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Cast a novel, play, musical, television show or movie with the characters of Mad Men. It can be from the era of Mad Men, something from decades before, or something more modern. I’m going to present a partial list from Bewitched as an example:




Gender-bending is allowed, if you think it works personality wise. While a version of this may have been before, enough new characters have been added to the series to merit doing it again. The point is to be creative and have fun.




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  2. Don – The Skipper
    Joan – Ginger
    Peggy – Maryann
    Burt – Thurston Howell III
    Roger – The Professor
    Pete – Gilligan

    • Interesting. I would have had picked Harry as Gilligan. I love “Gilligan’s Island.” Growing up, one of my friends and I used to come up with our own episodes in the backyard.

      • I thought of Pete because he has done some pratfalls as second to the skipper. We used to act out commercials in the backyard. One was called Lestoil. I don’t think TV ruined us; I think it sparked our resilient kid imaginations.

    • You’re definitely onto something. First the show itself applies Gilligan’s Island archetypes to the margarine industry, and then Grantland’s recap does its own Mad Men-to-Gilligan transfer as so:

      Don Draper — Gilligan
      Roger Sterling — The Skipper
      Pete Campbell — Thurston Howell III
      Dorothy Campbell — Lovey
      Joan Harris — Ginger
      Ted Chaough — The Professor
      Peggy Olson — Mary Ann

      There are side-by-side photos. I don’t see Don as a Gilligan at all, but it’s otherwise an interesting argument.

  3. Joan – Megan
    Don – Rhett
    Peggy – Melanie
    Ken – Ashley
    Lane – Frank
    Pete – Charles
    Joan – Belle Watling
    Miss Blankenship – Aunt Pittypat
    Carla – Mammy
    Bert – Gerald
    Sally – Bonnie Blue Butler

    • This is so perfect. What’s funny, is that I almost used “Gone With the Wind” as my example, but I couldn’t figure out who would work best for which role. I’ve got to ask, who’s Scarlett, or did you not cast that role?

      • Aargh. I was in too much of a hurry (obligations, you know). The first Joan should be Scarlett. I cast Megan as Scarlett. Thanks so much for catching it!

  4. I think Betty would be interesting playing Serena from Bewitched. Shes already conniving and has dark hair now 😉

  5. Don- Hawkeye
    Roger- Trapper John
    Bert- Henry Blake
    Pete- Frank Burns
    Betty- Lt. Dish
    Peggy- Hot Lips
    Ken- Father Mulcahy
    Joan- Radar
    Sal- Klinger

    • This one must have been so hard. Joan and Peggy could switch roles, and it would still work. On the other hand, Joan and Radar’s job description is more compatible. Also, interesting choice for Bert. I would probably would have him as Potter, because of the age difference.

  6. Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958)

    Scotty (Jimmy Stewart) Jon Hamm [although I could see Aaron Staton in that role]
    Madeline/Judy (Kim Novak) Christina Hendricks
    Gavin Elster (Tom Helemore) John Slattery
    Midge (Barbara Bel Geddes) Elizabeth Moss
    Pop Lebo – Robert Morse

  7. Citizen Kane

    Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) Michael Gladis, of course.
    Jed Leland (Joseph Cotten) Jon Hamm
    Mr Bernstein (Everett Sloane) Rich Sommer
    Susan Alexander (Dorothy Comingore) January Jones
    Emily Kane (Ruth Warrick) Alison Brie
    Boss Jim Geddes (Ray Collins) Mark Moses

  8. The Wizard of Oz

    Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) Kiernan Shipka
    Scarecrow/Hunk (Ray Bolger) Vincent Kartheiser
    Tin Man/Hickory (Jack Haley) Aaron Staton
    Lion/Zeke (Bert Lahr) Jon Hamm
    Wizard/Professor Marvel (Frank Morgan) Robert Morse
    Glinda the Good Witch (Billie Burke) Christina Hendricks
    Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch (Margaret Hamilton) Rosemary Dewitt – with a lot of prosthetic ugly makeup.

    • This was another movie that I almost used as example, but I couldn’t figure out the scarcrow, the tinman, and the lion. I love what you did with it.

