Mad Men Say the Darndest Things!

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Nov 142012

So, if you follow comments here, you may have noticed a discussion about the Season 5 DVD special feature, “Mad Men Say the Darndest Things,” and indeed you may have seen commenters wondering where “their” DVDs were.

So here’s what happened. Back in June, Roberta and I received the following email from Cicely Gilkey, who introduced herself and said:

I am working on the current seasons DVD and because you all are huge fans of the show, I wanted to see if you would participate in one of the special features for Season 5.

If you all are willing, I would like for your staff to record (on iphones or video phones) themselves saying their favorite Mad Men quotable from the series and their favorite Mad Men quotable from Season 5 and email it to me.

That looked like fun! We forwarded this email to all the other Basketwriters and a back-and-forth email conversation ensued, as we had a number of questions about what she wanted and how to provide it. Oh, well, she said, she’d be in New York around June 9 through 12; maybe we could meet to record some of the quotes. Wait…what were those dates?

One thing led to another, and we invited Cicely to film Basketcases quoting the show at our Season Finale Party!

The feature is clips from all five seasons of very quotable moments, plus interviews with writers Semi Chellas, Jonathan Igla, and Erin Levy. The final segment is Basketcases, filmed at our party, saying their favorite lines.

The fans who appear on-screen are:
Jade Halcrow
Roberta Lipp
Josh Weinstein (hilarious!)
Dan Jasper
Deborah Lipp (hey! I know her!)
Therese Bohn
Rose Miller
Leesa Dahl

Other fans, who submitted lines, and who do not appear, are also thanked.

But this may be my favorite part:
Very Special Thanks to


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  1. I remember when the Mad Men DVD sets used to have great packaging and historically relevant features. Aside from the fantastic episodes and insightful commentary tracks (well, at least the ones that feature Weiner and his writing staff), there is really no other incentive to buy these at this point. (My bland S5 plastic case is literally ONE-THIRD of the thickness of my season 3 case, which has an attractive, shiny, and durable cardboard slipcase. Also, the menu for all four DVDs feature the same unmoving reproduction of the season 5 poster. In contrast, seasons 2, 3 and 4 had lively and engaging menus. I really feel as thoughthey rushed this set into stores. I am expecting a lot more from Lionsgate next time around.)

  2. Hmm, interesting. I and Marley and Matt are thanked, but they didn’t use our material? So are we supposed to be getting DVDs, or aren’t we?

    Anyway, congratulations to everyone who did appear! Nice going, Deb and Roberta!

    • Meowser, I don’t know about the DVDs. Everyone who provided material was thanked; were your quotes used in the clips from the show?

      • Guess it’s time to buy a DVD set and find out. 😛 (The quotes I cited were “the work is $10, the lie is extra” and “doctors say he’ll never golf again.”)

  3. Thanks for posting this! Still hoping to get a DVD, and very happy that they spelled my name right! (But, I still don’t think I could watch myself, Dear God, I’m a scary looking woman!) But looking forward to the DVD eventually, Thanks Deb and Roberta for letting us be part of this, and thanks to Cicely too!

  4. Jonathan Igla had a good line, referring to all the “mean” Betty lines over the seasons. Something like: “every one of those lines were used on the writers by their parents”. Either Semi Chellas or Erin Levy chimed in: “or by the writers on their own children”.

  5. Kinda late commenting on this, but hey, that’s me listed first! Pretty exciting. I never did get a copy of the DVD mailed to me though, I just ended up purchasing my own (not the end of the world!).

    Thank you again ladies for hosting such a fantastic party. I had an absolute blast.

    • Jade, I’m sorry you had problems with receiving your DVD. We loved seeing our Basketcases listed!

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