Fashion Insights into Season 6.

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Mar 142013

I’ve just gotten an eyeful of the color promo stills from Season 6, and I am so buzzed! Props to Janie Bryant for  her perfectly targeted 60’s fashion (again) in these stills.  As  fashion speaks volumes about the characters,  I see the women advancing in power and the men just standing still, merely by the cut of their wardrobes.   I’m sure the first few pictures of the party scene is purely promotional, (as in years past) and not likely to be an actual scene in the series, but it sure makes for exciting speculation.  What’s your take on these swinging looks? Make sure to check The Value Place and to let us know what your favorite thing about their blog is.

FAMILY GROUP SHOTslide_276487_2220782_free  Well, this is awkward.  Henry and Betty are hating this. Bobby and Sally look like bored little wedding attendants, and poor little Gene wants to go home. Megan looks uncomfortable too, but Don is oblivious. Betty’s lost her weight, but the back ruffles draw attention away from her front, perhaps she is still self-conscious of her waistline here.  Although the gown has a floral print, its colors still have an icy edge. However, Megan’s pale gray-blue gown gives a new Ice Queen persona, complete with silver icicles circling her neck and waist and dangling from her ears. Could she be cooling to Don?

BERT, PETER, JOAN, DON  & ROGER slide_276487_2220783_free The male partners come to hail Queen Joan, and she loves it.   All four men have worn these same tuxes for years, why change now?  However, Pete and Roger are slightly breaking the Madison Ave mold with their swinging longer sideburns.  I wonder if Roger has a joint hidden in his pocket?


TRUDY AND PETE  Trudy is keeping up appearances,in her perfect Jackie Kennedy sheath and long gloves.slide_276487_2220784_free But they’re not dancing close together like the other couples — there’s tension there.  Maybe she found out about Beth, but she doesn’t want to shatter the illusion of their perfect little family.


JOAN ALONEslide_276487_2220785_free She is a goddess, even posing by a Greek style doorway.  Yet as gorgeous as she is, she’s looking just a little frumpy here, and almost a little desperate.  I’m sure it’s no mistake that one’s eye is drawn straight to the tasseled badge over her left breast, dangling like a pastie and you haven’t even seen the Boot Bomb she’s exposing yet. Joan is now ‘a certain age’ and she’s fighting it with her best Elizabeth Taylor drag; she’s even dripping with diamonds like La Liz.

PEGGY ALONEslide_276487_2220786_free

We saw Peggy break out of her school-girl uniform doldrums at the end of last season, but this gown, though boldly red and sleeveless, harkens back to her safe little Peter Pan collars.  Maybe it’s a sign that she’s still getting used to being on her own (hey, where’s Abe?)

HARRY, STAN, MICHAEL, & KENslide_276487_2220787_free

At least two of these guys don’t want to be here.  Harry does these things all the time in Hollywood, and he looks and feels the sharp-shooter. Stan is itching to get out of this rented tux, and although he has that rebellious bushy beard, in this outfit he looks reminiscent of a southern gentleman gambler (I think he and Bert should play cards)  The beard looks great, though, and much less tamed than Paul Kinsey’s.   Michael’s Colonel Sander’s string tie would work better with Stan, but his mod, embossed velvet tux jacket is right in tune with 1968.  Ken is still Ken, with slightly wider lapels, probably owns the tux.

DON AND MEGANslide_276487_2220789_free

Don  pulls Megan away to a more private spot.  Yeah, they’re still in love, baby, blah, blah, blah…I suspect we’ll still see how much this season, but I still think he’ll stray.

JOAN IN WORK SUITslide_276487_2220829_free

Joan stays true to her wiggly dresses, but the frump is edging out her style.   Somehow, I can see this dress as being brick red and harvest gold, but we’ll have to see if she actually wears this. She’s looking a little tired of the sexy masquerade, and beginning to show her ‘middle age’ of (about) 39 now.   No matter.  She’s a Partner, and I suspect the initials of the company are now SCDH, unless Pete weaseled into Lane’s place.