  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy – Peggy

    Angel – Don

    Giles – Bert

    Cordelia – Joan

    Xander – Roger

    Riley Finn – Ted Chaough

    Darla – Betty

    I thought a long time about Pete as Spike, and there are some good parallels: the love for Buffy/Peggy, the resentful envy of Angel/Don, the overambition and resulting screwups, the casual evil mixed with surprising bits of good. But the essential Spike characteristics, his wit and love of his own freedom, are completely lacking in Pete. Besides, if Pete is Spike, then Trudy would be Drusilla, and that doesn’t work at all. 🙂

  10. Roger Sterling and Larry Tate from Bewtiched could almost read from the same script. They have the same great timing and child like disposition. Tammy Campbell’s birth was like something from Bewitched with Kenny and other guys showing up at the hospital like it was completely normal and appropriate. The costuming is also great in the same way in that Bewitched began with carryover from the 50s, went to the fabulous 60s then started briniging in 70s. I could see a bit of Endora with Marie Calvet.

    • Marie Calvet is very much like Endora, only Marie is a bit more supportive of the marriage. I would love to see Roger Sterling and Lary Tate in the same room together.

  11. Miss Blankenship–Aunt Clara

  12. Don- Rick
    Betty- Ilsa
    Roger- Louis
    Henry- Victor
    Bert- Ferrarri
    Sam- Peggy
    Lee Garner jr.- Major Strasser
    Pete- Ugarte
    Ken- Jan Brandel young roulette player married to…..
    Joan- Annina whom Louis takes advantage of
    Harry- Emil the croupier
    “Megan”- Madeline discarded lover of Rick (one could only hope)

  13. Seinfeld

    Ken = Jerry
    Peggy = Elaine
    Pete = George
    Roger = Kramer

    Herb Rennet = Newman
    The Vogels = Jerry’s parents
    The Calvets = George’s parents
    Don = David Puddy (the car salesman)
    Joan = the woman who said, “They’re real, and they’re magnificent!”

  14. Batman: Don. Catwoman: Megan. Poison Ivy: Joan. The Joker: Jimmy Barret. Two Face: Ted Chaough. The Riddler: Pete. Ra’s Al Ghul : Conrad Hilton. Gordon: Bert. Barbara Gordon: Peggy.

    • Glen as Robin, Lane as Alfred and Duck as Bane

    • Herb Rennet as the Penguin, Tom Vogel as King Tut, Burt Peterson as Professor Egghead, Rachel Menken as The Siren, Ken Cosgrove as Shame, Lee Garner Jr. as Mr. Freeze.

  15. Ken as Luke, Don as Han, Peggy as Leia, Stan as Chewbacca, Bert as Yoda, Roger as Obi-Wan, Conrad Hilton as The Emperor, and I’m not casting Vader because it conflicts with my Han casting, because when you think about it the Dick/Don factor makes Don perfect for Anakin / Vader. I’m so torn.

    • And Lane as C3PO, obviously.

    • I love the idea of Stan as Chewbacca. It works so well because of the beard. If Lane in C3PO, then who’s R2D2? I only ask because R2 is one of my favorite characters.

      • Yeah I love R2 also, I’m thinkin Ginsberg for R2.

        • Joanie is R2. She has all the answers, just like our favorite bucket of bolts.

          • You make a good point, I guess Ginsberg will have to be a Jawa

          • Ginesberg could be an ewok; I’m not seeing him as a Jawa. Not only does Joan have all the answers, she also has a bit of snark too, which is another major element of R2’s character..

  16. Don – Judge Doom
    Joan – Jessica Rabbit
    Peggy – Eddie Valiant
    Burt – Baby Herman
    Roger – Roger Rabbit
    Pete – Smart Ass
    Betty – Dolores

  17. This got me to thinking how many pundits said the the “vast wasteland” would lead to a generational intellectual ruin. Well we’re still here. Some of us running the country and some of us running our families.

