Basket of News, Oct. 6-12, 2012

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Oct 122012

Breaking: Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel look like an official item on the red carpet for a photography exhibition.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday. AMC has a sneak peek at Ep. 301.

Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men also returns, after the zombie post-game show.

At the L.A. Times, TWD showrunner Glen Mazzara defended the creative decisions in Season 2, while promising an action-packed return to form this season.

Andrew Lincoln talks about the perils of TWD in a video interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Danai Gurira talks to Digital Spy about her preparation to play Michonne.  DS also talks to new cast member David Morrissey about his role as the Governor.

Chandler Riggs talks to Zap2It about his favorite zombie and Carl’s forced adulthood.

Interviews at Digital Spy and The Hollywood Reporter seem pretty spoliery. Although The Walking Dead is not as secretive as Mad Men, caveat emptor if you want to be surprised.

In Chicago, The Walking Dead inspires a burlesque show.

Kiernan Shipka was decked out in Valentino for The Walking Dead premiere.

In other fashion cattiness, Christina Hendricks did not fare as well as Jessica Pare or January Jones over at the Daily Mail. Christina also deepened the mystery surrounding her role in a Wonder Woman movie.

Did you miss Jon Hamm as a cowboy?

AMC compiles Mad Men‘s Season 5 fashion file.

Speaking of Fashion, the Green Bride Blog features a Mad Men-inspired wedding.

The Mad Men walk-on role auctioned off to benefit Jennifer Getzinger’s relatives raised over $30,000.

Business Insider surveys the most powerful women in advertising. BI also listicles “The 11 Craziest Moments in the Dish vs. AMC Cable War.”

And for Deborah, I note that James Bond was voted AskMe’s Most Influential Man for 2012, the second character to top that chart since… Don Draper in 2010.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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  1. In an InStyle article he mentions they won’t tell him to get a tan or not. They start filming in two weeks I think.

    I wonder if they told him to gain back the weight? The hair, unfortunately, is probably gone for good. Sigh.

    BTW, he and Alexis make a cute couple. I think they’ve been dating since late March so it must be real if they are now “out”.

  2. So glad to see the Greatest Event in Television History get a shout out on my favorite Mad Men blog! I thought it was fun and I like seeing Hamm do silly stuff like this, whether it’s on Adult Swim or the Daily Show.

    It was a welcomed palate cleanser after the VP debate.

  3. Has anybody pre-ordered their Season 5 DVD to arrive on Tuesday (I think?). I have. If anybody wants to dissect commentaries, you’ll have a fellow basketbase to do so with!

    I read in a Christina Hendricks interview that they go back filming the third or fourth week of October. Eeek.

    Poor Vinny K – he looks so handsome with his hair back, and now he’s going to have to shave it again!

  4. I coudn’t be happier for VK and AB.

    They sure look happy, themselves.

  5. Karl,
    An item for the next news:

    And yes, I think it’s perfect.

    [I didn’t see a right column link to add a suggested item.]

  6. This is a shout out to MyPeopleAreNordic!

    • Aw, I was already having a stressed out morning, but I got a shout out and it makes me so happy! Your nickname can now be MPAP! I love Paris by the way, and by extent, the Parisians.

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