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(Lotta caps there. I am very excited.)

Sunday, April 7th. 9:00pm, AMC. Set your alarms.

The episode, written by Matt (show-runner/executive producer Matthew Weiner for anyone stopping by the Basket for the first time), and directed by executive producer Scott Hornbacher, will be another 2-hour season opener–this was the case for the first time last year as well; S5’s “A Little Kiss” parts 1 & 2. The following Sunday, April 14th, Mad Men resumes its regular 10:00pm time slot.

Here’s some words from Matt regarding the double-length premiere (I’ll put them below the fold, but guys, you know Matt– these ain’t hardly in the spoiler category):

It is different than last year’s… This year it’s really constructed like a film. It is its own story and hopefully it foreshadows the rest of the season…. You should know what happened at the end of last season before you see the episode. The whole season is in reference to last season.


tear of joyTears-of-Joy-4f596a4cd9c32_hires

There’s more from Matt Weiner on the coming season, and thoughts on last season, over at EW.com Inside TV.


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  1. yes,tears of joy! hallelujah!!

  2. I need to buy a new bottle of Canadian Club!

  3. Been checking in often lately hoping to see this. Can’t wait for April 7th!!!!!!

    • Same here–but now had the good (or bad?) fortune to run across the announcement in the middle of my work day. Hard to get anything done now, and this is not 1965, so I really do have to work all day!

  4. Woohoo! Can’t wait!

  5. This is so good news.

  6. That’s a staggeringly good interview with Matt at EW.

    • You’re very kind, Deborah. To hear Weiner talk about his favorite project is a refreshing drink after a long draught. As EW pieces go the questions are unusually penetrating, but the length is about as short as usual.

      But really, nobody does interviews like Da Sistahs!

  7. There is a NEW picture if you go to the mad men article at the daily beast. Repeat a new pic at Daily beast.

  8. Back on the inside with Don. This should make Tilden very happy!

  9. Thanks, Roberta! And Deb–I will check out the EW article, thank you….

    Can’t believe it’s APRIL though. ::grumble:: I thought it would be March.

    Oh well. What’s a few more weeks, right? And I know it will be worth waiting for….

    I got huge into “Parenthood” this season (Season 4). It’s not as brilliant a show as Mad Men, obviously, but I have really enjoyed it. This is the first season that I’ve watched it consistently. They just wrapped up Season 4, so now i’m going to go back and watched the episodes from past seasons that I missed. I especially liked this year though largely because of Ray Romano–he was brilliant and has really become a good actor. (Many tv critics agree!)

    Also very glad to have “Downton Abbey” back. And “Girls,” and some others.

  10. I think he’s smart to have set an ending for the series. With a show like Downton people wondered if there would be a 4th season (I don’t know if there is speculation yet about a 5th) it’s like you’re wondering if the characters will be around instead of what they will do.

    • Agree – there has to be an endpoint and figured that this show unfolds against the backdrop of the 60’s decade – therefore it ends by the start of 1970!

      As a reviewer once wrote about the TV series Lost – its down the rabbit hole, and then off into another, divert to another and so forth until you ask, where is the rabbit?

      • I’m thinking that since the very first song we heard on the series was Don Cherry’s “Band of Gold,” the last song we will hear on the series will be Freda Payne’s 1970 smash “Band of Gold” (completely different song, about a bride whose groom who can’t get it up on their wedding night).

  11. This is very exciting news and maybe a little bit sad too when we think about only two tiny little seasons left!

    Deb is right though, the EW interview with MW is great. My sadness at the waning of the series is offset by knowing that the arc of the end of the series will be as intentional, creative and high quality as the beginning.

    I was struck by MW’s discussion about Don. I think in the interim months I’d forgotten how far Don had strayed in S5 from the character we’d seen in earlier seasons. MW stacks up several things we certainly all know about Don in S5 but taken together they really bring it home.

    First, Don spends the bulk of last season in the glow of his marriage to Megan. Secondly, Megan asserting her independence was a big disappointment to Don seeming to create a sort of break. Finally, (and to Tilden and me, wonderfully) in the final scene we are “back on the inside” of DD.

    Not to overstate, but one might say that Don was never himself in S5. Like Peggy, we wondered “who is this guy and what has he done with Don.” There were certainly flashes of course (i.e. Far Away Places) but mostly he was either (1) in the “lavender haze” with Megan or (2) paddling like heck to try and be that guy who can make this thing work. If there is one rule follow with this show it’s that you character is your fate and you can’t stray very far from the wellspring.

    I really need to watch all of S5 in a more methodical way but I haven’t been able to get into it like earlier seasons and I think the big reason is that Don is just not Don and to me that diminishes the season.

    I take comfort in my belief that S6 might have a good bit of Jekyll wrestling with Hyde and I couldn’t be happier about that!