PEGGY IN BOLD SLEEVELESS PRINTslide_276487_2220905_free

Now this is more like the new Peggy we’ve come to expect.   I’m guessing this dress is blue with a red diamond print, and the neck buttons draw you to her face.  Peggy’s new power colors, no more gold.  She’s come a long way, Baby.






slide_276487_2220891_freeMEGAN IN PSYCHEDELIC BOHO DRESS

Megan is on fashion target for the late sixties. I’m pretty sure this dress is a mini, and I bet the print is in greens and golds. Her hair is out of her face and forces you to look into her huge eyes. Her sunburst ring emulates her brightness, Megan is an actress on top of her world, you’d noticed that big ring first over her wedding ring, and that’s just how she wants it.




BETTY IN RUFFLE FRONT DRESSslide_276487_2220869_free

The bitch is back!  Betty nearly fell into the pit of full frumpiness last season as she ballooned to a plus size, complete with pom-pom fringe on her floral housecoat, but now she’s sleek, this time with ruffles up the front, which she could never wear last season.  I bet this is a bright yellow or even white dress — she is reborn as The Politician’s Wife she wanted to be.


SALLY IN SLEEVELESS LACEslide_276487_2220886_free

Sally is easing into puberty, with a slight figure under her girly lace bib, but she’s so ready to rebel.  She clings to the signature gold locket from her Dad, I wonder if she’ll end up living with Don and friendly Megan?






DONALD DRAPER, AD MANslide_276487_2220832_free

Who is Donald Draper? Fashion-wise, pretty much the same man we met 5 years ago. His ties are a touch wider, but his hair is forever Brylcreem’d.  His hat’s in the car, which he’ll always wear. He’s not bending to change, and this could be a bad year for him.





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  1. Hey Therese,

    Good summary of Peggy’s fashion and lifestyle conflicts.

    As per Joan in the blue dress… I wish I could look so frumpy. Not in a million years is she frumpy! And, unless she’s had a sex change operation, she’s not in anyone’s drag, either!

    Thanks for the sneak peek!

    • Hi Nancy! I think the work suit is a tad frumpier than the goddes gown, but we’d have to see it in color! No surprise that her gown is royal blue, for she is regal in every sense.

  2. This is really great, Therese.

    To me, the first shot looks very Addams Family– the kids especially.

    And while you see Henry and Betty hating, I at least see Betty turned toward her husband. Maybe they’re not hating each other right now?

    • HI Roberta, I just meant they hated being in proximity to Don and Meg, not each other — but these photos are always staged for the drama! And you’re right about the Addams Family! The kids are definitely channeling the sad looking Wednesday and Pugsly’s!

  3. Love this synopsis, Therese! I agree with you about Janie Bryant hitting it out of the park, as usual.

    The makeup/hair is dead-on, too, really good. The pics of the women in formal wear remind me when I watched neighborhood teens getting ready for the prom, except no banana curls in sight.

    Everyone really does look dour, don’t they? It’s a DRAMA, an ta be shure..;O) Eagerly awaiting April 7th!

    • Thanks Peg — Yeah, Meg’s hair and makeup is totally Valley of the Dolls! I never went to my Prom, but was able to go to a Christmas Ball in England a few years later — I miss dressing up — but have been blessed to go the the past few BoK parties where we can get our retro glam on!

  4. Great post Therese! Thanks for taking on the fashion – god it’s so rich with detail. Is it weird that I am super hot for Stan in these photos?

    • Stan’s beard is pretty wild, but I think it looks great — maybe because he looks less like evil Biff from Back to the Future with it! Definitely a very manly look!

    • I hope we see lots more of Stan this season, would love to know more about his home life. He can be crude but is truely sensitive, his advice to Peggy about not hiring Ginsburg was perceptive and true… Peggy didn’t acknowledge it but her insistence on *not* being edged out by Ginsburg probably owed something to Stan. Stan is a real creative, maybe he’ll start getting shows downtown. No invitations for Megan because she sacrificed cred for Park Ave.

