Sunday Open Thread: Alphas S2 Premiere

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Jul 222012

Tomorrow night is the Season 2 premiere of Alphas (on Syfy at 10, 9 central), one of the Basket’s favorite shows. David Strathairn as the Alpha team leader is a great example of movie actors doing wonderful things on TV.

TV is full of that these days. What are some of your favorite examples of prestigious film actors doing the television thing (current or in the past)?


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  1. I guess prestigious can be subjective because there are some actors here that most would probably definitely consider prestigious, and others (younger, not quite as established) where some might disagree.

    Still, some of my favorites:

    -Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey (I know I’m not alone in thinking that!)

    -Claire Danes on Homeland. I always enjoyed her as an actor but this role on Homeland (and her role on HBO’s Temple Grandin, before that) have given her the opportunity to stretch and show more of what she can do.

    -Mary-Louise Parker has never been strictly a one-genre actor (in interviews, she’s said that theatre is her first love)–she’s done theatre, film, and cable television. But, I enjoy her on Weeds, and I also enjoy seeing her co-star Justin Kirk, another actor who has done all the different genres. Kirk was also her co-star in the outstanding HBO production of Angels in America.

    -Laura Linney on The Big C, although I wasn’t thrilled with this past season of the show and I’m hoping they’ll do better next time around. Still, Linney, like Mary Louise-Parker, is a very talented actor.

    -Jeff Daniels on The Newsroom, although I’m just getting started with that show as I’ve only had a chance to see the first episode so far. Ditto for his co-stars including Emily Mortimer and Alison Pill.

    -I greatly enjoyed seeing James Spader on the most recent season of The Office. I know he’s done TV before but I wasn’t really a fan of Boston Legal and only saw a couple of episodes. He was great fun on The Office–would have liked to have seen him continue to his role but apparently he only signed on to do one season.

  2. My first one I thought of was Barbara Stanwyck (billed as Miss Barbara Stanwyck) as the family matriarch in the Western The Big Valley in the mid 1960’s.

    George C. Scott did two T.V. series, one in the early 60’s (before he was THE George C. Scott, but already a two-time Oscar nominee) titled East Side, West Side, a controversial show in its time that dealt with social issues (he played a NYC social worker). The second was in the late 1980’s, a Fox sitcom of all things, titled Mr. President, where he played, yes, The President of the United States.

    In the early 1970’s, Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick were The Snoop Sisters, kind of a precursor of Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote.

    I’ve never seen Damages, but I have friends who swear by it, and Glenn Close is cdertainly one of the great film actresses of our time.

    A few years ago, James Woods did a lawyer show called Shark. It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but Woods is one of my favorite actors, and I enjoy him in almost anything.

    Most recent: Dustin Hoffman in Luck, which I’m still mourning won’t be back for a second season.

  3. Of course, there was Martin Sheen in The West Wing, which I’m reminded of because there was a guest appearance by Glenn Close.

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