Basket of News, Jan. 19-25, 2013

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Jan 252013

ICYMI: Mad Men returns April 7th.  Here are your first batch of promo stills.  And Matthew Weiner gives the Daily Beast 10 facts about Season 6.

January Jones promises more Betty in Season 6. [No word on the amount of Cowbell. -K]

Elisabeth Moss ponders the end of Mad Men.

GQ includes Christina Hendricks, Jessica Paré and Alison Brie in its list of the 21st century’s hottest women.

Rich Sommer talks to the Harvard Crimson about his new film, Fairhaven.

On Newsreaders, Aaron Staton played a grody yet enterprising college student who gets involved in a sex-van scheme that turns out to be the work of the American auto industry.

Backstage at the Golden Globes, winner Danny Strong indicated he wants back on Mad Men.

Janie Bryant is creating a third Mad Men-themed line for Banana Republic.

Brylcreem is pondering a commercial tie-in with MM.

Real-life drama: Who will inherit the real Downton Abbey? (Which is open to tours, btw.)

Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, goes in search of the real-life Lord Grantham – and finds something a lot more interesting.

The Walking Dead dropped a new promo trailer for the second half-season.

Michael Rooker talks to the Walker Stalkers about Merle, and who he would like to see zombified.

Rosemarie DeWitt will not be on The Newsroom after all.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  13 Responses to “Basket of News, Jan. 19-25, 2013”

  1. Exclusive & late-breaking, from …

    AMC Eyes ‘Talking Bad’ Companion Talk Show For ‘Breaking Bad’s Final Episodes

    Breaking Bad may be getting The Walking Dead treatment for the upcoming conclusion of the series’ fifth and final season with a companion talk show.

  2. Oh my fucking God, do I want a black and white episode now!!!!!!!
    The premiere would be mind blowing if it was.

    • I had the same thought – but thought twice and thought again.

      Black and white would have been better for Season One or a part thereof – more like TV was then. But going B&W now, when two out of three (all three by 1967?) netowrk were in color, when the first sixty episodes were shot in fabulous, muted, color, seems a bit precious – maybe even prententious, and at minimum anachronistic.

      Thinking again – Joan looks fabulous in red and everyone looks fabulous in Janie’s costumes. This would be diminished in B&W.

      I’ll admit, though, if Weiner decided to go B&W I’d take that gladly just like I’ll gladly take pretty much all of his artistic choices.

  3. I just realized the Mad Men will be out tonight for the SAG awards, no? I think they were nominated for best ensemble so let the star gazing begin!

    • Looks like Jon Hamm is also nominated :). Fingers crossed for tonight. I’m still hoping Season 5 gets some sort of recognition from awards season. I don’t believe it has yet.

      • Watered down MM surpasses 98% of tv offerings. Breaking Bad has to be at the tippy-top of its game to be able to match it.
        Season 5 IS watered down, and not up to the sheer brilliance of the first 4. Sadly, I don’t think MM deserves awards, not because there was anything better out there, it didn’t meet its own Olympian standards.

        • I seem to recall that MM got 3 of 5 emmy nominations for best drama script. This virtually guaranteed that one of the other scripts would get (did get) the award.

          So, some of the other ten were “dilute” – swimming in an ocean of Megan?

          • Ugh, please don’t mention that name.
            Tomorrowland was the beginning of the end.

            Where is a Don Draper?

          • I saw this review for Elisabeth Moss in Jane Campion’s “Top of the Lake” and I kind of wanted to send it to Matthew Weiner and say, you underutilized this WOMAN on your show last season????? The one getting rave reviews in a Jane Campion piece??

            1. Elisabeth Moss is more than Mad Men. The Mad Men guys may get all the bespoke magazine covers, but, as Peggy, Elisabeth Moss has emerged as the most compelling performer on television’s best show. In Jane Campion and Garth Davis’s six-hour miniseries Top of the Lake, which will air on the Sundance Channel in March, she breaks out on her own, as an Australian police detective investigating a strange case involving a pregnant preteen Thai adoptee, some crusty locals, and a bizarre women’s recovery group led by a very new age Holly Hunter. Steely, obsessive, and passionate, it’s her first great part outside of Mad Men, and she more than delivers.

            Read more: 9 Lessons from Sundance 2013 – Sundance Wrap Up – Esquire

          • Swimming in an ocean of Megan? Seems like drowning in an ocean of Megan.

            Actually, AMC didn’t need to make a S5 poster. They could have just used the S3 poster and superimposed Megan heads in the water.


            If only I were better with graphics programs, I’d to it myself, showing the real Don is going under in a deluge of Megan.

  4. I keep thinking “Season 6? They meant to say Season 5. No wait, it is Season 6!”

    I think I am having trouble believing we’re already up to Season 6. Geez time flies!!

  5. I am in total awe of Pete’s sideburns!!?!?!

  6. This video should entertain anyone who hasn’t seen the S5 DVD extras:

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