Basket of News, Oct. 27 – Nov. 2, 2012

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Nov 022012

Mad Men seems to be resonating with ambitious young Chinese professionals in a country undergoing major societal changes.

MM Season 5 is reviewed by playwright and screenwriter David Hare.

AMC renews Hell On Wheels for Season 3.

Christina Hendricks, January Jones and Elisabeth Moss knocked ’em dead on the red carpet for a Peace Over Violence event.

Christina also wowed Vegas in slinky black and scarlet.

Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe share a bath.

The Atlantic opines that The Walking Dead now has the villain it deserves.

David Morrissey tells Access Hollywood his portrayal of TWD’s Governor was informed by history.  During a press conference Monday, Morrissey talked a bit about his character and how he doesn’t see him as a cult leader, rather as a good leader “whether we like it or not.”

Speaking of villains, Downton Abbey‘s Rob James-Collier recounts meeting Shirley MacLaine and more. [Update: Apparently Season 3 spoiler warning! Dunno how strict the pollicy is outside Mad Men, but consider yourself warned. -K]

Phil Abraham talks about what Don Draper would think of the “shoppable” online film he directed for Target.

Abigail Spencer returns for Season 2 of USA’s Suits.

Comcast’s Channel Guide gives Viewers’ Voice Awards to Mad Men and Falling Skies (the latter upsetting The Walking Dead).

The Daily Nexus reports on the biology of the zombie brain to determine if zombification of a human is truly possible.

Skyfall gets two thumbs up from… the Vatican.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  11 Responses to “Basket of News, Oct. 27 – Nov. 2, 2012”

  1. On 30 October, our beloved “Hildy”, the one and only Julie McNiven, was a guest star on “NCIS”!

    Julie played a ginger school teacher names “Kim” who had the bad luck to buy a pistol which was stolen and used as a murder weapon. What impressed me was that without her 1960’s clothing, foundation garments and makeup, in 2012 Julie McNiven photographed younger than she had in 2006 when she was filmed for the pilot of Mad Men, “Smoke Get’s In Your Eyes”.

  2. Just an FYI – link to Rob James-Collier article contains Season 3 spoilers.

    • Lots of them. Series 3 is apparently at its end (last episode broadcast) in Britain, so there are a ton of spoilers for all of us here in the US who haven’t seen all the episodes. Now I have to forget what I read. Maybe best not to go there at all.

    • Thanks for the headsup. Have updated w/ warning. Not an Abbey watcher, as you can tell.

  3. I am so FRICKIN HAPPY about Hell on Wheels. Recaps right here, kiddies!

  4. Flash Jon Hamm major news!

    For the past 10 or so years Jon Hamm has been represented by Carol Bodie at the mega agency ICM Partners. Then last week several ICM agents, including Ms Bodie, were forced out. Perhaps they were planning to form a new agency, not unlike SCDP.

    After the stock exchange closed today, 2 November 2012, it was announced that Jon Hamm is no longer represented by ICM Partners.

    Every agent with a pulse is clamoring to take a meeting with Mr Hamm. He has not yet announced his new representation.

  5. Sorry for posting this here, but I get an error notice when I try to submit a news item. I never had that issue until the “submit” form was redesigned/reconfigured.

    Mythbusters’ to do ‘Breaking Bad’-themed episode with Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan

    Critics praise Breaking Bad for its authentic characters and storytelling, but is it scientifically accurate? Mythbusters will break out the Hazmat suits to find out.

  6. Tomorrow from 6 AM and 7 AM EST Mad Men is back in the “encore” saddle showing Mystery Date and Signal 30 from season five, episodes 4 and 5.

    And on Nov 11 between 6AM–8AM EST MM will be showing again Far Away Places, At the Codfish Bowl and Lady Lazurus (episode 6-8).

    • Great heads up on the AMC repeats.

      In case anyone missed it, the Season Five DVD set is out – with some terrific commentaries.

      Amazon has dropped its price from $30 to $25.

      Matt Weiner has done his usual yeoman work for this set. Every episode features his commentary partnered with (usually) the director or writer(s) and occasionally with actors.

      (does any other show runner work as hard as Weiner?)

      Pare and Hamm somewhat mirrored the Megan/Don dynamic on their commentary on A Little Kiss.

      Given that he was witnessing his irrevocable never-to-return-except-as-phantom departure from the show, it was understandable that Jared Harris was reserved in his commentary on Commissions and Fees – on this one, he let director Christopher Manley do the heavy lifting.

      Harris was considerably more jaunty when teamed with Gladdis and Sommer on the commentary for Christmas Waltz (wherein he forged the check). It’s pretty clear that Gladdis and Sommer like each other quite a bit.

      For more, see this summary of the set from High Def Digest:

    • It seems that the charming and precocious Kiernan Shipka has crossed a threshold of sorts (two actually, if one includes Jon Hamm’s comment that she has spent more of her life with Mad Men than without).

      Though I have yet to view it, she did a commentary (along with Janie Bryant and David Carbonara)
      on Codfish Ball which included Roger’s and Marie’s first carnal interlude. This implies that her parents cleared her (at age 12) to view some of the seamier scenes in Mad Men.

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