Do You Want to Know a Secret?

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Many of the characters on “Mad Men” have secrets. Revealing a secret can be a dramatic moment, and have consequences (long term and short term). Pick your favorite major secret from the show that you would most want to another character to share or discover. It can be from the list below, or something else. I included who knows which secret to make it eaiser.

Don is really Dick Whitman

-Anna, Pete, Bert, Betty, Faye, and Megan know

Pete is the father of Peggy’s baby.

-Only Don, Pete, and her family know she had the baby

-Only Pete knows he was the father of the baby

Roger and Joan had an affair

-Only Roger and Joan know that Kevin is their baby

Sally continued to be friends with Glenn, after she moved to Rye

-Don and Megan know that Glenn was in their apartment, but may or may not know that she was not supposed to see him.


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  1. What I am most curious about and this falls under the secrets catagory is the exact nature of Henry Francis and Roger Sterling friendship. Also, I want to know what exactly does Henry Francis know about Don!
    Henry has access to important people and these connections could lead to uncovering Don’s past. I remember that Betty told Henry about the FBI showing up asking questions but she certainly did not go into details about what she knows.
    If Henry doesn’t know about Don and he finds out what would he do? Is Henry a veteran? Also, how close is Roger to Henry? He was Roger’s guest at the country club Derby Day shindig.

  2. Actually, Henry Francis was at the country club the day of the Sterling party to attend a wedding. Probably the same wedding attended by Conrad Hilton.

    Was not the connection between Roger and Henry that their daughters were pals?

    • Yes, C. C.
      I got the connect of Henry and Hilton. I just cannot let go of how juicy it would be for Henry to be in the “KNOW” in a way that Don would be beholden to him. I know it sounds soapy but Henry has been living in that man’s dirt and wouldn’t it be something if he turns out to be a real hero in the story. He is the father and husband Don never made time to be.

  3. Susan- Henry and Roger’s daughters are friends, that’s also why he was at Margaret’s wedding the day after the Kennedy assassination. I don’t think he and Roger are particularly close except Roger did know before Don about Betty and Henry. Trying to remember the scene, but it sounded like he had heard through Margaret, who was presumably told by Henry’s daughter. (Blanking on her name.)

    • Rebecca,
      Thanks for the clarification. It reminded me that Henry and Hilton were at the same wedding at the Country Club when Henry made the moves on Betty and Hilton made a biz move on Don.

      Wonder what their horoscopes said that day! Change was in the air for the both of them.That was the beginning of 2 big turns in the story…which brings me to Suzanne Farrell. Will anyone find out about her and Don? What about that brother who compared himself to Julius Cesare! Bet he still has the business card.

  4. 1. I would like everyone who knows about the Don/Dick switch in Korea to find out that it was purposeful. I don’t think Don has told anyone about that.

    2. The role Don had in Lane’s suicide.

    3. Not a secret but we have never seen what happend after Anna found Don/Dick at the used car lot, why did she come to care about him so much? After Don met Betty and told Anna he would provide for her and Anna said he didn’t owe her anything–he did! She would have received widows benefits if it weren’t for him.

    • I don’t want anyone to find out that the ‘switch’ in Korea wasn’t purposeful. Don will go to jail and that’s that for MM. Oh, wait there’s only 26 eps left (TWENTY SIX. Sob.) It might be that particular reckoning a-comin’. And soon.

      No one will ever know Pete is baby-daddy. No one. Ever.
      All other secrets will be revealed, eventually.

      Tilden Katz will also, never know. Tee-hee.

      • Tilden,
        What if Tammy Campbell grows up and falls in love and just as the blood tests are reviewed for the marriage license it is revealed the young lovers have a serious DNA match!
        She is in love with her own illegitimate older brother baby boy Campbell son of Peggy Olsen!

        • Dynasty, MM is not. Don Draper couldn’t begin to tell you where Moldovia is.
          I’m embarrassed to know such a detail.

    • Don’s role in Lane’s suicide: a good way to add insult to grief for Rebecca, her son, her father-in-law, and relatives unknown to us.

