Surprise! Season wrap-up of AHS: Asylum

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Jan 242013

I’ve watched this show, guiltily, for two seasons. I’ve considered writing about it, but mostly what I want to say is, OH WHY GOD WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!!???? But I’ve stuck with it, and this is for anyone who wants to consider what did and didn’t work about this season, here are a hodgepodge of thoughts. Bring on yours.

The last three episodes worked for me as a trilogy. They were stellar. This was a different pace and storytelling from the rest of the season– I found myself holding my breath moment to moment, despite the fact that most of the horrors were already behind us. Lana getting into that cab– you were CERTAIN she was in danger. And there have been many of those moments– perfect suspense. Horror in your mind, just knowing what’s possible.

The alien plot-line did not work for me. I really don’t understand its purpose, although it granted access to some interesting plot developments. I loved the polygamy– it was a beautiful portrayal of a functional alternative family, and I was disappointed that they took it down the way they did. Although ultimately I guess it was PTSS from alien torture that did it. Right? (I might ask some questions here. This show is confusing, and things move quickly!)

Kit, I love you. That character was granted a self that never wavered from the moment we met him– open, loving, true– and that self brought him his relationships with Lana and then with Jude. (or wait, maybe it was Jude and then Lana.) OH and his take on forgiveness? That actually gave me something about forgiveness that I’ve never been able to get on my own.

The decision to advance things forward in time was truly effective. Unexpected. And very well done.

I actually didn’t love the Dylan McDermot Mulrooney storyline. While aspects of it were well played out, the fact he was BabyBloodyFace was expected, and for far too long. Predictable and for the most part uninteresting to me.

But c’mon, did you ever expect such an emotionally satisfying ending to a show like this? It was beautiful. It felt a little like Six Feet Under. And with everyone dead– everyone, right?

Jude and Kit, dance lesson– glorious moment. Jude finally asking for the kiss– so, so gorgeous.

And Lana’s final scenes. She called upon the same shrewd strength that kept her alive all those years back. In one short afternoon, she told the entire world her biggest secret, looked love and hate squarely in the face, and pulled the trigger. Oh Lana– I suspect a resurgence of nightmares, as the words she used (just calling him “Baby”–::shudder::) had to take her right back to that basement, and she is once again, blood-stained. Peace might not be the word for what she has permitted for herself, but something akin– her work, at last, is done. Her story is fully told. The circle of her past is completed and sealed. Lana’s good, and I was moved to see it.

Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson– Emmys. Duke it out.

Here are a couple of loose end WHYs??? for you:
That murdering little girl/Bad Seed.
The child that Jude didn’t kill. What was that? And it seemed there was an angry father red herring.

Please to enjoy what will be remembered for years and years to come:


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  1. I usually only hang out here during Mad Men season (so I haven’t been around for a while!) but I do “follow” you on blogger, and when this showed up in my newsfeed I had to check in and read it. I LOVE this show, so much that I can’t even call it a guilty pleasure. I refuse to feel shame! I adore the horror genre and it’s so infrequently done well that even with its flaws (and I agree they can be frustrating) I can’t stop watching. I think Season One worked a little better overall, and I agree, too, that the alien stuff was just kind of pointless. Season Two kind of flagged a bit for me around the third or fourth episode, but then it kicked back into gear with Lana’s “escape” and the Bloody Face reveal, and that whole Douglas Sirk-infused Sister Jude in the dive bar scene was such a glorious fever dreamscape of giddy, vertiginous what-the-fuck that it won me right back. By the time we got to the Viking Funeral in the crematorium I was a goner. I can’t wait for Season Three.

  2. I had the same reaction in many ways, almost like this season was split into two separate shows. At one point, when Arden had cut off Shelley’s legs, I really thought, “Why do I watch this?” I was so repulsed and felt that it was just shock for the sake of it.

    But then, in those last episodes, they really turned it into a different show. It was almost hard to remember the aliens, the nazi, the devil, the crazy santa…there was a lot of emotional impact that I did not expect.

  3. Lange and Paulson gave some of the best work on TV this year. Certainly higher caliber than Danes. I thought the entire season, with the exception of the 2nd to final episode, was consistently solid and high quality. And it was indeed a great ending, and that is something rare in both TV and movies. I didn’t care for the Kit/Jude final turn at all. It was forced. That was my only real complaint with the season. Well, and Dylan McDermot. I’ve never found him much of an actor.

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