Betty meets Megan

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Mar 062013

I don’t know how to put this delicately, but from time to time, I pass gas. I’m not horribly inappropriate–I’ve never done it in a job interview or during the Inauguration or something–but take me out for a good masala, and things are likely to get comical later that night. I’m not ashamed or proud; it’s just a human thing.

Except my fiance swears to me that in the three years they were together, she never heard her ex fart. Not once. Not only that, but Ex never laughed at someone else’s fart. That’s so weird to me–how do you stay so properly put together in the face of that kind of sound effect?

I thought of this when I saw the Mad Men scene in the picture above: Betty and Megan meeting in Dark Shadows. The ex and the current; one kind of tight and proper, one kind of laid back. I bet Megan farts like a buffalo.


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  1. BAHAHAHAHA. Fart talk from women is something we don’t have nearly enough of in this world to suit me.

    Congrats on the engagement, BTW. So was your fiancee’s ex a woman, too? Or just a very “proper” man? (Or maybe xe was a doctor or a nurse? Those people are so used to bodily functions that it hardly fazes them anymore.)

    And I’ll bet Betty rips some good ones, too, but pretends they didn’t come from her.

    • There is great quote from the movie “10”, ” When Mrs. Kissel breaks wind,we beat the dog.” Several years ago, I got into a farty discussion with a good friend. She told me that farts are UNACCEPTABLE, always. After I picked up my jaw, I asked her ” well, what about when you or he are asleep?” “Unacceptable.” I said that I personally did not believe for a second that you can be fully relaxed, or even truly know your loved one if you cannot bust one out in front of them. She gave it serious thought, and later told me that she had overcome her gas shyness. Shortly thereafter, she got divorced.

    • My fiance’s ex was a woman, and a blonde, which reinforced the comparison to this scene.

  2. Dont think that the current Mrs. Draper is a total bohemian. She definitely has the tendencies. Betcha DD still throws a mild frown if his better half rips off a really good one. Its…..not…….proper.

    My best wishes on your betrothal. Cheers.

    • Oh, I’m totally with you on that, Tilden. He had a conniption when she was going to Boston for 2 months – you think he chuckles at gas? Imagine if saw her drop a deuce? Game over.

      DD ain’t gonna cotton to that.

    • Don would say, It’s [not] “what people do.”

      (And best wishes for miles.)


      • It never happened.

        (sorry for the late date — slow on catching up with my blog reading)

    • Don would say, It’s [not] “what people do.”

      (Best wishes for miles.)


  3. Congrats on the engagement!

    Megan is a perfect human being, of course, who I’m sure doesn’t even use the bathroom so do we even have to have this discussion?

    The man who I feel would be most amused and forgiving about gassy tendencies would be Roger. I agree with TK, I think Don wouldn’t find it funny. There’s not a lot he finds funny. But Roger, he would have a laugh for days.

    • Oh, come on– in Season 1 Betty was seated on the toilet when little Glen walked in on her.

      • Sorry, I misread your post thinking you said it was Betty who doesn’t use the bathroom, when you actually said “Megan.”

  4. Betty: How was your weekend at your father’s?
    Sally: (long pause) Fine.
    Bettly: Well, did you do anything fun?
    Sally: Megan taught us a new game. (silence)
    Betty: Are you going to share it with me?
    Sally: Yeah, sure. Pull my finger.

  5. The Second Wife’s Soliloquy to the First: (with apologies to William Shakespeare, by T.)

    To fart, or not to fart, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
    The pains and cramps of outrageous gas,
    Or to take relief against a Sea of combustion…

    …With this regard thy emissions blow forth, turn away,
    And lose thy constrictions. Shocked you now
    The fair Betty? Ex, in thy Olfactories
    Be all my gasses remembered.

  6. I once farted during the Inauguration. Overrated.

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