Wentworth Hall Giveaway!

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Jun 122012

Simon & Schuster has provided us with two copies of Wentworth Hall for our readers. Wentworth Hall is a historical novel by debut author Abby Grahame that takes place during the Edwardian Era. It’s a fun book for fans of Downton Abbey!

The contest is, unfortunately, open to US residents only.


Enter between now and Monday, June 25 (contest closes at midnight Eastern time).

Two copies will be given away by random drawing from entrants.

Enter by leaving a comment here, telling us your favorite Downton Abbey moment.

One entry per person.

No chatting in comments, please! We use the comment number to generate randomization and chat will mess that up. Please remember that nested replies in the contest comments will not be entered into the drawing. The drawing is done by random number generation and the replies are not numbered.

When entering, please use an email address you check regularly.

About the book:

And you thought there were secrets in the Abbey . . .

The Darlington family of Wentworth Hall, an elite British family, fills their time by caring for their extensive estate, and looking over their shoulders as they struggle to keep up an elaborate charade to hide their scandalous secrets of illicit romances, and bitter betrayals. 

Read an excerpt.

Prizing courtesy of Simon & Schuster. Contest open to US residents only.


  17 Responses to “Wentworth Hall Giveaway!”

  1. I suspect my favorite DA moment is going to be repeated – when Matthew and Mary kiss at the end of the special Christmas episode!

  2. Just about any time the Dowager Countess was on the screen — but my favorite moment was one of her last of the series (so far):

    Sir Richard: “I’m leaving in the morning, Lady Grantham. I doubt we’ll meet again.”
    Lady Violet: “Do you promise?”

  3. My favorite moment was when Bates grabbed Thomas in Season 1 and threw him violently against the wall.

  4. The family is gathered around the dining room table and the Dowager Countess (my role model) says, “What’s a week end?”

  5. Someone’s already claimed my VERY favorite (“What’s a week end?”) so I am going to have to go with my second favorite, “In these moments one can usually find an Italian who isn’t too picky.”

  6. My favorite moment is the flower show scene in Season One, during which I could not stop drooling over the clothes they were wearing, especially Maggie Smith’s white trapunto dress.

  7. My favorite (among many such) Downton Abbey moment was Mary saying, about furniture, to Sir Richard in the balcony of the huge house he wanted to buy: “Your lot buys it. My lot inherits it.”

  8. My favorite moment is when Mary raises her glass to Lady Edith at the outdoor party after ruining her chance of a marriage proposal from that older gentleman. Oooh! how could these sisters could be so icy and cruel to each other – sibling rivalry at the highest level. Loved it!
    Of favorite lines it would be hard to choose but I really enjoyed when Lady Violet says that Cora’s flower arrangements look like a First Communion in Italy. Burn! I’m Irish Catholic and I don’t know exactly what she means, but I LOVE IT!

  9. I LOVE Lady Violet. My favorite part is where she is horrified by Matthew mentioning the weekend. But it’s been said, so when Cora asks if they are to be friends, and she says we shall be allies. What a cut.

  10. I loved the heartbreaking scene at the funeral, when Matthew tells Mary that they are cursed, and can never be together, which was nicely juxtaposed with the joyful exit of her little sister on the arm of the man she loves (with her father’s reluctant blessing). I thought it was so nicely done.

  11. My favorite moment is when Matthew socks it to the newspaper guy, because boy, did he deserve it.

  12. Another Lady Violet quote: “Don’t be defeatist dear, it’s very middle class.”

  13. Any scene with the Ladies Mary and Edith being horrible to each other, particularly when Mary ruined Edith’s chance at marrying that old fart. Bless.

  14. Oh, I love Downton Abbey and can’t wait for it to return in January (it’s gonna be a long 6 months now that both my favorite shows, DA and Mad Men are done) My favorite scene, of course, was Matthew and Mary finally getting engaged out in the snow, but there are so many wonderful moments. Seeing Matthew and Mary’s creepy fiance get into a fist fight was pretty fun too!
    Thanks for the chance to win this book! It sounds fantastic!

  15. It was very sweet when Daisy finally visited William’s father and decided to accept his offer of being her family. Brought tears.

  16. When the turkish diplomat died in Lady Mary’s bed. Quelle horreur.

  17. My favorite Downton scenes are anything involving Maggie Smith. She has so many wonderful lines!

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