      • Anna, I know what you mean. Stan really is a compelling character as a possible husband for Peggy. I think she could get married with a career but it would have to be with someone who knows the business and gets her ways. Stan has the hottts for her so maybe now that she is gone from the firm he will take some actions. He could handle Peggy’s story. The whole story, even the Pete chapter but he would probably be tempted to bunch him silly…oh wait, that’s been done before by Lane, the guy on the train and the train conductor.

  5. Wow – really fun and exciting photos and great comments Threse! Am I the only one who thinks the updated Betts is looking so hot that she ventures dangerously close to outshining the newer model?

    Stan is good in the beard I think but the western string tie on Ginsberg seems out of place. Joan is incredible as usual.

    Mostly these make me excited and happy to get S6 started!

    • I think Betty may just come back a competition for Meg this season! But I have no idea. I think (as bloggers Tom & Lorenzo pointed out) that Ginsberg’s string tie is a callback to Bob Dylan of that era. April 7th can’t come fast enough!

  6. Dig the Little Lord Fauntleroy look on baby Gene! The beard on Stan is primo. Anybody rememver Sal, anymore? At least Don doesn’t look like he’s had a stroke in any of these promp pics.
    Under what circumstances, (outside of darling Sally’s wedding) would Henry and DD be photographed together?
    Of course our Joanie looks frumpy. This is the age of Twiggy. Ugh…. Joan has curves and so much everything that trying to put her in couture meant for size 0 to 6 social x-rays, its just not gonna work.
    Joan is a real WOMAN.
    Why hasn’t someone duplicated her DNA so there could be about 500 million or so, of her running around? There would be no wars.

    • Tilden,
      I have it all figured out.
      Henry Francis hires Draper’s firm to do the campaign for Rocky! This is why everyone from the firm and the Francis Fam is present at the blacktie Republican shindig!
      I would love to see Henry and Don working together.
      I would love to see Don thank Henry for being so good to his children.
      Don owes Henry respect or something a kin to it.
      I still wonder what Henry knows about Don. He may have the low down and thinks Betty is in the dark on Dick Whitman. Either way, I hope those guys have scenes together.

      • A republican event makes sense to me. It would explain why almost everyone is there. Why would Peggy be there, unless she’s back working with Don, which is possible.

        • Peg is Stan’s date!

          • I’m not sure. I picture Stan as the type to have a little black book full of numbers. Stan and Peggy going out on a date, even if it was for only one night, is kind of hot.

          • Stan is carrying a torch for Peggy. He would love to do the wild thing with her. She being away from the office probably misses him in a twisted way. He was so annoying but consistant and he tosses back to her what she fails to get. For instance, she talked about the floor wax award and how she was clapping about it and he said, “Who claps for themselves?” and another time when she was going through the portfolios for new help she picked Gonzo’s and he told her she would be sorry. In essence he said she would end up working for Gonzo and she didn’t get it because she is a girl and never played sports…She is the shift in how men will relate to women in the work place. He sees her brains but he seems always running a low grade fever for her.
            I think they will get closer now that they are further away from each other daily. Peggy needs a good poke if ya know what I mean.

          • I could picture that. Stan is desperate to see Peggy and have a verbal sparring match. When he needs a date for the event, he doesn’t even think about flipping through the black book. Instead, he calls Peggy. I really like this idea.

          • Susan F:

            “Stan is carrying a torch for Peggy.”

            Well he sure was goofy for her (especially) after she went au natural during the Friday-night hotel-room exile in Season 4.

            That seemed to have been well-quenched post-Abe in Season 5. But your intuition suggests the flame still burns, eh?

          • I can’t see Peggy and Stan together for the long term. He seems to have no ambition, and after a while that would drive Peggy crazy. Whatever Abe’s faults, he seems to have some drive to succeed in his profession.

          • I don’t see Peggy and Stan as a long term couple, but I do see them going out every now and then, when they (especially Peggy) are between serious relationships.

