but haven’t watched it yet. Just freed up 7 hours worth of space on the ol’ DVR.

  3. Vulture and Hamlin gave a good interview – they asked about who Bob Benson is?

    Hamlin: “I can’t talk about it. I’m sworn to secrecy. I know a lot but you’d have to pay me a lot of money to talk. I’d have to go into witness protection after.”

  4. Because this link contains more than alphanumeric characters (per Submit a News item), i am submitting it here:

    This is a most insightful analysis of the relationship between two of the best female characters on TV today.

  5. Does anyone writing or editing The Daily Beast watch Mad Men?

    In the quoted article about Megan’s wardrobe, they claim that Megan was introduced in Season 5(?) at the receptionist’s desk and ended that season engaged to Don Draper.

    Well, so what if they should have written Season 4.

    The thing is that a standard jury instruction is that if you do not believe a witness about one fact, as a juror you are entitled to not believe any statement from that witness. Ergo, given the lack of quality control with The Daily Beast’s editing, why should we believe anything they publish?

  6. I promise, this is the last one today: Erika Slezak, long-time soap opera actress on what it’s like to work on a soap opera today and 40 years ago. Really, go to Vulture and check out all their articles on Mad Men and other popular series.

    • Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

      I never watched soap operas (or as they were later called, “Daytime Dramas”) — that is, until around 1976, when I got hooked on One Life To Live. At the time, I worked the evening shift, so I was free in the daytime. Back then, it was pretty much before cable TV where I was, so TV viewing choices were limited to ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and two independent local stations. One afternoon, I was flipping through the channels and landed on OLTL. It didn’t take very long to get sucked into the storyline and I remained a regular viewer until the mid-80s.

  7. Off topic, and I’m excited about tomorrows episode synopsis (which is analogous to getting excited over eating a stale sandwich, I know)…

    I love when the eps feature our gals, Betty & Peggy, and to a lesser extent, Joan.

    Hope it’s Sirkian, like “The Other Half” was! Wheeeeee!

    I’m also excited because school is out for the summer and I can watch without being a grumpy ole teacher on Monday morning.

    • SO jealous you can watch late and not have to wake up on Monday! The ep we had before Memorial Day was glorious to me. I read comments until 2:30 am.

  8. Love Stan’s psychedelic picture!

  9. If you’re a mad Men fan and a Time Warner cable subscriber in the Los Angeles area or Colorado and Arizona, this Variety item notes some changes in your channel line-up. The cable company has replaced East Coast HD feeds of AMC, Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery and Encore. The change affects nearly 2 million subscribers.

  10. Matt Weiner speaks to TV Guide about the Megan being murdered theories

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