  12. In The Daily Beast article about S-6, Matt says he’d “love for people to just watch the last 10 minutes of Season 5 right before Season 6 starts. I think you’ll have a really incredible experience as we get there.”

    If you plan to do this, you should ignore the imdb.com info for the running time of The Phantom. They suggest it’s 45 minutes, but according to my DVD Player counter, it’s 47:40. That would put the start time for the final ten minutes of S-5 at 37:40, the scene where Don encounters Peggy in the middle of the day at the movie theater.


    By the way, when The Phantom got to the part when Don is looking at Megan’s screen test, it made me think back to Don’s Kodak pitch for the Carousel slide projector at the end of S-1, in The Wheel. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this in posts about that episode when it originally aired, so I thought I would here.

    Can’t wait for April 7th to get here!

    • The thing I keep thinking about is that Megan’s Beauty dress in the ad is the same colour scheme as the dress worn by the woman of Don’s nightmares – Andrea?

    • So…I guess this means:

      – Don and Megan and Peggy and Abe will all have dinner together. Prepare for awkward giggles galore!
      – Pete and Trudy will officially have a marriage of convenience, and Trudy can go ahead and have that affair with the pool guy, because Pete won’t even notice.
      – Don will be disgusted by what he regards as Megan’s increasing shallowness as she gets more and more involved in the acting world, and will be freaked about the fact that she’s free to leave at any time.
      – Megan will start making more money than Don, which will blow both of their minds, and will make Megan start to contemplate trading in Don for a younger, hipper model.
      – Harry will still be complaining that his office sucks.

      (Ten weeks from Sunday is WAY TOO LONG. Argh.)

      • Don makes about 100K, in 1966!! Same as Sandy Koufax did that year.
        The only way his wife outearns him is if she gets the lead on a network series.
        Ain’t happening.

        • Or she could get a movie role. While it’s not likely that, as a neophyte, she’d get a huge part in anything, it’s not impossible; at that time, a lot of movie directors were starting to favor actors with less conventional (more European?) looks, who were relative unknowns who wouldn’t bring too much familiarity to the part. Don being with a woman who out-earns him would be something to see, though.

        • I’m rarely right about where the story will go – but Megan’s acting career should at most be a subplot. IF they go there, I agree she wouldn’t earn much unless she first became famous in a film or on Broadway.

  13. Very exciting news of the new series. It’ll be so interesting to see if there’s a correction in Don’s sense of who he is, perhaps a ‘what was I thinking?’ moment? He has tried on various identities and roles for size and none seems to be comfortable whether planned, like marrying Betty and conning Roger into getting a job, or unplanned like marrying Megan and, of course, becoming Don Draper.

  14. Great news!!! As per the BoK news section there are 4 new publicity stills. The ones at T&L are great. The best ones I ‘ve seen are at The Daily Mail (huge).

  15. This section of the EW article really struck me.

    “I felt like from “Tomorrowland” on, when Don asked Megan to marry him at the end of season 4, there was this strange shift where the audience felt like they were on the outside of him again… A lot of last season was told from the outside of Don, seeing him try to act like the person who was in that relationship. And there was supposed to be something about that last moment of [the finale] where Don turns to the camera where you are back on the inside with him and I can say that it is an internal story this season. It’s what I’m interested in this point.”

    It really reminded me of the S5 poster w/Don looking in from the outside at the window display. May be Don in the poster symbolized the audience during the season. And the scenario in the window display symbolized the real Don we see at the end of the season (the mannequins representing Don and the woman at the bar). Since MW says “I can say that it is an internal story this season. It’s what I’m interested in this point,” then in S6 we could be seeing the story “inside the window display.”

    Also, MW says,

    “The whole season (S6) is in reference to last season.”

    If that’s the case, then may be the S6 season poster could the inverse of the S5 poster Basically seeing things from the vantage point of inside the case, a view of Don on the street perhaps with other cast members. Just a guess.

  16. Not a single mention or hint of whether any ( or which) Draper kids will be in S.6.

    Any idea?

  17. Thanks Smiler for the DailyBeast interview – very good stuff. I like that MW cares about keeping his secrets and his old school approach to rolling out the season. It makes it an event when we all get to see it unfold at the same time together – like live sports. It makes BoK a lot more fun too!

    Thanks for the heads up on the new season and interviews – now I’m all jazzed for S6!

  18. Thanks to the usually enigmatic MW, there is soo much to chew on. I agree with previous commentators in that it appears that the Don we will see in S6 will be closer to the Don of previous seasons than to the Don of S5. Let’s face it, Don does not know how to be open and honest. He is at his best when there is something to hide. Megan may know his identity, but based on the last scene and MW’s oblique statements, Don is back to his old tricks, and a secret life of extra marital activities.

    As for everyone else, if we were in fact given a preview of S6 in the last 10 min of S5, what did we see?