          • Stan and Peggy on a date would be awesome.I still think he has a thing for her, and their personalities complement each other so well.The fact that Stan isnt ambitious is the very reason why I think they might work.She doesnt need a Don or a Ginzo or a Pete driving her crazy with their own ambitions and emotional mixs up.She needs someone like Stan who will be more than happy to take a back seat for her and watch her work her magic while staying supportive and helping her “relax” and mellowing her out when necessary.She needs someone to make har laugh to, and Stan is a funny guy.Basically, she needs a wife ,lol and I think Stan would be more than willing to play the part,
            They sure seem to be having a good time together at the “party” too.Im convinced Stan will end up jumping ship to CGC.He probably misses her bossing him around.

          • Yes Yes Yes Peggy and Stan club! They have a good time

        • “Why would Peggy be there, unless she’s back working with Don (?)…”

          Katz, I, and most Mad fans would happily welcome Peggy back at the old office.

          “…which is possible.”

          Even probable – I personally know one fellow who bounced from Firm A to Firm B, back to A, back to B, and finally (for the last twenty years) back to A.

          He got paid more each bounce of course. A firm often doesn’t know how much an employee is worth until she leaves.

          Peggy might come back for even the same $19k/year – so long as she gets to crack the whip – again, since she was cracking it before she dumped SCDP.

          • Stan has been putting out the vib for a long time. Why do you think Abe made that purposal of moving in together with Peggy. It was right after he had chinesse food with Ginzo, Peggy and Stan, who made some familair remarks about Peggy going up a cup size if she kept on eating. And Peggy didn’t seem to mind. I bet she is unaware of how much Stan’s ways turn her on…She is busy with work and Stan is busy paying attention to her. He is always direct and honest and I really, really could see him being a big hit with Ma in Bay Ridge. Stan is probably Catholic…Plus, he even acted jealous of the gay chick who works for Life Mag. Stan and Peggy sitt’n in a tree…Pete will be bonkers! Don might approve.

          • John,
            Another reason for this coupling is the fact that Peggy is not getting any younger. Stan understands her and he is pretty secure in his ways. He wouldn’t mind a permanent relationship wth someone who has a career. I think Stan is up for the job if ya know what I mean…You and Tilden may disagree but if my prediction turns out to be true you guys are buying the Patio beverages at the season finale in NYC!

          • Lets see:

            3-piece, bow tie, beard, fresh shoe shine for Rizzo

            accompanied by Peggy in Red and a fresh coif.

            I can’t say I’d object to that (but would feel sorry for Abe).

            (though the schmuck should have married her)

            I’ll see your Patios and raise it to Old Fashioned’s (with Rye, of course)

          • Jahn,
            Can’t you just hear Stan call Peggy” Peaches”! He will drive her up a wall with that! Love it!
            If he actually ever does, I raise the Old Fashioned (with Rye, of course) to a steak dinner at 21.

          • “Peaches”!

            That WOULD raise some hackles!

            Was Peggy around when Ginz referred to her as “Margaret”?

            BTW Liz Moss is rockin’ it in Top of Lake – first two eps last night on Sundanc. That character is nothing like Peggy.

          • Stan calling Peggy “peaches” would re-ignite the little prank war, which I am totally okay with. The only reason I can come up with as to why he would be interacting with her family and hear the nickname is that she needs a date for a cousin’s wedding, and asked him.

          • We know Stan is “tired of the dynamic” at SCDP so maybe he breaks loose to freelance and ends up at Chaughgh or however it is spelled. He certainly looks different. Maybe he is a real fine artist that has hidden talent. He did make those KKK comercials. Stan could be more talented than we know. But I agree with the other girl who said he doesn’t seem as ambitious as Peggy. Either way, Stan is a great foil for Peggy. And Ma is gonna approve as long as he promises to shave that beard before a nice Catholic wedding. Peggy will opt for a fancy suit in a light blue rather than the big puffy dress. Stan will get it out of her why. He will be so good for her.

          • Top of the Lake is fantastic, thank goodness for DVR. I had to work last night and was happy to have my coffe and MissMoss’s new work this morning.
            She is a tremendous actress. She has the accent down beautifully. I’m suprised the basket doesn’t have a little heading here promoting the miniseries. So much to do with the MM coming back, I guess.
            Anybody who loves Elizabeth Moss should check the Top of The Lake on Sundance. Check your local listings. It’s on demand in Maryland, might be in your town,too.

