Mad Men Season 5, Women, and Violence

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Mar 262013

Mystery Date is all about violence against women (the Speck murders, Don and Andrea and the fever dream, the Cinderella pitch).

In Christmas Waltz, women strike back. Three women are violent: Joan throws the airplane, Lakshmi slaps Harry, and Megan throws her dinner against the wall.

The tables turn again in the next episode: In The Other Woman, Joan is prostituted for a client, Megan is ogled for a callback, and Peggy gets money thrown right into her face.


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  1. Harry getting slapped is not in the same category as the Speck murders, or even Don’s murderous dream. And Sally got slapped by Henry’s mom in Mystery Date, then she drugged Sally into unconsciousness.

    Where was the violence in the Cinderella pitch, again?

    • No, Sally got whacked on the hand at the kitchen table when she took the bait and looked at the Speck murder newspaper story (a bit of forbidden fruit – hard to resist) – for which she admonished her step-granny and got an apology.

      Later, both were spooked by Speck – and shared a seconal for some blessed relief.

      In Season Four Betty slapped her for real – for butchering her own hair. Henry admonished Betty over that.

      You may not like the senior Mrs. Francis – but I’ll bet that, like Betty, Weiner thinks “she’s not so bad”.

      (which reminds me, it’s time again for a real Lipp Sisters Weiner Interview – eh?)

  2. Tom, in the real world a slap is in no way parallel to murder. I’m alluding to symbolic motifs—murders and violence against women in one episode, women committing small acts of violence in another episode.

    The Cinderella ad depicts a woman running away from a stalker.

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