Basket of News, Sept. 15-21, 2012

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Sep 212012

At Saturday night’s Creative Arts Emmys ceremony, Matthew Weiner talked to Wetpaint about Don Draper’s mindset and morality, as well as his inspiration for the Season 6 of Mad Men.  Matt also got vaguely spoilery with TV Line, but it’s Matt and thus linkable.

Speaking of the Creative Arts Emmys, MM got stiffed, per usual.  However, in addition to Matt Weiner, Rich Sommer and Michael Gladis were on hand to support Ben Feldman, who would not say whether he was returning for Season 6.

Zap2It gives four reasons why Mad Men may not win a record fifth straight Best Drama award.  The L.A. Times thinks Breaking Bad is the best reason.

MM production designer Dan Bishop talks to AMC about his Emmy-nominated episode, “At the Codfish Ball.”

You might recognize someone in Aimee Mann’s “Labrador” video:

Christina Hendricks is one of Lifetime’s top choices to play Anna Nicole Smith in a planned biopic.  She, Bryan Cranston, and other Emmy nominees talk about their all-time favorite TV shows.

Screenwriter/producer Lisa Albert talks to the Irish Times about how she broke into this business we call show.

Slate asks: Could Walter White really gain an edge selling quality meth?

Warming Glow ranks Don Draper’s liasons on the crazy-sexy scale.

ComingSoon has an exclusive look at Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

AMC is facing Dish TV in a $2.4 billion trial over a failed programming deal that may also determine whether the satellite network’s viewers will get to see the network’s programming. Jury selection began yesterday.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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  1. Just keeping my fingers crossed for Christina Hendricks this Sunday at the Emmys! She seems to be the only one with a real shot at winning and I imagine the cast and crew would be elated if she could finally represent the actors with some Emmy love!

    • Agree. However, Jon Hamm could actually pick up an Emmy for Best Drama, now that he’s credited as a producer.

  2. I read that Hendricks and Jenny McCarthy were both in the running for the part of Anna Nichole. As far as I know, McCarthy is untested as a dramatic actress. If the producers want to make a silly piece of schlock, then McCarthy is fine. As an Ed Wood fan, I have no issue with crap, provided it’s entertaining crap. But if they want to make an actual movie, with a sensitive portrayal from a fine actress, then the choice is clear. Also, I can’t see Jenny gaining weight for those classic curves. If you could control where those pounds go, well, we would all look like Christina from the neck down. And we don’t.

  3. can anyone point me to the full interview/symposium were this photo was taken? If you have the URL handy, that would be great.

  4. Yes! I recognize Jon Wurster! That dude is handsome, funny, AND talented! Love him! Is that who you mean? ;-D

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