Basket of News, Oct. 20-26, 2012

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Oct 262012

As hinted here last week, AMC  and Dish TV  reached a $700 million settlement of their lawsuit, including the return of ad men, meth dealers and zombies to satellite subscribers.

The Mad Men spoiler not linked here last week now has pictures, for all you spoiler-seekers.

CNN examines what The Walking Dead can teach broadcast television.

Greg Nicotero, the Emmy-winning makeup effects artist and co-executive producer of The Walking Dead, has related thoughts about the show’s success.

Andrew Lincoln and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd held a conference call to discuss the “new” Rick Grimes on TWD.

Christina Hendricks says Mad Men starts shooting next week!

Jon Hamm talks to TODAYonline about Don Draper, celebrity, aging and more.

Elisabeth Moss and January Jones both looked sharp at the Paley Center For Media’s Annual Los Angeles Benefit.  Elisabeth and Jon Hamm did a little standup at the event.

Banana Republic announces a third line of Mad Men-themed garb; this collection is influenced by Megan Draper’s mod fashion sense.

A question many thought would never be asked: Does The Walking Dead Need Fewer Zombies?

Hypable can link you up with TWD‘s Sarah Wayne Callies and Norman Reedus.

Marti Noxon has joined Pixar for an unspecified project.

Gabriela Hernandez, a makeup designer whose vintage-inspired cosmetics line has been used by Mad Men and The Artist, is profiled by Fox News Latino.

Cinema Blend has a minor spoiler for Season 2 of The Hour.

Free to Be You and Me turns 40… did you know Robert Morse helped out?

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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  1. Somebody here will be interested in Matt Weiner’s apology in his DVD commentary for “At the Codfish Ball” . He apologizes for having Joan say “It is what it is”. Weiner says that he has been told by several people that this is an anachronism, that it wasn’t a saying yet in the 1960s and so, if that’s the case, he’s sorry. (He says “I didn’t think it was, but a number of people who should know have told me it is, and if so, I’m sorry.”) The other commentator, the writer of the episode Jonathan Igla, then challenges this (he actually says “I challenge that”), that he’s sure that “Alison Mann checked it” and that it may not have been a very common saying but it would have been used already by then. (I think that’s what we figured, too?) Weiner says he hopes so.

  2. Thanks for the spoiler update. I’ll tease by saying there are large format shots of Hamm and Pare – dressed in period by Janie Bryant – and some fun speculation about plots.

    • Does the spoiler mean that the character that no one wants to see, will be back? @#%&*®©₩¢!!!
      Can Peyton List play that character? I mean if Lionel Jefferson and Roseanne’s daughter, and Darren on Bewitched…………just saying.

      • Are you going to be on about this for the rest of time? Every Mad Men post before, during and after the next season?

        No, not everyone “does not want to see” Megan. I think she’s playing a great role in Mad men, and Jessica Pare is is doing a fine job. I’m watching the season 5 Blu-Rays noiw and appreciating her more every scene.

        (Edited: Play nice, guys. Berkowit28, we all want genuine discussion, but avoid saying things like ‘cheap shots’ that turn the discussion into something inflammatory. – Mad Chick)…as you have been doing ever since season 4 finished, please at least do others the courtesy of not assuming that everyone agrees with you. Because not everyone does. I’m fine with genuine discussion.


      • Of course Megan is back. The protagonist’s wife can not just disappear – Mad Men is not a soap, after all.

        As yet no evidence, except that the paparazzi have photographed her as a brunette again, that Margaret will be back. Of course she will be – Mad Men is not a soap, after all.

        Your disdain for one one comely character has caused you to connect Mad Men with two popular but mostly fogettable sitcoms (and one with the vulgar Roseanne Barr).

        And we already have the peripheral Bobby Draper Francis played by multiple child actors – just sayin’.

        • Obviously, I was being facetious with the careless “everyone” admonition. I am willing to discuss “Megan”, and every other character here. They each have their merits.
          Bobby Draper, ha! As Walter White would say: You got me. 🙂

        • We’ve had stories here in which Matt basically says Peggy is back next season. I doubt he’s done telling her story.

        • Also, in the DVD commentary, Matt notes that the flashback where Don, Megan and the kids are coming home from Disneyland was an outtake from “Tomorrowland” that had to be cut for time:

          Matt: So if Kiernan looks younger…

          John Slattery: Or if Bobby looks different…

          • I did not or ever have not disparaged Jessica Pare’s performance. Imho her character just sort of lies there, and the actor is not given much to do. Hopefully, the character she plays will be more dynamic, and pack a wallop in S6.

          • Tilden is not the only online commenter who had this type of reaction. Other sites that post spoilers were littered with the same comments. I know it’s getting tired, so I have nothing much I say except I too don’t care for the character and I don’t know why and I responded with an audible “ugg”. But mad men is a master of story telling and I’m with them wherever hey choose to go.