    TV sparked my imagination in ways the writers of some pretty bad shows could hardly imagine. TV provided comfort in a difficult childhood. TV provided community solace in hard times such as when Betty said “I couldn’t turn off the TV. In 1968 neither could I Betty. Bobby’s TV “stare” at “McHale’s Navy” was a welcome way to cope.

    We are a better country in many ways than in 1968 so once again the intellectuals were wrong. The vast wasteland was really a vast bed of stinky fertilizer that grew some amazing things.

    • The S.S Minnow from Gilligan’s island was named as a reference to FCC chair Newton Minnow, who made the comment about television as a “vast wasteland.”

      Televsion grew and evolved. It could be compared to novels; there is a broad range of material. There are works that have depth, and offer insights into who we are and what makes us tick. There are also works with little redeeming value, but are just fun and enjoyable.

  18. James Bond film:

    Don = James Bond
    Peggy = Miss Moneypenny (Skyfall style Eve Moneypenny)
    Bert = M (always keeping Don in check with sage advice and the only authority he respects!)
    Roger =Felix Leiter (Bond’s trusted ally!)
    Paul Kinsey = early Q
    Ginsberg = later Q

    Bond Villain = S1 Pete , S2 PPL Executives S3, Lee Garner jnr (Lucky Strike) S4 Booze and the World itself, S5 Dow Chemical, S6 Herb Rennett
    Good Bond Women = S1 Midge & Rachel, S3 Suzanne Farrell, S4 Allison, Dr Faye Miller, S5 Megan, S6 Sylvia Rosen
    Nasty Bond Women = S2 Bobbie Barrett,
    Female Bond Equivalent = Joan

    • So Joan is like Major Anya Amasova / Agent XXX from “Spy Who Loved Me,” which totally works. Peggy works as either version of Miss. Moneypenny, depending on which season you’re talking about. Early seasons=eary Moneypenny, and later seasons=”Skyfall” style.

  19. Warner toons:

    Bugs Bunny – Don Draper
    Early Daffy Duck (woohoo! woohoo!) – Ted Chaough
    Later Daffy Duck (e.g. Duck Amuck) – Michael Ginsberg
    Wile E. Coyote – Pete Campbell
    Road Runner – Ken Cosgrove
    Sylvester – Harry Crane
    Tweety – Trudy Campbell (of course)
    Granny – Miss Blankenship
    Elmer Fudd – Betty Francis
    Porky Pig – Joan Harris
    Foghorn Leghorn – Paul Kinsey
    Speedy Gonzales – Peggy Olson
    Pepe Le Pew – Roger Sterling
    Michigan J. Frog – Megan Draper
    Marvin the Martian – Bert Cooper
    Yosemite Sam – Burt Peterson
    Tasmanian Devil – Stan Rizzo
    The Goofy Gophers – Sal Romano and Kurt Smith

    • This is something I never would have come up with at all (which is I love doing this kind of post. It’s always fun to see what my fellow basketcases come up with)!

      You’ve got to explain Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzales. I’m not seeing it. Since there’s no right or wrong, I’m really curious to hear the logic/reasoning behind it.

      • There didn’t seem to be any exact fits for those particular Mad Men characters or with those particular cartoon characters, so I did the best I could. But Betty with the rifle, things always blowing up in her face = Elmer. Joan wearing all different hats and playing different kinds of roles at different times as needed = Porky. And Peggy running circles around everyone around her and getting there faster than anyone expects = Speedy.

  20. Don = Captain Kirk
    Ken = Spock
    Roger = Bones
    Joan = Uhura
    Ginsberg = Chekov
    Peggy = Sulu
    Stan = Scottie
    Pete, and, sadly, Lane = Red Shirts, always getting hurt

  21. Don – Vincent Vega
    Peggy – Jules Winfield

    Joan – Mia Wallace
    Harry – Marsellus Wallace

    Kinsey – Butch Collidge
    Megan – Fabienne
    Trudy – Esmarelda

    Roger – The Wolf
    Burt – Captain Koons
    Ken – Jimmy (Tarantino’s Role)

    Stan – Lance
    Betty – Jody (with all those piercings)
    Lane – Trudi

    Ted – Brett (He gets shot by Travolta and Jackson eating his Big Kahuna burger)

    Glen & Sally- Pumpkin & Hunny Bunny

    Pete – Zed
    Salvatore – The Gimp

    Jane – Marilyn Monroe
    Michael – Buddy Holly
    Faye – James Dean
    Duck – Dean Martin

    • FA-BU-LOUS.
      I see Pete as Jimmy from Toluca Lake.
      Lee Garner Zed. He deserves to be.
      Ken is too nice to be in this one. Maybe as Bonnie, Jimmy’s wife.

