Open Thread: Oscars 2013

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Feb 242013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Occupy yourselves with discussion of gowns, past and present, and feel free to weigh in on everybody’s favorite topic, “They was robbed!” (Terms of Endearment? Over The Right Stuff? REALLY???)


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  1. Terms was better than The Right Stuff, but Fanny & Alexander was the best movie of ’83.
    Why is Hathaway such a runaway lock to win? I saw Les Mis and her perf made me go, meh.
    There is a hard-on in Hollywood to get that gal an Oscar, me-thinks.

    • I detest Terms of Endearment.

      • Right Stuff was terrific, and I thought the melodrama of Terms was made passable by Winger who should’ve Oscared(??). Nicholson winning for that was a joke.

        Hathaway has her statuette, oh well. Now she can go back to being a Page Six fixture or whatever it is she does. So not a fan. Rachel Getting Married was tolerable. The rest? I’ll pass.

    • What’s in a name? With her’s she should be doing Shakespeare. Or was that methinks unintentional?

  2. I’m afraid I’ll be the Grumpy Old Man of the group when I offer the opinion that most of the “front-runners” this year I found to be terribly overrated: Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Les Mis, Lincoln… Meh. My favorites ran along the lines of Moonrise Kingdom, The Master, Life of Pi, Liberal Arts…

  3. My biggest Oscar dissapointment was that Paul Newman didn’t get a proper tribute the year he died. He did at least a picture a year for close to 50 years, and when he took a year or two off from movies, it was often to do a play. Not only was he a truely legendary actor, his charitable work an amazing way to give back. He deserved more than just the usual in memoriam segment. They did a bigger tribute for John Hughes! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of John Hughes, but if you asked me who deserves a bigger tribute, it’s Paul Newman, hands down no contest.

  4. Yay! Paperman won best animated short — (although I did love guacamole!)

  5. Gawd love Barbara it takes guts to sing that song after so many years. The Way We Were is a song recording of perfection. She is brave to sing it live at the Oscars.

  6. Does Rene’ Z need eye glasses? What’s with the squinting? And look at Pretty Woman guy with the coke bottle lenses he’s wearing…are we getting old or what?

  7. Nora, nice dress, Best Friend song cute.
    ADELE! Very genuine speech.

  8. Wish there were clips of Joan, Betty and Lana giving and getting Oscars!

  9. This guy from Argo needs to cut back on the coffee.

  10. Tarrentino pull up that tie.

  11. Big night for Botox thanks jane fonda and mike douglas

  12. Life of Pi, should be required reading!

  13. Meryl just scratched her ass…the other one fell up the stars…never would have happened in the golden era of the STUDIO actress.

  14. The White House thanks donors of Hollywood.

  15. Ben A George C and funny sexy producer alive!

  16. Ben A is a gem. A lovely heart felt speech!

  17. We sit through star trek comedy but rushed through speeches…
    Goodnight Hollywood, this is me signing off from my 4 poster

    • Seth MacFarlane should never host again. The clips at the start were just awful, and not funny at all.

  18. There they go again. Argo over Lincoln? Lincoln was masterful, a film actually worthy of a Best Picture tribute, but they can’t help themselves.
    Good to see Amour win Foreign Language, it was the best movie of the year, but will Hollywood dopes ever recognize that the top award should go to the top film. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    The best movie hasn’t won since Pulp Fiction in ’94. Oh, wait. Nevermind.
    ’99 American Beauty. That was the last time.

  19. The opening skit, despite it’s funny moments, was wa-a-ay too long (and I’m a Trekkie!) The whole “We saw your boobs’ and sock puppet theater parts could have been edited and still make the point. McFarlane did have some genuinely funny moments through the night, but although I love musicals, I thought a lot of the music portions went too long. (But I LOVED Shirley Bassey, Barbra, Charlize dancing, Hudson, Adele, and the cast of Les Mis)
    Very disappointed that Davy Jones wasn’t mentioned during the memorial; (he died three days after last years Oscars) Even if he did make only one movie (Head) others have been mentioned in the past for lesser contributions – he was a treasure. Also disappointed that Lincoln didn’t win best picture or screenplay, but glad that Daniel Day Lewis won for his incredible performance.

  20. The whole affair left a sour taste in my mouth; an evening of sexism, homophobia and antisemitism, capped off by the lovely Onion Tweet about little Miss Wallis.
    I sure don’t want to blame “Mad Men” but it does seem like women are going backwards in what we’ll tolerate from men, and I wonder if MM is part of that particular Zeitgeist-nostalgia for the good old days that weren’t so hot?
    If MacFarlane is part of next year’s show, I’m out.

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