      Not only was he cowardly enough to hang himself – he was an Embezzler!

    • I just watch “Hands and Knees” again. Don admits to Dr. Fay that he let everyone think he was someone else. He admitted he knew what was what and intended for the switch. So Anne B. that is out of the bag.

  5. (trying this before reading ‘the list” – no “favorites” per se)

    I was going to say – Sally’s secret “boyfriend” – the no-longer-creepy Glen. But he’s out – at least to Megan and Don.

    Cosgrove has a new old-secret. He’s still writing under a new pen-name – and perhaps taking two drinks and dining the clients occasionally (Roger could be checking expense accounts).

    I wonder how open Ginzberg has been with his Nazi-camp origins? Margaret woudn’t spill that one (except she did to Abe, who will respect the secret).

    Does Joan’s mom really know who fathered her grandson? Does Dr. Cuckold?

    Since it hasn’t already happened, Faye probably won’t out Don’s dessertion secret.

    This one’s pretty obscure, but I doubt Tilden Katz knows about Don and Rachel.

    Does Jimmy Barrett *really know* about Don and Bobbie (Betty does: Don said, “I wasn’t respecful to you”. Man, that “confession” was so oblique it was almost deniable).

    Would Peggy’s Mom ever get drunk and mean enough to tell Abe about her lost grandchild?

    • John,
      Oh my wouldn’t that be delicious if Peggy’s mom goes off and make a scene. Peg did tell Don that her mother thinks he is the father!
      Oh I love that mother. She is the real deal! I’ve known many a woman like her and she is fearless!

      Joan’s mom is a perpetual flirt and I find it creepy. Remember Appollo? The janitor at her KoffeKlatch!

      These mothers are so great. And what about Henry’s mother? Love her. Matt and his crew should write an episode of just the mothers stranded some place. They don’t know each other but somebody has a bottle. Annonymous girl talk commences! Good dirt.

  6. Did Bert Cooper really have Dr Lyle Evans killed?

  7. hmmmm… i have a feeling peggy also has a vague suspicion about who the father of her baby is… 😉

    • The closest Don ever came to prying was when he asked her* if she knew who the daddy was.

      “Of course I know.”

      * In The Suitcase

  8. I thought for sure this post was about the premiere date, which has just been announced as April 7!

  9. My favorite secret is that Don had a brother who, after being rejected by Don because he was afraid Adam would jeopardize his identity, killed himself. Don thought he could just throw money at him but that is not what Adam wanted. He wanted a relationship. Don found out about Adam’s death after he changed his mind and tried to contact him. But it was too late. I think of all the secrets that Don has of his past, this may be the only one he truly regrets and the only one that he has a hard time about moving forward.

    • sr,
      That is a haunting hurt for Don.
      It is reminds me of the scenes after Lane’s death where Don sees his brother in random places.
      When the dame at the bar asks Don are you alone it struck me that the poor bastard is never alone when you think of all the ghosts that walk with him. The real Don Draper, brother Adam and now Lane. Plus an assorment of broken females like Midge, Suzanne Farrel and the department store princess.

      • That’s part of the enduring beauty of MM to me. How such a weather beaten man like Don, flecks off all of his murky past, resolutely moving forward. But, he feels no redempti. W.
        Where will he ever find it? His children? “Megan”? Definitely not in his profession.
        Who or what will be his penance?
        April 7 is 73 days away. 1752 hours. 105137 minutes. But who’s counting?

      • Broken females.

        When Don got Polaroidic evidence that Midge loved one of her Beat friends he proved himself a complicated mensch by withdrawing himself and signed over his large bonus check (whatta guy!). I didn’t get that Midge loved both the Beatnik-boy AND Don. Midge was later undone by her heroin-addicted-husband of convenience. Definitely broken – but you can’t pin that on Don (can you?).

        Princess Rachel, heiress to the Mencken empire, saved herself from an impulsive Don Draper. She dumped him, though undoubtedly she didn’t like to. She married well and appropriately (right, Tilden?).

