Basket of News, Mar. 30-Apr. 5, 2013

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Apr 052013

Matthew Weiner talks to the New York Times about preparations for a new year of Mad Men, the differences between his film and television experiences and how he is thinking about the end of the 1960s.

Mr. Weiner has brought on Oscar best picture winner Argo‘s campaign consultant Michele Robertson for the 2013 Emmys race.

AMC has your officially approved pics of the Season 6 premiere.

Dyna Moe has her illustrations of Season 5.

BTW, you could spend this weekend watching Season 5 on Netflix.

Grantland celebrates Matt Weiner’s obsession with secrecy. Plus this from author Andy Greenwald:

“I had an experience” is how a certain character may or may not put it on Sunday night, and it perfectly captures the unfettered, pure id weirdness that has overtaken Mad Men. Everything that occurs in the premiere feels at once natural and unexpected, hilarious and haunting.

Alan Sepinwall has a Lipp-approved, spoiler-free review of “The Doorway.”

Lace Jacob does his no-spoiler thing at the Daily Beast. (via Mad Chick.)

Maureen Ryan reveals the list of Things That Shall Not Be Named.

Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Jessica Pare, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, and Kiernan Shipka offer USA Today cryptic comments about their characters in Season 6.

Elisabeth Moss talks to the HuffPost about what she thinks Peggy has learned from Don, whether she can maintain a relationship with Abe despite their ideological differences, and how big a role gender politics will continue to play in her storyline.  Ms. Moss also talks to AdWeek about her media consumption habits.

Also, Elisabeth Moss in GQ. Oh my.

Jessica Pare talks to HitFix about Megan’s acting ability, her ability to look past Don’s darkness and Pare’s own desire not to pre-learn plotpoints. And she talked a lot about what she couldn’t talk about.

Christina Hendricks talks to Zap2It about things she couldn’t talk about — and couldn’t know about… and a bit about Season 6 fashion.

John Slattery talks to HitFix about Roger’s long, strange trip, and directing.

Vincent Karthesier talks to Rolling Stone about Pete Campbell, cribbage, and his Volkswagen.

Ben Feldman stops by HuffPost Live to talk Ginsberg.

Colin Hanks is going to be a father again. See what I did there?

Brian Sanders, who illustrated the key art for Mad Men Season 6, talks to AMC about the creative process for the artwork and how Mad Men nearly convinced him to start smoking.

The NYT’s Alessandra Stanley considers the Sane Women behind the Mad Men.

Slate asks: Will Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce lease more office space? [Technically, the answer is almost certainly not; Lane’s death probably takes his name off the door. -K]

Slate’s Hanna Rosin offers Season 6 speculation.

BuzzFeed asks, “Who Would You Rather Be Friends With In High School: January Jones Or Christina Hendricks?”

Smitty (Patrick Cavanaugh) and Kitty (Sarah Drew) turned up on Grey’s Anatomy. (via Mad Chick)

The New York Daily News notes MM is likely moving into more treacherous fashion territory.

USA Today looks at the fashion of the fashion of our Mad Women.

Nationwide Insurance and other companies as Insurance Partnership made a deal to be a season-long sponsor of Mad Men, with a special campaign.

See Game of Thrones as other shows, including Mad Men.

The Walking Dead Season 3 finale shattered more ratings records.

Robert Kirkman is already teasing Season 4 of The Walking Dead. THR has a cast spoiler.

Norman Reedus talks to the Wall Street Journal about the TWD season finale, what we can expect in season four, and the Governor who won’t die.

Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) does a z’Ombéal skin care ad for BBC AMERICA’s The Nerdist, hosted by The Talking Dead‘s Chris Hardwick.

AMC is changing its logo and tagline.

Television Without Pity asks: What if TV shows killed off their leads?

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  38 Responses to “Basket of News, Mar. 30-Apr. 5, 2013”

  1. Thanks for the links!
    Especially the quote from Vincent, ‘if you like Pete Campbell, you’re going to like Season 6’
    Because I do like Pete Campbell. So I really hope he’s not spinning a line there.

  2. Has anyone else read so many reviews of the premiere, that at this point they now have to look forward to the SECOND episode of the season, because they pretty much know the entire first ep? (MPAN sheepishly scuffs her shoe along the ground).

    • I run into them as a hazard of filling the Basket of News. I’ll say this; I read spoilery reviews of “A Little Kiss,” but they really didn’t prepare you for actually watching it.

    • On 7 April AMC is showing us “The Doorway” which consists of Episode 601=”Part 1″ and Episode 602=”Part 2″

      On 14 April AMC shows us Episode 603 which was directed by Jon Hamm.

    • I love MPAN.

      • Thanks Tilden, love you back. And I’ll be loving all of the Basketcases and their glorious commentary when I’m reading it at 3 am tomorrow night! Or morning! Whatever it is.

    • Every review I read respected MW’s list, except one, and when I read a sentence that was getting super spoilery, I closed the window right away lol.

  3. I’ve checked out several non-BOK previews and I’m wondering how they’ll pack everything into those two hours (well, 90 or so minutes, after you count all the promos and ads)!