          • I feel like I’ve missed something. What are the clues that Stan is Catholic?

          • Guess it’s assumed because his name is Rizzo.

    • I hope we see lots more of Stan this season, would love to know more about his home life. He can be crude but is truely sensitive, his advice to Peggy about not hiring Ginsburg was perceptive and true… Peggy didn’t acknowledge it but her insistence on *not* being edged out by Ginsburg probably owed something to Stan. Stan is a real creative, maybe he’ll start getting shows downtown. No invitations for Megan because she sacrificed cred for Park Ave.

      • I too want more focus on Stan.Its going to be 3 seasons he’s on and the most focus the character has gotten is in his very first episode where he acted like a major douche, 2 seasons ago. He deserves a have a little more spotlight thrown his way this season. Would love it if he became involved with Peggy, romantically or otherwise, I just think they click so perfectly, but I would welcome him any any good storyline, and not just as the beefy guy that belts out quips and one liners, however wise most of them may be.They cant just keep the character on without delving a little more into him.Hell, Ginsberg got more focus and he started later.

        • I agree Stan could use more attention on this show. The guy is a hunk and a half. I projected on to the character that he is Catholic because he reminds me of the guys from my hometown. He was probably an alter boy. He probably has a priest or nun as an aunt or uncle. He probably comes from a mix Italian/Irish family. His mother adores him. His father doesn’t get him. He probably has an impressive education. He is probably really well read, has a higher intelligence than the job requires, disciplined in a weight-lifter kinda way, he loves his crazy family. He spends all his money on a cool apartment on the East River in the lower 20’s. He plays the trumpet late at night. Shirt off. He has a little black book but he hasn’t added to it in a long time. He probably studies Peggy and knows where she is all the time and he covers for her in little ways that she isn’t aware of. He used to think she slept her way into her job but now knows she is a sincere, unworldly soul. He feels protective of her. She’s tough but like the Dylan song “She breaks just like a little girl.” He deliberately showed off his familairity with Peggy in front of Abe. The chinese food in the office really got to Abe and that’s what made him pop the question of him moving into her place (as Jahn or Tilden said, Abe was a schmuck for not coming across with a ring and real proposal). Stan will move into action and win Peggy because the void will make his heart crack and then he will show his feelings. Once he gets started he will chase her all over town. It’s just a matter of time. At least that’s what I think. What do you think?

          • Wow, how did I miss all this Stan talk? I think a Peggy and Stan either hookup or relationship would be great because it would have ENERGY!!! I could care less about Peggy and Abe together because it’s not that fun to watch. But Stan and Peggy? They do have a chemistry where they are funny together, tease other, but as you said, Stan is also hot for her. Why not give Peggy something fun? And how amazing would it be to see her boss him around in all areas of their relationship? It would be incredible and they are great to watch onscreen together.

          • Your right, it would be fun.
            She’s the boss at work.
            He’s the boss with home life, Ma in Bay Ridge and making sure she lives more than works.
            Stan would give her the good “poke” she needs and make her laugh!
            She is a slob and I bet his place is very cool, lots of albums and a great hy-fy system. Notice how well groomed he always is. They will live like a real odd couple. Ma is going to love him!

          • A workplace romance for Peggy could be interesting. I’m all about the chase and tension, so if they want to make them a couple, they should keep them apart or arguing for as long as they can. On “House,” I loved all of the heat and tension when House and Cuddy were fighting. All of the times on “Remington Steele” when Steele and Laura Holt almost kissed was great.

