Oct 272012

See, Basketwriter Meowser? Good things can happen for co-bloggers! Mazel tov, you just got randomly selected for your entry in our latest contest!

“Seven and Seven Is” (which I think would have been the PERFECT song to end Commissions and Fees), Bea Arthur’s “The Man in the Moon” from Mame, the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High,” and…Tom Seaver, who the Mets signed that year when he dropped from heaven into their laps.

AnyDate.com; Top Provider of Historic and Birthday Newspapers since 1997, will be sending you an original 1966 newspaper. Well done, you!

Look for more contests and other piles of coolness here at the Basket.


  2 Responses to “Contest winner– and they said it couldn’t be done!!!”

  1. Woo hoo! Or, in 1966-speak, outta sight!

  2. Getting the whole newspaper is cool. I happened to see at Costco today a hefty coffee table book – at a blowout price: Selected New York Times front pages going back to the 19th Century – $22.

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