Mad Men Returns to The Paley Center!

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Mar 222013

86a3b433-ac5a-427a-843c-8c4e8c7b483cBasketcases! Paley Center members! Basketcases who live in the tri-state area and like to hang out in NYC on weeknights! Matt Weiner will join the cast of Mad Men to discuss Season 6 at The Paley Center for Media on Tuesday, April 23 — and you can be there.

Tickets have already gone on sale, so hurry up and get yours! The Lipp sisters will be in attendance, so you’ll be among friends.

Join the fun, East Coast Basketcases. Make us Left Coast Basketcases proud … and a little jealous.


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  1. I look forward to the video of this – and to the Lipps in the Q and A line getting acknowledged by Weiner-San (again!)

  2. Tickets are already sold out.

    Paley Center advises if you come on the day you may be able to get a ticket to the space at the back.

  3. Does anyone know if Paley will stream video of this event live (or have more than just a short excerpt video available online afterwards)?

  4. I’m so bummed – joined Paley this morning only to buy tix, only to be too late! Oh well, it’s for a good cause, maybe next year. šŸ™

  5. I’m sorry the tickets are sold out, you guys. (I just got the email with this tip yesterday — didn’t think to look for this kind of thing anywhere.)

    Still, in the event description I did see something about joining at “the Patron level” and getting in to the private “cocktail party with cast”. $500 a pop, of course.

    I am not in NYC, and I can’t go to this … but I’ve done crazier things with $500 when I thought I had it. Just saying. šŸ™‚

  6. Well, I for one am glad they are sold out, because I probably would have done something crazy and gone to this.
    BTW…. Does anyone know if there are ANY viewing parties in NYC for the premiere? I know the Paley isn’t doing it again, but I can’t find anything at all, even something like The Roosevelt etc…

  7. We all know its sold out only cause Christina Hendricks will be there. ā™„
    What price would I pay…..
    What behavior would I be willing to tolerate…..

  8. When will there be a thread up for season 6 speculation? I am rewatching season 5, Joan and Roger’s exchange of looks when he saw their son for the first time was priceless. You could see that they really care for eachother. And that Roger was happy to be a father. Now that both are single I think Kevin will bring them together. Especially since he is a boy. Roger will want to hand down the Sterling name which he could do by marrying Joan and adopting Kevin. Roger is the sort of guy that would play cars with little kids

    • Hi Anna:

      I find that people respond better to specific threads, speculating about specific aspects, and there have been several of those, and will continue to be, right up to the premiere.

  9. MadManda, I haven’t seen any viewing parties – been asking various NYC and Mad Men Reddits ( but no luck. :/ Maybe there will be something in Gothamist closer to the date. I’ve attended the premiere at bars before, and it’s not as quiet as one would hope, but it is nice to mark the occasion of a season ope ner with something different. If anyone hears about the overflow room at Paley, report back to basecamp at once!

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