Basket of News, June 9-15, 2012

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Jun 152012

Matthew Weiner discussed “The Phantom” with the NYT’s Artsbeat (along with the rest of Season 5), and Slate.  At Hitfix, Alan Sepinwall takes Matt beyond the subjects of those interviews.  DigitalSpy and other outlets speculated that Weiner’s comments at bode ill for Megan.  Matt also talked hallucinogens, civil rights and more with the L.A. Times.  He and the cast talked about the season at the TV Academy, as highlighted by THR.

Season 5 was the most-watched so far for Mad Men. The finale was also was also the series’ highest-rated.

Slate did its usual multi-faceted look at “The Phantom,” while Gothamist rounded up the finale’s cultural references. At the WSJ, Columbia University history professor Alan Brinkley and Columbia theater and television professor Evangeline Morphos offer their take on the episode.

ICYMI: Deborah Lipp collaborated on a Season 5-ending essay at Vulture.

To look forward for a sec, Falling Skies starts its second season this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET (here are the first 3 minutes).  The post-show discussion, 2nd Watch, will be hosted by Wil Wheaton.

Vincent Kartheiser gets a meaty profile from his hometown CityPages, talks to TV Guide about pre-finale Season 5 and to Vulture about the source of Pete’s angst, his physical transformation, and his favorite Pete Campbell expressions of all time.

John Slattery spoke to Vulture about just how realistic our expectations are for Roger and Joan, his feelings on Lane’s departure, and what’s ahead for Roger.

Kiernan Shipka talks to Vanity Fair about the season finale, Sally’s future, and how Janie Bryant has influenced her real-life sense of style during those pivotal tween years.

Jon Hamm is part of THR’s Emmys Roundtable for Drama Actors.

Julia Ormond talks to AMC about how she got on the show and how she kept the season finale a secret.

Sadie Alexandru talks to Starpulse about chairing partners’ meetings as Scarlett.

Charlie Hofheimer (Abe Drexler) is joining the cast of The Lyons on Broadway.

Jessica Paré is profiled by the L.A. Times.

Janie Bryant talks to New York magazine about the symbolism behind her Season 5 wardrobe selections, with slideshow.  Janie also recommends L.A. food and drink establishments to The New Potato.

Tom & Lorenzo’s Tom Fitzgerald talks to Studio 360 about the changing fashion of Mad Men.  At Slate, T&L comment on all that use of red in “The Phantom.”

BlackBook also has a Women of Mad Men Season 5 fashion diary.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook was at the BoK finale party and presents culinary highlights from Season 5.

The Rawness takes a psychological look at the intertwined themes of “The Other Woman.”

Coloring For Grown-Ups visits NYC’s Krishna Consciousness Center, circa 1966.

Brian Stevens discovers the downsides of being “Roommates With Don.”

Did the DISH-AMC feud cause viewers to miss a minute of the season finale?

The Atlantic examines the problems of marketing Mad Men.

Susannah Breslin’s “How to Sell Yourself” does not mention Mad Men… but is is sooo Mad Men.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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  1. Sorry I don’t have the URLs to put into User Submissions at the moment, but there were two, substantial and enlightening long interviews with Matt Weiner in the New York Times this week – one on the season pre-finale and one on the finale. I would have expected to see links to them in the top paragraph. (Maybe they appeared here earlier in the week?) If I remember correctly, the Sepinwall interview has a link to the second one in its intro, and then that second Times one has a link to the first one the previous day in *its* intro.

    • The two NYT stories are the first two links in the first paragraph.

      • Ah. Sorry. I can’t keep up with trend-setting nomenclature like “Artsbeat”. I didn’t realize.

        • Well, I coulda spelled out NYT. But aside from that, there’s a practical writing problem when linking more than once to the same source in the same sentence of trying to avoid repetition. Thus, the reference to the blog name.

  2. Most of the actors are being interviewed (or have been interviewed recently) by Gold Derby. These are lovely long-format interviews (over Skype for some it seems).

  3. Great news items this week!! (I found the “Coloring for Grown Ups one” –I thought it was so funny! And clever)

    I somehow missed those Gold Derby chats–I think I get overwhelmed when there is sooo much Mad Men stuff in the news. Thanks for the second alert, Karl. I will have to check those out.

    I’m happy to hear that this season went so well in the ratings!

    I met one of the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook authors at the party last weekend–Peter–he seems great and the book is fabulous. I’m looking forward to trying some of those recipes.

    • Yeah, I’ve tended to group items to try to most of the big stories “above the fold.” But I’m increasingly thinking I should break down some of the paragraph-style stuff into more separate items. However, I’ve always wondered if doing that will make the length of the post seem off-putting.

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