        • Edited. I know this is just spoiler “speculation,” but it’s going a little too far, IMO. – Mad Chick

          • I doubt they break up Don and Megan that quickly; even Roger and Jane, as completely ill-prepared as they were to be married and as badly matched as they were, took 3 or 4 years to split up. But people in various stages of coming apart certainly can appear to all the world as if everything is fine. They may even tell themselves and each other that, because they want it to be true. Didn’t Don and Betty do plenty of that, too?

            I do think Peyton List is a better dramatic actress than Jessica Pare, but it would just be silly to have her (or for that matter, any other actress) play Megan. If JP couldn’t be there, for whatever reason, they’d find a way to write her out, but that’s not the story they want to tell about this relationship. On Roseanne the “who’s playing Becky this year” situation became so ridiculous that by the end of the show’s run, they were starting to make jokes about it right there on the show. They can’t exactly do that on this show.

          • As someone who was divorced, and at a very young age, I can promise you that couples on the very brink of disaster do behave that way and appear that way regularly. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening here, but just FYI.

          • I am very interested in seeing the change in the Megan / Don dynamic now. I recall Weiner saying ” we don’t know how he’s going to answer but we know he’s in a different place. But you recognize the guy when he looks up. We haven’t seen him in awhile”, in reference to seasons 5 closing shot. In the same interview , he said something about don walking away from her on the commercial shoot was a goodbye of sorts and he knew she was gone. Obviously not physically, but in some way.

  3. I think a good question to ask is when is a spoiler really a spoiler when actual pictures are blasted all over the Internet for everyone and his/her cousin to see.

    I can fully understand a “spoiler” that takes on the character of a tidbit, opinion, or informed speculation but when actual photos appear of two main characters in Mad Men in a certain setting attired in 1960’s garb, one has to wonder how much can any interested party such as Basket of Kisses or any web site hide or keep secret from the public.

    This is not a criticism of BoK but I do wonder aloud because of the new technology and web sites attempting to one-up their competition whether anything can be kept a secret any longer unless there is a concerted conspiracy of those working on the project (producers, directors, actors, backup personnel) to make it happen.

    As to season six I will honor BoK’s desire to shy away from discussing or posting spoilers as I have in the past. Personally I hope this “leak” will be the last but it might not be unfortunately.

    • Thanks to the tireless efforts of our moderators, BoK is not merely “The Internet” – but a blessed oasis that has attracted some fine literary minds.

      BoK is not concerned with “the public”. We all know what “the public” sounds like – which is unlike the comments we make here.

      I like that we got a notice about the “spoiler not linked here last week” – it was great to see all those pix – and I went there with fair warning. I tried hard to keep my own comments oblique – and it’s good to know that MadChick is guarding the gates.

    • Our job is not to be a part of Internet spoiler culture, or to do what everyone is doing, or say what everyone is saying. We are a particular enclave with a particular mission. We discuss Mad Men and other high quality television with a high-quality approach and no spoilers, ever. We know people will see spoilers elsewhere on the Internet just as they will see other discussions of our shows and other shows elsewhere. Our site is unique and will remain so.

  4. I remember seeing “Free to Be you and me” on a projector (16mm copy)on my first day of kindergarten (Sept 1975). My teacher Ms. Picket called it one of the greatest film even. Quite a experience, she also used TA for Tots.

  5. The three main ladies, Hendricks, Moss, and Jones, were at a humanitarian event, Peace Over Violence, and I have to say the three of them never looked better. I love that trio!

  6. I don’t know if this rises to the level of News, but I thought I’d note it here. I noticed something while watching ESPN’s sports-talk show Pardon The Interruption yesterday. (The two hosts are huge Mad Men fans, bringing it up all the time e.g. the week “The Suitcase” aired, co-host Mike Wilbon pronounced it “the greatest hour in the hisory of television”). The set of the show is crowded with toys, dolls, and other tchachkes, almost all sports-related, but yesterday I saw, prominently displayed on the shelf behind co-host Tony Kornheiser, what was unmistakably a Joan Holloway doll.Cute!

  7. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm are just too cute in this video clip while rallying the Obama Campaign workers in Denver, CO

  8. I finished watching (re-watching of course) Season 3 with my dad last night and I was really struck how when it got to Don’s line to Peggy, “I will spend the rest of my life trying to hire you” how, yes, we are at that point! When I heard it in Season 3, I just thought, oh, that’s a nice sentiment for 20 years down the line, but here we are, and there that line is, and I sense that line is one of those things that will inform the rest of the series. Are there any lines that you hear that you feel like, “yup, Matthew Weiner is telling you the fate/arc of the show”.

    I always think of that line, and Don’s, “There’s a way out of this room we don’t know about.”

    And, unfortunately, Roger saying, “They’re all nice girls…until they want something.”

    And, Anna Draper’s line, “The only thing holding you back is the belief that you are alone.” I thought that line could foretell Don ending the series, alone, because of that hard to shake belief.

    Alright, ending the enjoyable portion of my morning and I am now off to buy water and non-perishables for either the storm of the century or a rainy day.

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