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Jun 152012

The Killing "Donnie or Marie" - Holder, Linden, & YitanesWell, seems like they’re actually going to reveal a killer. Woo.

Look, I’m as frustrated with a two year tease as anyone else, but there’s a simple reality: The Killing is never at its best as a police procedural. In fact, police procedurals in general are never at their best as police procedurals. When was the last time one stunned you with its unique insight or clever construction? When was the last time one surprised you? Cop and detective shows have always had gimmicks, interesting characters, oddball relationships, or some kind of formalism as part of the diversion, because the procedural itself is never the compelling part. Done and done and done and done. To death (see what I did there?).

And in winding down the resolution of the mystery of Rosie Larsen’s murder, Donnie or Marie gave us little time for the character scenes and the beautiful composition that has made this show wonderful in the intermittent moments that it has been, in fact, wonderful.

When Stan talks about the light coming into a house, it illuminates his face, and when he calls Mitch on her sanctimonious shit, it’s breathtaking. In fact, every great scene this episode involved Stan, and there was very little of him, so there you are. Michelle Forbes is an actress I have loved for many years, but Mitch’s self-righteous My Grief Is Bigger Than Your Grief turns my stomach, and nothing in the performance redeems that. How awful of Mitch to return with so little gratitude or remorse. I cannot believe she was an easy person to live with before all this happened, and I have no doubt why Rosie turned away from her. TV is full of narcissistic mothers these days (I’m talking to you, Gail Holloway).

And forgive me for thinking there’s something just a wee bit homophobic about the sudden reveal that the tough female villain is a lesbian and that will break the case. Really, The Killing? Really? I mean, she’s the only woman of color on the show and she’s evil and now she’s a dyke? REALLY?

So, whatever. Not my happy place. Some good (for a change) pacing doesn’t put me in a forgiving mood.

Jamie probably did it, but a backflip twist is not out of the question. I will blog the finale and then I’m done with this show.


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  1. I’ve liked the last few weeks, including and maybe especially this one, quite a lot. Not worth the two years’ stalling, but – if you actually stuck with it like we did for some reason – at least worth having hung on for the last half-season, if you know what I mean. At least we’ll get an answer, and it might even make sense. I’m sort of resigned to the fact that there will be some new twist that would only make sense due to information totally withheld from the audience so far.

  2. This show sucks, I watched it for the Linden/Holder comedy hour — they are so wonderful together, and he is a real find. For some reason I just can’t quit this show, only because of Holder. It truly makes no sense this series, but give us another year and another murder will ya, better than 90% of the reality crap that is on television, agree?

  3. Stan has been magnificent–for two long years. He deserves an Emmy nod. Stretching this in to two seasons was an insult to our intelligence. I like Linden and Holder, but I like my police procedurals with a beginning, middle and end, in one season. Prime Suspect anyone? Hope if this is renewed that Veena Sud learned something based on the fan frustration.

  4. I’m with Ms. Lipp. After the finale reveal, I’m done with this show…but I’d like a Holder spinoff!

  5. Great episode and great recap. Yes, Stan did seem and look a lot different when he talked about the light coming into the house, and I felt sorry for Terri when Mitch said that stuff about, “You’re not a mother…you don’t have a family.” 🙁

    Jamie probably did it, but a backflip twist is not out of the question.

    Agree. Tomorrow will be interesting (I hope).

    It’s been great seeing some of our Mad Men alumni on the show (Eric Ladin, and Mark Moses), but I wish that Mark Moses’ character hadn’t been written as so one-note.

    By the way, I noticed something interesting today. I was channel-surfing and when I got to the Sundance Channel, an episode of The Killing (Donnie or Marie) was just ending. I didn’t realize that AMC and Sundance are apparently paired now(?). Sundance shows occasional repeat viewings of the show?

    • That would be new. But they’re both owned by the same conpany (AMC). So is IFC. I’m waiting for Sundance to go downhill like IFC did last year, with ads in every program and trendy programs of variable crappiness rather than arthouse cinema. It looks like it could be starting, if there were commercials, presumably.

  6. This had the potential to be amazing. Great cast, cinematography and interesting plot. And then they turned it into ‘regular’ television, relying on cliffhangers nearly every episode, plot twists that didn’t make sense, and some sort of need to revisit every single character from the first season, no matter how minor. I do not understand why they didn’t make each season an investigation of a new crime. They could have kept many of the major characters and developed them even further but with a new, interesting backdrop. That would have allowed the actors and a good storyline to carry the show. But, instead, they chose to go a different direction, and now the whole thing feels forced and uninteresting. Just very sad.

    • It could have been an actor driven character study and instead we have a psycho, lesbian, Indian Chief involved in a murder investigation of a teenage runaway, maid, prostitute, Muslim female teenage trafficing, good student, virgin, butterfly chasing, camera enthusiest, Richmond supporter.

      I am guessing Richmond is elected and then found to be the killer. I am hoping that the killer is an alien from another planet. That would be fine ending to this mess.

      Deb, thank you, again, for gutting this thing out.

  7. I loved Vulture’s An Exhaustive List of All the Things You Missed by Skipping Season Two of The Killing. (See link in “User Submitted News.) What a perfect explanation why so many viewers gave up on this plate of bad spaghetti.

  8. This show did indeed suck. Period. If this show had “potential”, it is the same potential nearly every series has. Nothing truly special about it at all, and most of the time, it doesn’t have two active brain cells working for it. Absolutely ridiculous right up to the end. Makes me curious what Swedish TV has to offer. Was this a hit there? I wouldn’t think this to be a draw in a supermax prison where they’ve taken away the books and the pencils. It’s just THAT stupid and worthless.

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