Basket of News, Oct. 13-19, 2012

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Oct 192012

The Mad Men Season 5 DVDs (and Blu-Ray) are out — and the Lipps are on them, along with Therese, basketcase Dahlhalla and others I surely missed. ID yourselves in the comments, kids!

There is a Mad Men S6 spoiler already floating around online, which I am not linking in line with site policy. As with last season, it involves a reputed shooting location.

Matthew Weiner talks about “Meditations in an Emergency” during the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Walking Dead‘s Season 3 premiere broke the record for most-watched cable drama series telecast. Indeed, it beat everything except the NFL, which has the Wall Street Journal wondering what’s left for networks before offering video with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira. Flavorwire explores the show’s popularity.

Mr. Lincoln reveals the S3 premiere kept him up at night.

Ms. Gurira can be found talking Michonne many places, including the WSJ, Hitfix and the L.A. Times.

TWD showrunner Glenn Mazarra talks post-apocalyptic romances.

At the Toronto Star, Sarah Wayne Callies theorizes about why have zombies become so firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist.

Steven Yeun talks to HollywoodChicago about TWD mania.

David Morrissey talks about adapting to the Deep South as the Governor.

The WSJ has a series of photos showing Xan Angelovich undergoing the walker transformation by co-executive producer Greg Nicotero and special-effects makeup artist Andy Schoneberg.

The L.A. Times pits The Walking Dead against… Downton Abbey.

The Walking Dead: The Musical.

Dish TV is reported to be losing its $2.4 billion legal battle with Cablevision, thereby raising the odds that AMC will return to the satellite service.

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt are extremely competitive at games and sports.  Jon probably didn’t mind losing to a chess champ, but hated losing at dominoes to Vincent Kartheiser.

Jon Hamm was also part of The Greatest Event In Television History.

Here’s a promo pic of Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe for A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

TV Overmind examines the subtle expressions Jon gives Don Draper.

Jared Harris talks Lane Pryce andLincoln with NBC Chicago.

Elisabeth Moss has returned to her brunette roots before MM Season 6.

Elisabeth also conducts a nifty Interview with Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery.

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates) married her long-term partner James Cannon.

Christina Hendricks has revealed an unlikely dream destination.

AMC was inducted into the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing Hall of Fame for its marketing on Mad Men.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook has started a Holiday Gift Guide.

Vulture asks whether there is something psychologically unhealthy about fandom.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  33 Responses to “Basket of News, Oct. 13-19, 2012”

  1. I’m delighted that they chose my interview for the DVD, but I think I’ll be too embarrassed to watch it! (Don’t like watching myself) Hope I don’t look like a total fool!

    • That’s great! Which disc?

      I happy to report that Amazon had not raised their pre-release price (as of Wednesday past) – still 30 bucks.

      • I don’t know which disc — I know there are segments called “Mad Men say the darndest things” and at the party we were asked what our favorite lines from MM were, so maybe it’s that one.

      • Yep, Basketeers are at the (near) end of the Darnedest Things extra, which was the first thing I watched, because that’s how I roll.

        • Were two girls named Jade and Denise on that extra at all (if they even put peoples’ names?)? My friend and I were interviewed (the first two interviewed actually!), but we were told we’d be contacted if we were on the disc and never were. I’m assuming maybe they didn’t use us, but maybe they did and we never heard from them!

          • I should mention that even if we didn’t end up on it, it’s so very very cool that others from here did! So fantastic!

          • Let me know if there’s any problem and I’ll make sure you communicate.

          • I didn’t get any contacts either, but I guess I’m there. Hope you’re there too!

            The only thing I heard was that we’d get a copy of S5 sent to us, but I haven’t heard anything about that either. Hope so!

          • I didn’t pre-order my set because they told us we were supposed to get one free if our video was chosen. If they’d just said, “thanks but this isn’t for us,” I would have bought mine already! But I guess they didn’t inform the people who were chosen, either? Weird.

            • No, actually, we didn’t even hear; when I saw the title included on the DVD package, I wrote to the videographer and she said that yes, we (Roberta and I) were on it and she’ll send our DVDs. I’m sure she’s busy and all but I’d really, really, REALLY like mine.

              After I receive mine, I’ll let y’all know, and that will be the time when we can follow up with her for anyone whose DVDs are still missing, as that’s when I’ll know she’s mailed something out!

          • Thanks Deb!

  2. I saw you guys on the DVD! I was so not expecting to see the lovely Lipp sisters or you fellow basketcases, but I immediately recognized the interviews from the video put up from the finale party. That is so great!

    I’ve gone through a lot of the episode commentaries (I had the week off from work, so this was shoe-horned into copious amounts of spare time) and nothing was too earth shattering. I still think Vincent Kartheiser is just wonderful on them – he’s so funny, enthusiastic, engaging, and insightful. I just really like him as a person.

    I do get the sense, from Matthew Weiner’s commentary, that those long, tense negotiations really did influence the tone of this season, and informed a lot of the dark storyline. I think SCDP’s success mirrors his with Mad Men, and almost not knowing what do with that success, and the perils of it. He also talks about how sometimes it’s as destructive to be envied as it is to be the one envious of others. I assume that comes from all of television essentially looking at Mad Men as the king of the hill when it comes to awards, recognition, and acclaim.

    It will be interesting to see how the storytelling goes this season when MW can just get back to his regular style of storyline not influenced by an excessive, dramatic, stressful break in between seasons.

    As for insight into Megan, MW still defends everything she does to the death. Even while watching her do the Zou Bisou Bisou scene he says that Don is mortified in the beginning, but by the end of the song he is loving it and just loving her (even though a minute later there is that tense bedroom scene).

