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This is a fun game. Tom and Lorenzo already eliminated the dead and dying to come up with SCDCC. What do you think the merged agency will be called? What do you wish it would be called?

I like Pryce Memorial, or Pryce Gleason.


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  1. I remain steadfast.
    While this game is harmless and could be fun, there is to be NO MERGER–just a one-time project collaboration.

  2. SCDCC, a division of GM.

  3. considering the way the rest are beginning to feel, it’d be hilarious if it was the first sarcastically named agency:

    Draper Draper Draper
    The rest watch from the sidelines.

  4. MAA

    Modern Advertizing Alliance

    whole lot better than a bunch of names

  5. Well, it won’t be The Michael and Elliot Company. That ad agency won’t arrive until the mid 80s.

    • A thirtysomething fan! You make my heart happy.

      • Miles was old enough to have been Don’s protege. Wonder if that is who Bob in accounts morphs into…

        • I believe Miles was in Vietnam at the time.. He once mentioned to Michael that he was in the Army in Vietnam selling the war to the people back home.

    • Wasn’t Miles Drentell a great villain!

      • What was his agency’s name again?

      • Yes!

        • DAA

          • Drentell, Arthur and ?. I can’t remember what the second A was.

            Miles Drentell. One of the best characters ever on TV.

            • The second A was a partner that had long since been pushed out. Drentell was one of the greatest villains on TV!

          • From the episode in which Michael, with the backing of the corporation modeled after 3M(run by Paul Dooley), was looking to buy out DAA from underneath Miles, one of the “As” was deceased and his widow, Carol, controlled his shares and the other “A” had moved to California and become some type of New Age Shaman.

    • Oh! thirtysomething!!

  6. Five Guys

  7. It won’t be:

    The Weiner Group

    But it should be.

  8. R2D2

  9. Something by Emerson

  10. Manny, Moe, and Don

  11. STERLING (S)


    DRAPER (D)

    PEGGY (P)

  12. Creative & Large

  13. Joan should get a bigger piece so her name can be in it

  14. Identity, Inc.

  15. For What It’s Worth.

    “Paranoia strikes deep/Into your life it will creep…”

  16. Brains by the Jar

  17. Draper Chaough – where creative is the driving force of advertising.


    Sterling Cutler Draper Chaough (the 4 partners at the meeting that merged the 2 companies)

  18. Sterling & Co.


    Not Honda, Not Jaguar, Not Alfa Romeo


    Not Shel Keneally’s Agency

    Duck, Siegel, Birdie, Tweetie & Crane

    Guy McKendrick’s Foot (Cone & Belding)

    We Fire Clients

    Grin and Barrett

    What Utz Means to Us

  19. The DUCK Factory…. where creative is king!

  20. Four other possibilities…

    1. Whitman and Associates

    2. BBA (Booze and Broads Agency)

    3. Lay’em and Leave’em ( We’ve never met a client we wouldn’t have sex with or fire.)

    4. Sterling’s Gold

  21. SD3C

  22. Peggy Olson’s Pizza House and Advertising Emporium – “Let Us Dazzle You

  23. New York Creative
    Future Design
    Design Technology
    Future Imagination
    Space Age Creative
    Astronaut Advertising
    Ark Advertising

  24. Or Creative CarouselTaking You Places You’ve Already Been

  25. CHINA HOUSE!!!

  26. DC&C — Draper Chaough (and Chattel) – Too Big To Fail

  27. The Walking Dead

    (2 original partners dead or dying, Bert on last legs, Roger waiting for 3rd heart attack, Don killed Dick Whitman)

  28. Ads“R”Us

  29. Mad 5 – Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce, Chaough

  30. So, is this permanent? I got the impression they were going to ally just for this campaign, but maybe I didn’t get the dialogue right.

    • It seemed to me that Ted told Peggy they were moving, so that means they are actually merging.

      • And Don said, “Furniture, fixtures, and everything.” The whole reason Peggy was writing the press release at the end was to announce the merger. It just doesn’t have a name yet (that we’ve been told).

  31. Bert Cooper and Partners. That is, if Bert wants any part of this, which he might not. Otherwise it’s gonna sound kind of like this jokey band name I made up as a kid: Earth, Blood, Wind, Sweat, Fire and Tears. Too many names. And Bert is the one guy they’d all agree to defer to, because of seniority.

    But if they wanted to be more cutting edge sounding, they could be one of the first agencies with a non-partner name, like Young Ideas or Ad Infinitum.

  32. they should call it, “Mad Men”

  33. Up Yours With People?

  34. Aditude

  35. Pvt. Dinkins’ Lonely Hearts Club Agency

  36. Olsen, Harris, and Associates

  37. McMahon and Tate.

  38. Somehow I have the feeling that this merger is the beginning of end for Bert Cooper’s influence in the firm/show. I think his thoughts are going to start turning to Montana and his beloved cattle.

  39. Draper Chaough and Benson.

  40. CGC was the bigger of the two, and since size matters, their name goes first. Peggy will name Cutlr, Chaough, Draper, Sterling. CCDC. No Cooper.

  41. CCDS. Oops.

  42. The Olsen Twins.

  43. Whitman Draper.

  44. Archibald’s Folly

  45. Mutually Assured Destruction

  46. Even better: Mutually Assured Construction

  47. My faves so far (You guys crack me up!!):

    Mutually Assured Destruction (says it all)
    The Olson Twins
    Something by R. Waldo Emerson

  48. I love the idea of having Don advance something forward-thinking and connected to recent imagery of the future, like:

    Stratosphere Partners

    or some address of a yet to be secured new office for them, along the lines of:

    500 Madison

    But smart people keep reminding me that in 1968, with the exception of Pushpin Studios, naming an ad agency after anything other than the partners simply wasn’t done. So, wild hare predictions: Harry’s going to find a way to get his name in. Bert’s out. It will take a named partnership to keep Peggy there and they can’t live without her. Gleason’s condition won’t delay Cutler’s retirement for long, so they won’t want either of those names. Pete is not leaving; he will be a festering wound that will destroy the beast from within. And Sterling dies before they get the business cards printed.

    Draper, Olsen, Chaough, Campbell, Crane.

  49. C2H5OH

    (chemist’s formula for ethyl alcohol)

  50. Andy ‘n’ Clio

  51. Miles Drentell made an appearance again in several episodes of Once and Again. Such a good show — it’s a crime they won’t bring out season 3 on DVD.

  52. The Cigar Handlers Group anagram of Chaough Draper Sterling

    (The Cars Heralding Group also fits)

    • Transplant Bert Cooper into Monty Python and the Holy Grail – plague scene:

      “Bring out yer deadddd”

      “Bring out yer deadddd”

      “‘ere’s one” (rolling out still-alive Bert Cooper)

      Bert: “But I’m not dead!”

      (where’s “Cooper” in that anagram/company name?????)

  53. Instability is inherent when using partners’ name in a world where partners come and go, die, or need to be added for growth/client additions, etc.
    Better to select a descriptive of services name, but even that can be a problem as times change ( e.g Buggywhips R US

  54. I, Draper & Co

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