Fan Art Thursday ‘Along For the Ride’ by becsketch

 Posted by on February 14, 2013 at 7:00 am  Fan Art, Mad Men
Feb 142013

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  Here’s lovely pastel piece by artist becsketch  on DeviantArt that portrays a tender moment between Don and Betty back in the day.  Sometimes I miss them as a couple, when there was still a touch of romance in their relationship.



  5 Responses to “Fan Art Thursday ‘Along For the Ride’ by becsketch”

  1. It’s exquisite

  2. beautiful work!

  3. I want Don and Betty to get back together. The lessons Don learned are wasted on Megan who I think was dazzled by his proposal. They aren’t suited. Don and Betty had chemistry. The most sincered he ever sounded was when he called her Birdie. There were so many times when Don was just mesmerized by her–he never seemed that way with Megan.

  4. Look at Don driving with the gangsta lean!!!! Me likey.
    Imagine if the other half of that oicture was Rachel Mencken???
    DD would be grinnin from ear to ear.

  5. Therese,

    Amazing work! Thanks for sharing this.

    There was something definitely more “there” between Don and Betty than between Don and Megan. During S4 I didn’t have any nostalgia for Don/Betty. But Don/Megan in S5 changed that a bit.

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