        Susan Farrell, of the three, seemed the most taken by Don. Poor woman – unceremoniously left to slink out of Don’s neighborhood after dark as his marriage collapsed from the weight of Don’s greatest insult to Betty. Weiner has left the question of her brokeness unresolved.

        • Man, can you imaginebthe show MM would’ve been had Rachel hung around and made DD Mr. Mencken?!
          I get fever chills just contemplating the give and take between those two. The Emmy for Dramatic writing would’ve been retired till the conclusion of MM.

          Oh, man. Why do very best things possible never happen?

          • “Why do very best things possible never happen?”

            See the excellent Daily Beast interview of Matt Weiner. He refers to the fan reaction to Peggy dumping Draper for Chow-guh-guh (doubt I’ll ever refer to him as “Chaw” since Roger gave him a “kickname”).

            Anyway, Weiner alluded to our collective anger at that “little” (huge, really) plot turn, then reiterated his usual “talking point” (really, a ruling principle) namely that he is not guided by what “we want” – but rather by what he thinks will “entertain” us (and – really – he *entertains himself* – which the surest way for an artist to retain his integrity).

            I personally find it easy to accept the work that Weiner, and other great artists, deign to bestow. This may be because I might be able to play – reading sheet music, listen – to performed music, read – prose fiction, watch – film and television, but have little facility to create any of these.

          • As I stated before; an MM without Margaret Olson in it, does not have me in its audience. Period.
            Love that MW could give 2 shits of appeasing his audience.
            But I really, really, really give a shit about beloved Pegs.

            Nothing BURNS my brain more than this: “Megan” in. Peggy out. @/&**^$$$^**$$^*(^^$#@!!!#$^*(*&*,,??(/$#
            There is no God. He died on the cover of Time in 1966.
            Same year MM lost its fastball.

          • For the first four seasons Margaret (Jimmy!) Olsen was the clear Queen of Mad Men – a step to the left and one step behind the King.

            Princess Megan (a foreign princess) put this into doubt when she married the King and the old Queen abdicated and moved to a foreign land.

            Thus Weiner “lost his fastball”. Still, his slider and change are still damn good.

            I think he will unveil a new pitch in series six – or reveal variations on the old standbys.

            Have faith, he may yet strike out the side and we will marvel again at his brilliance.

          • I listened to a podcast with Matthew Weiner, Erin Levy, and Andre and Maria Jacquemetton. A few interesting points.

            Maria said the toughest episode to flesh out was Lady Lazarus because some of the writers felt like the storyline of Megan leaving to become an actress wasn’t something that important, or too silly to take so seriously. Others thought she was a creative, and of course she would want to do that. And they had to go back and forth on that a lot. And she says they kept getting stuck with that discussion. And that ended up, in fact, to be a bit polarizing with us as an audience.

            Also, Matt originally wanted Megan to fail at advertising, and then decide to pursue acting. But the writers came up with the idea of having her actually succeed at advertising and then walk away from it.

            I have another, perhaps dumb point to make, but I’ll make it. Matt Weiner always talks about how the Don/Megan marriage is failing b/c he cannot control Megan, and she is independent of him. But, he was in a marriage where he had complete control, and had a pretty subservient woman to him, and that was a disaster. So….is that really the reason why Don and Megan don’t work? Because he had all of this control with Betty, and that was a complete failure and he cheated on her with independent women.

          • Ok, so let’s think about this, Don acts out when he is in some kind of pain. He uses sex to hide from his hurt. An example is the memorial day family gathering. All the veterans are asked to stand. Everyone applauds. Don immediately leaves and calls Bobbie. Humiliation drives him there. Fastforward to Megan sge rejects ad biz. Gets the commercial. Rejects Don and now he has time on his hands. He is going to get into trouble again…I say he will hit the satin sheets with someone we know.Could it be Dawn? mrs bishop? the former mrs sterling? How about Lane’s chocolate bunny!

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