  4. Love Dyna Moe’s illustrations, especially the last one, what fun!

    You guys…I can’t BELIEVE it’s almost here! I remember when the premeire for this season was still months away, then weeks away.


  5. 1) Karl …*snort*… Colin Hanks is a father again….hee.

    2) So the official preview pictures pretty much nail down the year and month for us. I don’t know why this was a secret?

    3) I think EM is adorable in those GQ pictures. I know they are supposed to be sexy but I found her to be adorable.

    4) TWOP’s comment about losing the lead character….I don’t think we can lose Don Draper. I frankly love some of the other characters MUCH more but Kiernan summed it up best last year when she said Mad Men was the story of Don Draper (Today show interview). I can agree with some of their other choices but not Don Draper.

    Here’s hoping S6 is compelling TV.

    • Dittos on the Elisabeth Moss GQ pictures. Sexy but not sleazy and “cute as hell.”

    • The month is clearly nailed down — those are Christmas decorations — but I think we cannot know if it’s Christmas ’67, ’68, or ’69 based on sideburns.

      • Would they skip ALL of 68? That would be hard to believe. 68 was the Sixties. Period.

        • They cannot, cannot skip 1968. They can skip a few months of it, but not the entire year.

      • Unless Kiernan can pass for 15 or 16 years old now at age 13 (maybe, I guess they could do a lot with makeup and so forth), a jump of a year and a half or more doesn’t seem too likely. And didn’t MW say once he wanted to end in 1970? If this season went from December 1967 to September 1968, and then they took another jump for S7 of about 6 months, that would put him right on target.

    • I do love watching MM unspoiled, as it so hard to do that with other shows…. but at this point, keeping the year a secret doesn’t seem to mean much, as Matt has stated before the total time period he wants to cover, and we are running out of both years the show can be set in, and total seasons….

      • I agree it’s meaningless, but at BOK we’re committed to honoring his choice for secrecy.

        • I agree that any reviewer who chooses to use his screener should respect his list. Some think it’s a little extreme, to the point where it causes disappointment due to heightened expectations, but I think it really increases buzz about the premiere. From the time the screeners are sent, all I hear about are Weiners’ list of rules! Great PR.

  6. Spoilers aplenty in Dorothy Rabinowitz piece in Friday’s WSJ along with a very distorted view of female characters in MM which leads to question whether she has watched MM or whether she simply does not understand MM, especially Joan.

    • The review in the NY Post is an incomprehensible rant against Don’s character, or lack thereof. Not a sober commentary on the artistic merits/or lack thereof of the episode. Shockingly poor.
      Yet another reason why reading reviews is mostly an exercise in futility, even if they break the omerta on ‘spoilers’.

  7. I think Kitty has been on Grey’s Anatomy for awhile now. Also, I have been watching Scandal (so much fun) and several MM actors have turned up, including Helen Bishop as a series regular, Bobbie Barrett, Dr. Greg, and the Caldicott Dog Food Company heiress (can’t recall the name off the top of my head).

    • Is it Annabelle?

      • On ‘The Gypsy and the Hobo’ “Annabelle Mathis” was played by Mary Page Keller.

        She starred in a series titled “Duet” which was one of the first hits establishing the Fox Network, and then she starred in its spin-off “Open House”. Since those days she has appeared in a whole lot of series and movies.

        IMDb lists her as Mary Page Keller.

    • MadManda: Yes, Sarah Drew aka Kitty is now regularly appearing on Grey’s Anatomy–something I mentioned when I submitted the news item but probably got omitted in the interest of saving some space, since there were several News entries this week.

      The GA episode I mentioned featured scenes with the actors who played Kitty and Smitty, and those characters never appeared together on Mad Men, so it was interesting to see.

  8. Just read something that reveals the year of The Doorway. If its true, I AM STUNNED.

  9. Alessandra Stanley of the NY Times, linked to above, was the one who, in a preview article just before an earlier season (2? or maybe 3? I forget) reaped Matt Weiner’s ire when she divulged umpteen plot points. It caused him to immediately stop sending out screeners to any press reviewers. I can’t recall if that maybe even applied to the following season’s premiere – I think perhaps it did. But here she is back again, but on her best behavior this time – no spoilers.

    • Where did she get the heroin addiction??????

      There’s been an amazing amount of soap opera in “Mad Men” — affairs, abortions, divorces, suicide, heroin addiction, even a Hare Krishna conversion — but the series has not yet become laughable, mostly because it has never lost its dark sense of humor.

      I’ve just finished re-watching the entire series and I must have missed that.

      • She’s probably referring to Midge and her husband in season 4. Don’s interaction with them helped inspire the open letter he published in the Times.

  10. Hey folks! I’ve been absent from this site for awhile. I’m looking forward to rejoining all of you tonight.

  11. I don’t mind spoilers. In fact they add to my enjoyment
    of the show. If I know key plot developments ahead of time, I can concentrate on the more subtle aspects of the epispde. Knowing the plot ahead of viewing helps me fit everything shown into the bigger picture of what everything means.

    My prediction for S6 is that it begins at Xmass 1967 and will conclude sometime in the fall of 1968. Leaving mid 1969 into early 1970 for the final season.

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