    On the surface a series of shrt vignettes that put us into the mind of some of the major characters. Peggy may have the job she wants, but it isn’t what she expected and she is trying to convince herself she is happy. The partners appear together, but in visualizing the arrangement of the new offices on the second floor, each is metaphorically in their own world, lost in their own thoughts and farther apart than before. By manipulating Trudy into acquiescence, Pete has become Don c1960. Doting wife at home, who has tacitly agreed not to ask questions, secret life in the city. But Pete isn’t any happier and is still searching for…something? Roger craves insight into himself and the world around him, but he has to resort to hallucinogenic drugs to find reality, and when he recovers, he is unsure of what he experienced. Don and Megan are together, in a bright and shiny place where Megan is the center of attention. Then we pull back with Don and see the manufactured reality of the scene. The distance from the set giving us perspective on the real distance between Don and Megan, and the surface artificiality of their marriage. As Don gets farther away from the set, he recedes into darkness, which is a metaphor for the world we have come to know as the world inhabited by Don Draper. Our last glimpse of Don is when he is sitting alone in a bar, with a drink in front of him, and a cigarette in his hand…a doppelgänger of a scene that is reminiscent of the opening of the pilot. Each major character is looking for the answer to what makes them happy, because what they thought would make them happy turned out to be a false hope.

    Be careful for what you wish for, because you just might get it.

    Looking forward to 4/7.

  19. […] Mad Men returns April 7th.  Here are your first patch of promo stills.  And Matthew Weiner gives the Daily Beast 10 facts […]

  20. RE: S6 Stills. Hello 1968 !! If Peggy is in the pictures, then the scene could be some sort of awards party. Doubt it is a wedding…who would get married that knows all of the SCDH partners + Peggy + Betty and Sally ? Could be an Election Night 68 Party, with both SCDH and Peggy’s company having worked on the campaigns. Everyone looks great though.

  21. With the stills, my first thought was Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball.


    There’s an extra on the S5 DVD about Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball (which I haven’t seen yet) . MW said in the EW interview about S6

    “The whole season (S6) is in reference to last season.”

    So perhaps the Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball vibe of the S5 stills goes back to the extra in the S5 DVD.

    Also, the S6 stills reminded me more of the S4 stills, w/the MM gang at a party, even down to Peggy on stairs.


    • The documentary short on the Capote affair was perhaps the best of the Mad Men special features to date. Capote milked the anticipation of that affair for months.

      • Jahn,

        Thanks for the info! I still have my S5 DVD sitting here, the only extra I’ve seen is the end of the Giorgio de Chirico/S5 poster one.

        W/the Capote Ball extra, I’ve wondered if it’s a reference to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” since the S5 poster resembles the iconic image from the film.


        Also, at the end of the S5 DVD poster extra, the experts mention that the poster is also based on the B/W window display photographs of Eugene Atget.


        Interesting that the new S6 promo posters are B/W as well, especially since MW said in the EW interview that “The whole season (S6) is in reference to last season.”

        • Earlier in Mad Men Bert Cooper had a private moment with Don – I think it was the episode when Don bought his ’62 Cadillac. He told Don that he had been invited to join some sort of art board and to get used to wearing tuxedos because he was going to be mingling in more rarified circles at soirees that were more social than business. He said:

          “Philanthropy is the gateway to power”


          “pull back the curtain and take your seat”.

          My sense is the Capote piece harkens more to that crowd than to the Holly Golightly crowd. It would be interesting to examine the guest list and see how many Dow Chemical and American Airlines execs are in there.

          • I remember the art board membership invitation. Don didn’ t turn it down, and I think he seemed rather pleased about the honor. But then it was never mentioned again. Betty might have enjoyed the prestige and social life as a spouse of a board member. Too bad she didn’t get to participate.

            Maybe Don’s lower class upbringing/secret identity made him shy of a high profile membership.

    • I forgot to mention, the b/w promo photos also reminded me of Adam’s b/w photos in the shoebox. In an interview w/Total film, JH said about S5,

      “There’s a lot of his (Don’s) past still to be mined, and a lot of that is revealed and explored this season.”


      Perhaps that changed and more of Don’s past will be revealed and explored in the upcoming season. If that’s the case, then the b/w promos would be appropriate both because b/w photos often symbolize the past and moreover Don’s past is preserved in Adam’s b/w photos.

      Since MW said S6 is in reference to S5, the the S5 DVD extra about Daylight Savings could be relevant (moving backwards and forwards chronologically).

  22. 9 more weeks, Thank God Almighty, just 9 more weeks!

  23. 8 more weeks!

  24. 6 more weeks!

  25. And jumping ahead even further– I hope we have a finale party! I want to make plans!

    • Is it weird that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to make it down for the BOK finale party?

  26. 5 more weeks!

  27. 4 more weeks!

  28. 3 more weeks!

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