    • LOVE

  22. Don- J.J. Gitties
    Betty- Mrs. Mulwray
    Pete- Lt. Escobar
    Burt- Noah Cross
    “Megan”- the fake Mrs. Mulwray
    Henry- Hollis Mulwray
    Roger- Walsh ( Forget it Jake, its Chinatown.)
    Freddy- Duffy
    Harry- Mulvihill
    Ken- Russ Yaelburton
    Katherine- Joanie
    Peggy- Jake’s secretary
    Greg- Curly
    The tiny punk goon who slashes Jake’s nose that was played by Polanski himself?
    Pete, again.

  23. Animal house
    Don- Otter
    Burt-Mr. Wormer
    Joan-Mrs. Wormer
    Stan-D Day
    Originally I had Pete as Pinto, but he’s better Neidermier. So who’s Pinto? Ted?

    • Ted or Ken could be Pinto. (They’re both nice guys.)

      • Ooh, crappity. Ken! I knew I forgot someone. Shame on me.

        • Then Ted as whoever Kevin Bacon was. Smarmy guy. ” Thankyousircanihaveanother.”

          • Chip Diller. You’re right. Pete is much better as Neidermier. Peggy is to some extent, one of the guys, so I could see her as Pinto as well.

    • Betty – Mandy Pepperidge (Marmalarde’s GF)
      Jane Sterling – Babs Jansen (Say “hi” when you visit Universal Studios)
      Sal Romano – Mayor Carmine DePasto
      Glen Bishop – “Thank you God” Boy
      Hollis – Otis
      Paul Kinsey – Sensitive Guy with a Guitar (“I gave my love a cherry . . .”)

      After tonight’s episode, Sylvia Rosen – Mrs. Wormer

      Only other changes I’d suggest:

      Roger Sterling – Professor Dave Jennings
      Peggy – Pinto (“Can I buy some pot?”)
      Lee Garner, Jr. – Neidermeyer

      • I love Paul Kinsey as the guitar guy. I do think Peggy is better as Pinto than Ken as Pinto.

        • Ken – Hoover (“Otter, they really mean it this time.”)

          Hildy, Allison and Lois Sadler – the Coeds from Emily Dickinson College (“Would you mind if we dance wiff yo’ dates?”)

          • Ken is perfect for as Hoover. The secretaries as the Dickinson girls is brilliant!

      • I’m good with all of it. But what of Joan, then? If Sylvia is Mrs. Wormer, and Peggy is Pinto, then Joan is Katie?

        • Joan – Fawn Lebowitz’s roommate

        • Ginsberg – Boon
          Beverly Faber – Katie

          Also, Clara, Pete’s secretary bears a striking resemblance to Dean Wormer’s secretary.

      • I forgot two of the iconic characters:

        Timmy (Heinz Ketchup) – Greg Marmalard
        Herb Rennert – Bluto Blutarsky

        • Herb doesn’t work for me as Bluto. Bluto may have been a pig, but there was a sweetness to him. Herb lacks that. I can’t see Herb giving the big “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor” speech. Don could work as Bluto (I’m thinking of all of Don’s pep talks). Roger would make a good Otter.

          • You may be right. How about:

            Fred Rumsen – Bluto Blutarsky

            Slightly overweight, check.
            Overindulges in alcohol, check.
            Sweet, check (see his relationship with Ballerina).
            A bit of a slob, check (see his incontinence problem).
            Hidden talents, check (plays classical music on his zipper).
            Killed 15 Germans, check (may or may not have been in Pearl Harbor; Roger did not elaborate).