        • I love your ideas about Stan, I think his background is similar to what you stated, allthough I always pictured him as being the youngest of 6 brothers, his mother being dead and having a father who is fat, smokes cigars and goes to the races,lol.I also picture him being a jock in highschool, probably a football king, but in his spare time drawing and delving into his creative side, his true love.I think that paradox of him being both a jock and having a creative soul would be really interesting.He has a softer, dreamier side he tends to hide.His father doesnt really understand that side of him, but they share a good relationship nevertheless.And, judging from things he has said about advertising and its politics,he is not only quite smart, but also has a very keen insight of the business,
          I think Stan not only has a thing for Peggy, but by working with her realized how interesting and challenging for him working with a woman could be,He is turned on by Peggy, but not just sexually.Creatively and intelectually as well.Thats why he said he was so bored being stuck between Don and Ginsbergs ego fights and dick measuring contests in the season finale.He misses the dynamic he had with Peggy.Which is why I want them to keep working together at least as much as them hooking up.
          Romantically, as I said before, it would work because Stan with Peggy seems like the kind of guy that would be content in letting her do her thing and get all the spotlight, since he seems to be refreshingly un-narcisistic,unlike most men on the show,He would support Peggy, mellow her out when necessary and give her advice.He wouldnt bother her with his problems.I picture Stan doing the cooking in the house and him providing a joint as dessert on the particular hard days.Or rubbing her feet, lol-Or, if Peggy has had a particularly bad day she could “take it out” on him in bed so to speak, lol.

      • Anna B: “I hope we see lots more of Stan this season”

        I have liked Stan (a lot) ever since Peggy “tamed” him and he dropped the asshole routine, so I’m hopeful to see hims get more involved. The paparazzi pics and these promo pics seem to support that notion.

        Still, by now all the scripts are done, shooting has wrapped, editing is in progress, and Weiner rightly does not consider our enthusastic speculations, so much of this will likely be little more than good grist for fan fiction.

        Anyone know of good MM fanfic?

        Maybe I could plant a seed in my daughter’s brain – she is a good fiction writer – and has already had a prolific period (several short novels).

        • There is a great little Stan/Peggy fanfic around:

          • Good Stuff – the writer does a nice job observing Stan and using his mannerism and appearance in the story. Makes me assume she’s a she.

            Reminds me of Jane Maas recent memoir (Mad Women). To do her research she traded a bunch of war stories with her former Olgilve-Mather colleagues. They freely admitted sleeping around and drinking excessively but none of them would admit to taking cannabis – even though an entire floor of creative staff reeked on a constant basis. Clients pretty much expected it.

          • Sorry for getting so carried away with the Stan and Peggy thing. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas here. My imagination took over and I could see Stan and Peggy an item.

  7. Therese,

    Great post. The Draper Francis family photo really amazes me. The photographer really deserves credit for capturing the general irritated ennui of the shot not only on Bobby’s face but on Gene’s as well. Guess they got it from Betty.

    • Baby Gene reminds me of my all time favorite Bobby Draper, season II. Hope they keep him. Both those boys look like Kiernan Shipka.

    • It must be terrible to feel that Betty boredom and irritation, yet have no right to tell anyone else to go watch TV. Poor kids.

      • Why am I worried about the kids this season? Maybe it’s because the promo shots have only featured Sally in the past, and not Bobby or Gene. Usually characters are featured that have a bit of a story to tell. (Remember the shot of Joan and Lane last year? –then Lane DIED) I still suspect there will be something awful or tragic this season, and , as I referred to in a previous post, Weiner hinted about something being on everyone’s minds when the season started filming and how whatever they were thinking about had an effect on the scripts which in turn would leave Don ‘irrevocably changed’. Tragedy often leaves irrevocable change in people, and the event that was on many people’s minds when this season started filming was the tragedy at Newtown. Please don’t let anything happen to the kids!
        Here’s my previous post:

        • I’m worried about Don. I wonder if the Whitman tragedy that was mentioned at Pete and Trudy’s dinner party is a connection to his family’s past. I worry about Roger. If he has another heartattack or stroke he could end up in a wheelchair or mute. Imagine Roger mute! God help us.
          Joanie would take him in. Who else could take care of him…She would get that penthouse and Kevin would be to the manor born….
          I worry Ginsberg gets drafted or worse my favorite hunk, Stan gets drafted!