    And in a scene from Lady Lazarus he hits on the point that I still can’t follow him down. When Peggy confronts Megan in the bathroom and Megan confesses she still wants to act, MW chimes in that this is a joke to most people, the desire to act, but it shouldn’t be, and is her artistic conscience coming through and it should be taken seriously and commended. And I’m sure when your life is working with actors and making an incredible living off of the arts this is a very serious storyline, to myself, it still comes off as a piece of light storytelling. Her whole arc of becoming an actor and this fracturing the marriage still comes across as a C/D level storyline, not an A level storyline. And treating it as an A storyline, alongside stories such as Lane’s death and Don’s inner demons, is just…it doesn’t jive no matter how much MW explains it away.

    Okay! DVD commentary comes to a close!

    • I’ll watch our Med Men recite the alphabet, if that’s what Weiner, Jacquemeton’s, et al, give them.

      But I’d be happy to see Megan recede into a less central, more supporting role.

      (imagine what it must be like to be Jessica Pare reading all the flack over Megan and her portrayal of her)

      If Peggy were to return to SCDP (thus fullfilling the Draper promise to “spend the rest of my life trying to hire you”) and Megan were to return to SCDP as part-time-junior-copywriter that would be just fine with me.

      (now, let’s get Sal back as a seasoned TV-ad-director)

    • Applause.

  3. I’m excited to see the DVD extras, but am I the only one who would have liked commentary from Peyton List (Jane), Talia Balsam (Mona) Charlie Hoffhiemer (Abe) and the actress that plays grandma Francis?

    • Is there any way that MW could be convinced that Peyton List’s face should be plastered on every single blu-ray disc and box cover of MM? From now on? Irregardless if she appears on the show or not?
      Pretty please, with sugar on top. 🙂

    • Why is the season 5 packaging so flimsy and cheap in comparison to the previous four seasons? Not only is it packaged like any regular film, but the video interface is just as uninspired (for those who haven`t purchased it yet, it`s a static image of the season 5 poster on all discs). They really did rush the season to stores this year, I guess.

    • Agreed on having all of those people comment. Love them all. Especially Grandma Pauline. I feel like she took the mantle from Miss Blankenship as the elder dynamo of the Mad Men universe.

      And yes, Peyton List is a stunning individual.

      • I’m sure Peyton and the others mentioned would have a great wealth of info to give. Does Rich Sommer comment at all? (What a joy to meet him and his wife!)

    • I was hoping to hear more from Peyton as well, she really had a breakout season. No outlets even did any interviews with her after the LSD episode, which was very surprising. I hope this isn’t the last we see of her because I did think she rose to the challenge of the meaty material she was given.

  4. I was waiting to find out whether I was going to be on it before I bought the DVD set. Since I didn’t hear anything, I assume I’m not. But congratulations to all who were picked!

    • Okay everyone, if you’re on the DVD you will get it. The videographer is waiting for her DVDs to arrive and then shipping will begin; there appears to be a delay at Lionsgate.

      • Ah! Damn it…I went out and bought myself a copy on the assumption I wasn’t on there…only to see I’m the first person shown! Which means I’ll be getting a free copy, and will now have 2 copies! Ah well, my friend who was there (but didn’t end up on the disc) can have the copy I bought.

        Thanks for the update!

  5. Do we, as a group, have a re-watch discussion time? After listening to commentary I always want to talk more about the episodes.

    • Monday night is the season finale of Alphas. That’s the last show I’m live-recapping. That’ll give me a chance to get back to Mad Men posting.

  6. My S-5 DVDs arrived on Friday and I’ve only watched the first disc. If the special features on that disc are any indication of what’s to come, this will be the best set yet!

    I was simply blown away by Mad Men Say the Damnedest Things! I guess it takes a concise compilation of some of the amazing writing so far on the show, to fully appreciate this aspect of the greatness of Mad Men. Then, seeing the Fabulous Lipp Sisters and some of the Basketcases only added to the enjoyment!

    And, it’s not just the writing on this show. The segment called What Should I Love if Not the Enigma just floored me! The depth and intelligence that’s tapped into, to craft Mad Men each season, is why this remains the best damn drama on television. If there are viewers who were left puzzled or confused at S-5’s end, by this season’s picture window poster, this Special Feature alone, fully explains its deep meaning and makes the purchase of the S-5 DVD set more than worth the price!

    Thank you Matt Weiner, cast, crew & DVD packagers for this wonderful edition!

  7. I’m surprised that you aren’t writing about Call the Midwife on PBS. I thought it would be up your alley — historical drama, focused on women, dealing with issues of sexuality, class and more.

    • I’m watching it, Rachel, but recapping is a commitment. I’m looking forward to a somewhat lighter recapping season so I can get caught up on my Mad Men backlog. I’ve personally been recapping 4 shows — 5 if you count the Killing, with other writers doing another 4 shows. That’s quite a lot.

      We’ll probably add another show soon but maybe not that one.

    • That’s a wonderful show! I missed the first couple of episodes, but what I’ve seen I’ve loved. Rachel, maybe you could write a recap!

  8. I listened to some of the commentaries…the “Tea Leaves” one with January and Chris is very interesting. I had no idea that Matt based Betty off his own mother. :O It explains why she is so polarizing.

    • I realized that Weiner had based Betty on his own mother back in season 1, when he replied (numerous times) in interviews to questions about Betty’s maternal behavior with a faux-sweetly toned reply “Oh, she’s not so bad, doesn’t everyone’s mother say things like that?”

      • From one who was a parent during the 60s– parenting was very different in those days. I don’t think we used the term “parenting”, either. I’m sure my children have many horror stories to relate…. hope they don’t do it in this forum.

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