Basket of News, Nov. 10-16, 2012

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Nov 162012

There’s some Mad Men Season 6 scoop floating around. One bit should be entirely expected.  The other bit — about casting — is pretty vague.

Michael Gladis talked to AMC about returning to Mad Men as Paul Kinsey… and shaving his head.

Kiernan Shipka is a dead ringer for Drew Barrymore in this E.T. re-creation, part of a tribute to Steven Spielberg.

Check out John Slattery in the trailer for In Our Nature.

The Adrienne Shelly Foundation will be again auctioning a lunch with Jon Hamm and more, starting December 3rd.

Michael Rooker talks to AMC about his return to The Walking Dead.

Danai Gurira talks to The Root about her casting and inspiration for her role as Michonne.  She also talks to Vulture about how and why The Walking Dead transcends genre, and has some words for all of you Lori haters out there.

Lauren Cohan talks to Entertainment Weekly about the TWD gang’s next big hurdle, and more.

TWD creator Robert Kirkman claims anything could happen.

TV Overmind lists five reasons TWD Season 3 beats Season Two.

Anson Mount was volunteering in superstorm Sandy relief efforts, judging from his Facebook timeline.

Rosemarie DeWitt joins The Newsroom in a recurring role.

There is now a trailer for A Young Doctor’s Notebook, with Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe.

The Killing may return for a third season…on Netflix. (Thanks, Mad Chick.)  Variety kinda likes the idea.

AMC is defending its broader decision to license its programming to Netflix.

James Franco bought Janie Bryant’s house.

At the Montreal Gazette, Susan Schwartz notes that the foibles of Mad Men can strike close to home. [Her particular example was inspired by the writers’ real lives, according to Matthew Weiner’s DVD commentary. -K]

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  10 Responses to “Basket of News, Nov. 10-16, 2012”

  1. Recent art news brought to mind Bert Cooper’s Rothko. I hope he (or his heirs) managed to hold onto it.

    The artist’s 1954 canvas, “No. 1 (Royal Red & Blue),” just fetched $75 million at Sotheby’s this week, in an historic auction.

    • Cooper? Heirs?
      Paging Dr. Lyle Evans.

      • I was thinking of his sister’s family.

      • I thought heir just meant who inherited something (an object, a piece of property,) and did not imply a blood relationship.

        • Well, there’s that.

          We know so little about Bert outside of work – and even there, he’s a bit of a cypher.

          If he had predeceased Ida Blankenship, his worldly goods might have been left to her, since they had a long, close professional history, but things didn’t play out that way.

          Back when the breakaway agency was formed, I wondered if he might have sold the Rothko and used the proceeds to help start SCDP, but since nothing like that was ever suggested in the show, I guess he didn’t.

  2. Anybody up watching The Other Woman? This is pretty heavy for my 8 am coffee. But…I guess the next episode wouldn’t be any easier either!

    • Plan to watch tonight! Recorded the eps….

      I purchased season 5 and have watched about half of it via amazon….and still like watching on TV best.

      It’s fun seeing the episodes again. They seem more digestible, this time around. And that’s been true for every season. A lot to take in.

      Come on, March!!

  3. Watching the re-airings from early Sunday mornings kind of sucks. They edit the cussing and some of the other dialog, and this past week, they messed with Peggy’s handjob scene. It’s too bad they’re forced to mess with the integrity of the program. That Peggy scene has 10% of the impact the way it was re-aired. I’ve noticed other instances as well.

    • Really? They butcher the episode for morning TV? What’s the point of watching it, then? (Reminds me of those days before cable where commercial TV would put a non-G-rated movie on and chop it up into incomprehensible little pieces. I don’t miss that!)

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