Easter Eggs and the loss of Heaven

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Dec 122012

Sometimes we see more by looking less.

As Mad Men DVD-watchers know, the writers love embedding small messages within seemingly mundane moments throughout the show.  For instance, in The Mountain King, the transition between Don’s pensive gaze out the window in California and Peggy’s similar pose in New York was meant to convey their connected souls.

Other “Easter Eggs” appear where we least expect them – music cues that are call-backs to previous episodes, loaded phrases that reference unrelated conversations.

During last weekend’s re-airing of Three Sundays, one of these chestnuts jumped out at me, which was a delight, since I consider this episode one of the masterpieces.

As Peggy’s sister, Anita Respola (a finer Brooklynite name has never been invented in the history of television), is concluding her controversial confession to Father Gil, she is reciting her act of contrition.  “I detest all my sins,” she speaks. “I dread the loss of Heaven…”


Open to: Sterling Cooper conference room following the doomed American Airlines pitch.

The loss of Heaven, indeed.


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  1. What a perfect little post, Coop. Thank you.

    I miss Mad Men. I actually long for it: the economical beauty of the writing, the quiet tension of every episode. The silences. The delicate gravity of the details (see Andrea Rhodes’ yellow dress in “Mystery Date”). I miss it all so much.

    Thanks for the reminder. <3

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