The Killing Has Been Cancelled

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Jul 272012

Not like we’ll miss it.


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  1. Oh Dear What a Shame, NOT!

  2. Cancelled? I thought it was over. They solved the crime. The end.

    • Had the ratings been better, they’d have introduced a new crime. In fact, there was a new crime introduced in the final moments.

  3. The show was a crime! But worth suffering through to get an introduction to Joel Kinnaman.

  4. I was skeptical about if it would be renewed after reading that the ratings had gone down a lot. Then when it failed to receive any Emmy nominations, one of the writers for The Hollywood Reporter said it didn’t bode well for the show. (He did praise the performances though and said he felt many in the cast had been “snubbed” by the Emmys)

    Someone I know at work is really disappointed that the show has been cancelled and he said he hopes that another cable station will pick it up. I suppose this is possible, but probably not very likely.

  5. Well, at least we all got to know Joel Kinnaman. Oh wow….bound to be an international star, beginning with Easy Money, even though it is a Swedish film….I’ll skip him in Robo Cop, but this might put him over the top, which suits me. What a talent. I’ll miss The Killing, I just loved hating it, but did enjoyed the Holder/Linden comedy hour, their characters were really great. Christ On a Cracker Trudi, I get so mad at AMC.

    • Sorry, guess my age is showing. What is the attraction of these weedy, scraggly-bearded types like the characters portrayed by Aaron Paul and Joel Kinnaman? How can they ever compare to the Mad Men who look like real adults?

  6. I liked the program but and I will miss it. But life goes on and it did start to drag a little in the later episodes. Maybe the show will have new life else where. And Joel Kinnamon was a hottie! Va va voom!

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