          • I can see Fred Rumsen as Bluto. To sum up the changes, and see where we are:

            Don- Otter


            Stan-D Day
            Ginsberg – Boon

            Ken – Hoover
            Peggy – Pinto (“Can I buy some pot?”)

            Roger Sterling – Professor Dave Jennings

Lee Garner, Jr. – Neidermeyer
            Timmy (Heinz Ketchup) – Greg Marmalard
            Burt-Mr. Wormer
            Sylvia Rosen – Mrs. Wormer

            Sal Romano – Mayor Carmine DePasto

            Glen Bishop – “Thank you God” Boy
Hollis – Otis
Paul Kinsey – Sensitive Guy with a Guitar (“I gave my love a cherry . . .”)

Betty – Mandy Pepperidge (Marmalarde’s GF)

            Jane Sterling – Babs Jansen (Say “hi” when you visit Universal Studios)

            Hildy, Allison and Lois Sadler – the Coeds from Emily Dickinson College
            Joan – Fawn Lebowitz’s roommate
            Beverly Faber – Katie

            I just realized, If Lee Garner, Jr is Neidemyer, then doesn’t it make more sense to have Pete as Chip Diller?

          • Pete is definitely Chip Diller, especially with that smarmy face he makes during rush.

  24. Jon Hamm as George Taylor
    Vincent Kartheiser as Cornelius
    Elizabeth Moss as Zira
    Robert Morse as Dr. Zaius
    Jessica Pare as Nova
    John Slattery as Landon
    Ben Feldman as Lucius

  25. King Kong

    Jon Hamm as Dick Whitman as Don Draper as King Kong

  26. Little Shop of Horrors:

    Audrey: Christina Hendricks
    Seymour: Rich Sommer
    Audrey II: Jon Hamm
    Orin Scrivello, D.D.S: Vincent Kartheiser
    Dental Patient Arthur Denton: Ben Feldman
    Mr. Mushnik: Robert Morse
    Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon: Teyonah Harris, Elisabeth Moss, Alison Brie

  27. Cheers:

    Sam: Don
    Diane: Peggy
    Rebecca (later:) Megan
    Coach: Yoda Bert
    Norm: Ken Cosgrove
    Cliff: Pete Campbell
    Carla: Roger Sterling
    Frazier: Lane
    And I want to put Lilith as Joan, just because I always enjoyed Lane’s appreciation of Joan.

  28. Peanuts

    Don = Schroeder
    Joan = Lucy
    Roger = Snoopy
    Pete = Charlie Brown
    Ken = Linus
    Betty = Sally
    Ted Chaough = Peppermint Patty
    Peggy = Marcy
    Bert = Pigpen
    Dawn = Franklin
    Ginsburg = Woodstock

  29. Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    Janet: Peggy
    Brad: Ken
    Frank N Furter: Roger
    Rocky: Don
    Eddie: Pete
    Magenta: Megan
    Columbia: Joan
    Dr. Everett Scott: Bert

  30. Casablanca

    Don = Rick Blaine
    Rachel = IIsa Lund
    Abe = Victor Lazlo
    Roger = Cpt Renault
    Jimmy Barett = Major Strasser
    Bert = Ferrrari
    Pete = Ugarte

  31. While watching Oh Brother Where Art Thou? on AMC today, I realized the MM cast fit:

    Ulysses Everett McGill = Don
    Pete = Pete
    Delmar = Peggy
    Tommy = Dawn
    (collectively The Soggy Bottom Boys)

    Penny McGill = Betty
    Vernon Waldrip = Henry (Penny’s suitor)

    Pappy O’Daniel = Bert Cooper
    Sheriff Cooley = Duck Phillips
    Big Dan Teague = Lee Garner Jr
    Sirens = Megan, Jane, Allison

    Earlier, during Blazing Saddles, I realized Hell on Wheels was just a darker remake of the show!

  32. Godfather:
    (inspired by Frank Bullitt’s comment during the open thread for “The Quality of Mercy”)
    Joan-Tom Hagen

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