An Ode to Deborah on her Birthday

 Posted by on May 4, 2013 at 10:06 am
May 042013

flowers-wallpaper-13(Okay, it’s been awhile!)

A birthday at some point can be unuplifting
And it isn’t much help when folks go light on the gifting

But for Deborah this year there is much celebration
Even the skies are not bringing umbrella-ticipation

It’s beautiful day and a beautiful year
New job, wedding plans and a whole new career

Deb’s insights and drive keep the Basket a’flowing
(It’s obvious right? Which sister keeps it going)

She is brilliant and silly; a great mom, sister and friend–
So let’s cheer her big day! Oh. We’re at the end.

Happy birthday Deborah!!!

P.S. I did buy you a beautiful bouquet from Flowers Ireland!


  14 Responses to “An Ode to Deborah on her Birthday”

  1. Very nice tribute!! Happy birthday!!

  2. Dear Deborah,

    We are on a serious “May Baby Birthday Streak” here — Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you with the very best wishes for all of your dreams to come true!

  3. Lovely, Roberta. <3

    No, sure, my lord, my mother cried; but then there
    was a star danced, and under that was I born.

    – Much Ado About Nothing

    It’s a great season that brought us both Lipp Sisters. Happy birthday to Deb, and all hail the flowers of spring. <3

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Hope this is your best year ever!

    And thanks for all your wonderful creative efforts. My life is enriched by your talents. Really.

    Susan F.

  5. Ditto Susan F.!

    Your site is my very favorite, I love your writing and appreciate all your work!!

    Much happiness and love to you….Yom haledet samaech :O)

  6. Deb, it’s a happier world with you in it! Happy Birthday and may this be your best year ever! -Therese

  7. Happy Birthday as well to Therese, who had a birthday very recently too!!! 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday, Deborah!!!!! Hope it is a really enjoyable one for you. It seems like a great year is already underway for you!!!! 🙂

    (and great tribute, Roberta!!!)

  9. I send my warmest wishes, Deborah. Always remember: we bear the name of a powerful woman: a prophet, a working woman, a commander of respect. It was you who told me that about her, long ago (well, S.Sister seems like another lifetime!) but I wanted to repeat it, in gratitude to you and (selfishly) as a reminder to myself.

    May it be a beautiful, love-filled year ahead.


  10. This is funny that it’s a May extravaganza of birthdays! Best wishes, happy birthday, and thanks for this really lovely place to talk with like-minded folk!

  11. Happy Birthday! Susan F. said it best, have a great year!

  12. Hippo Birdie, Deb!

  13. Thanks to all! (Especially Roberta for the awesome ode!)

  14. Very best (belated) wishes for all good things in 2013 and beyond! Much deserved

    Ehugs from Seagirl

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