          • I dont think Ginsberg or Stan would be drafted,Stan at least is too old for service, me thinks (he has to be 28/30 at least).And both men seem intelligent enough to know how to dodge the draft if necessary.

          • You are probably correct about that. I got the notion from the speech Joanie made to the guys when Joey made the cartoon of her and Lane. She let them have it and said she couldn’t wait for a year to go by when they would all be in Vietnam. Now that I rethink it, I don’t think Ginsburg was there. However, Stan was there with Joey, the little guy (Jane’s cousin) and the polish kid.

          • I think Ginsberg is a bit too old to be drafted, but I could be wrong.

        • I was thinking about the kids angle and you might be on to something with that. What if Sally blabs about her stepgrandmother and Roger!

          She might never say anything but she sure isn’t gonna want to have anything to do with that GrandmaSlut.

          Poor Sally really hit the jackpot on moms and grandmoms!

          What if Don finds out Roger has been doing the wild thing with his motherinlaw

          • Sally Draper learned craftiness from both parents and I’m sure she will tell at the first opportunity that will benefit her. Probably not Betty because it would mean being kept from Don and Megan’s. Sally knows Megan can be easily manipulated so I would guess she would tell her. With rewatching season 5 I noticed how the first Draper scene after the Y and R incident starts with Sally waking up. Seems significant, wonder how season 6 will open…. I hope there will not be too many Sally scenes this season, unless they involve Grandma Pauline.

          • Grandma Pauline is a scene stealer! and I mean that in a good way. I love that character. The day she asked Henry, “How can you stand living in that man’s dirt?” She won me over. She’s manipulative and a little nuts. Remember the butcher knife while babysitting.
            Sally has a lot to work with if she wants to start trouble.
            I am waiting for Betty to find out Sally had Glen at Don’s place.
            The anger will be so intense. Reminds me of Carla … Do you think Sally will run into her at a peace rally. It would be so cool to see Carla doing a Black is Beautiful type of new image!
            More Sally, more Grandma Pauline,and more Roger and Joanie please.

  8. I doubt these are episode pictures in any way. Remember, in Betty’s publicity shots from last year, she was thin. But I love how monumentally annoyed all the kids look, especially Gene. (Maybe this year he’ll actually say something besides “bye Daddy.”)

    Henry hiring SCDwhoever to do a campaign is an interesting idea, but last we saw he was working for Lindsay, and Lindsay didn’t run for President until 1972, when he switched parties. Would Rocky take him back? Rocky and Lindsay didn’t get along so hot. I don’t know that Nixon or Reagan would have been Henry’s speed, and we already know he thinks George Romney is a clown.

    • Meow, Can I call you Meow, or is it strictly Meowser?
      Henry is big “get” for anyone running for office. If he wants back in with the Rockefellas (which is what was implicated when frying steak at midnight wtih Betty…He can’t eat fish 5 nights a week.) Henry backed the wrong horse, he will take Rocky’s call and before you know it he will be part of the team making arrangements for the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Henry is the man when it comes to the movers and shakers of NY. Wouldn’t GrandPa Gene be happy with this set up?

  9. Whomever started the Elizabeth Taylor comparisons for Joanie is on to something. Joan *does* look frumpy in these pictures–frumpy and stunning. Joan is beautiful and unlike Betty she does not have the time to make sure every little fringe hangs perfectly. Blue satin is unforgiving and the dress doesn’t fit right. Janie Bryant does imperfection perfectly. Joan looks like she has forgotten or hasn’t the time to buy new foundation garments. What is truely concerning to me is how sad our Joanie looks in all the pictures. Mama Gail needs to stick around to keep the fight in her.

    • Anna, it was bloggers Tom & Lorenzo who first linked Joan’s style to Elizabeth Taylor’s in the episode “Mystery Date”, see here:
      and I totally agree with their take and ran with that ball here. It appears so far here that she’s still emulating Liz, whom I suppose is also from Joan’s generation. Joan isn’t about to emulate Twiggy (and never could) but the Liz Taylor styling fits her to a T.

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