Basket of News, May 25-31, 2013

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May 312013

Jon Hamm visits Dave Letterman:

Gothamist unpacks “The Better Half,” from the Central Park shooting to “Father Abraham.”

We don’t always link the never-not-fab Tom & Lorenzo, but their look at the fashion of “The Better Half” is top notch.  Indeed, their intriguing catch on Megan’s shirt — confirmed by Janie Bryant — was picked up and expanded by Jezebel.

Janie Bryant also talked to GQ about Abe’s countercultural wardrobe, Don’s camping gear, and Bob Benson’s short shorts.

Vulture has your key GIFs from “The Better Half.”

Entertainment Weekly asks: “Is Betty the Secret Hero of Mad Men?”

Wired notes “The Better Half” explores how knowing that something is considered desirable makes people desire it.

Elisabeth Moss revisits her experience with Jeremy Piven. It ain’t pretty.

Kiernan Shipka appears in a music video by Kyler England for “We Rise Like Smoke.” (via ruthie)

Slate wonders whether “The Crash” is like Vietnam. (via Ellen)

What kind of name is “Chaough,” anyway?

Aaron Paul got hitched to Lauren Parsekian on Sunday, May 26.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases like you.


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  1. Maybe because Roger once said, “Chow-guh-guh,” I always think of Ted’s last name being pronounced “Chow.” But when he & other characters say it, it’s more like “Chaw” (rhymes with Claw).

    Definitely not a name I’ve ever heard before!

  2. This likely isn’t the forum for a defense of cricket, but I’ll just say that some people think baseball is boring, and they’re wrong too.

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