Open Thread: Breaking Bad 503, Hazard Pay

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Jul 292012

Tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad, Hazard Pay, starts with Mike back on the same side (at least in business terms) as Walt and Jesse. What else do you think will happen tonight, Basketcases?

IS! Skyler still catatonic?

DOES! Hank get any closer to Heisenberg?

WILL! Walt Jr. once again eat pancakes?

And what about Marie (whom we haven’t seen yet this season), and dear old slimy Saul? And the new girl on the team, skittish Lydia: what role will she play on this dark little team?

As always, remember to play nice in the comments (check the commenting and spoiler policies if you need to know what that means), and have fun, yo!


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  1. Skyler will snap. And it will be spectacular. Remember how she ran Walt down at the end of ABQ, unraveling lie after lie after lie? Like that.

  2. Looks like Mike is going to be prominent for the third straight episode. It’s his season so far.

    • So are you saying Jonathan Banks = Jessica Pare? Let the Megan comparisons begin :-).

      • Well, I can’t quite picture him singing “Zou Bisou,” but otherwise he’s still got a major edge in sex appeal. 🙂

        (Seriously, I had a female friend who was a big fan of Wiseguy, and she insisted to me that the attractive male on the show by far wasn’t Ken Wahl, but Jonathan Banks. I’ve lost touch with her since, so I can’t ask her what she thinks of him as Mike, but I expect she still likes him.)

        • Jonathan Bank’s scene with Walt in “Half Measures” is one of my favorite in the entire series. The man’s acting chops kick serious butt.

          • It’s one of the many pleasures of the show that Gilligan seems to have seen so many actors whose talents were underused or half-forgotten, thought “this guy should get better roles” and proceeded to write those roles for them: Banks, Giancarlo Esposito John DeLancie, Bob Oedenkirk (who I remember as part of Ben Stiller’s troupe on his old Fox sketch comedy show). Hell, who else would have looked at the sitcom father on “Malcolm In The Middle” and seen Walter White?

        • I think you’ve got something there, Melville.

          Normally I’d pick something like “King of the Road” for Mike, but I gotta say: if Banks did record a version of “Zou Bisou Bisou,”, I’d probably be into it. 🙂

  3. “He gave me the dead mackeral eyes.” Perfect description.

  4. The Four Amegos are the new SCDP, Yea Bager

  5. vamanos pest. Go Skinny Pete !

  6. Walt’s looking at the kid is a reminder of the manipulation. So, it leads to Walt further manipulating Jesse with the no secrets in a relationshiop schpiel. God.

    Just no interested in Sky now.

  7. 137,000 yield from 49 pounds. Roughly 3G’s per p. They cook 200 pounds a month and 600G per guy.

    7 mill a year. Decent.

  8. Do you think Walt is trying to drive Skyler to Suicide or Psychosis?

  9. “Everyone in this movie dies”. Perhaps the scariest foreshadowing in television history. Hazard Pay leaves little doubt that Walter White’s embrace of pure self interest will leave no room for anyone but Walt. Upon hearing about Skyler’s possible nervous breakdown, does he check on his wife? No and with all of the subtlety of a sledgehammer, he takes a symbolic bite out of an apple. He has no concern for her well being.

    When Walt told Skyler he forgave her, I could only think of Michael Corleone’s embrace of Fredo at their Mother’s funeral and the chilling look Michael gave Al Neri. In this world, there is no forgiveness of betrayal. Walt’s “I forgive you.” was a threat and Skyler’s fear justified. She has betrayed Walt twice. The third time will be her last.

    • Who’s to say, that inspite of her seeming catatonic state, Skyler won’t beat Walter to the punch and kill him?
      There is zero feeling for him. Only fear. It won’t be a leap for Skyler to put the mad dog down.

      • We can only hope Tilden.

      • I do believe your instincts are correct. Skyler is going to try to take Walt down sooner, rather than later. When I rewatched the “Come and meet my little friend” scene, Walt’s smile while holding Holly is absolutely terrifying. The first time I saw it, I was focused on Skyler but its worth a second look.

        Walt’s embrace of Heisenberg is so complete that his decision to have family time with pizza, popcorn and Tony Montana is natural in his mind. When Walt Jr. says, “Mom, come join us”, I imagine all Skyler saw was her family, engulfed in Hell’s flames. Like Walt’s cancer diagnosis, this scene may be the catalyst she needs to become actively involved in the salvation of her children. I wonder if the S5.1 teaser meant that she failed and if she failed, I don’t think Heisenberg will allow that final betrayal to pass.

  10. Well, so much for my prediction that they’d put the meth lab in a defunct ICMB silo, somewhere outside of ABQ.

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