Big Round-Up of Human Beasts

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Apr 302013
Big Round-Up of Human Beasts


Searching for this headline, seen in The Flood, I found this vintage promo piece for sale:

Printed by Harry K. McWilliams Associates. 1968 release. 4 page bifold; 11″ by 15″. Very scarce publicity piece from the ORIGINAL Science Fiction classic! Printed to simulate a real newspaper; THE APE; issue date Friday, March 1, 3978. Add for the MANHUNTERS THIS IS YOUR GUN in the upper left of front page. In upper right it says LATE FINAL, EXCLUSIVE PICTURES OF CAPTURE OF HUMAN ANIMALS. Filled with photos from the film. Articles include: “Big Round-up of Human Beasts”; “Man is a Danger to Ape Civilization: – Must be Exterminated – Says Scientist”; “Female Human Selected for Genetic Experiments”; “Man Recaptured After Daring Escape”; “Medals for Gorillas Who Helped in Recapture”; and lots more. Over 14 photos. Even has a phony ad in center section for a clothing store “For the Elegant Ape”. A real ad for the movie can be found on the back page. Was told that these were handed out at the screenings, etc. – to promote interest in the movie.


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  1. These must’ve only been distributed during the first-run engagements at theaters in major markets. I didn’t see the movie until some weeks later, when it ran at one of our local theaters in the DC suburbs.

    What a cool find!

  2. How cool is that! thanks for sharing…if I had extra cash I might get that simply because I am in science and professorial!

  3. Thank you for this….I couldn’t figure out what Don was reading and this explains it all! Very cool find, indeed.

  4. I love the font for “The Ape.” It pin-points exactly when it came from. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I wondered what that was! I noticed the font too – that’s a clever promotion!

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