Nov 082012

A splendid caricature based on this classic promo of fabulous Joanie by artist Jessica Oyhenart-Ball.  I love the expressions on the men, and how the sunlight glows off of them all.



  6 Responses to “Fan Art Thursday 11/8/12 “Joanie” by Jessica Oyhenart-Ball”

  1. Gaah. That’s beautiful.

  2. Great illustration!
    Who is the man, with old bulldog face, at the left side? The man that fucky Joan, when she turned partner in SCDP!? Whatever… The illustration is really beauty, like Christina Hendricks… Oh! This Red Head… Make me crazy!

  3. Yuck. She looks like Chucky.

  4. Our Joanie is not sufficiently anatomically correct, in the, uh….thoraxic area. Just saying.

    • Her admirers seem to disagree with your claim on her “insufficiency”

      • I love the art work. I just notice e-ve-ry-th-ingggg about Joanie and her doppelganger Ms. Hendricks. Its my pleasure. 🙂

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