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Jun 122012

(a.k.a. AMC, you screw my pooch.)

So, AMC did not make a screener of The Killing‘s season finale available. You know, the one where Rosie Larsen’s killer was finally revealed. And AMC never, as policy, makes screeners of Mad Men available (not their fault, that’s Matt Weiner’s decision).

Apparently, it never occurred to AMC that having two finales back-to-back, neither with screeners available, might create some scheduling problems for anyone ever.

So here’s the thing, the rest of the season of The Killing is still sitting on the press-only site, but they still haven’t provided the finale. It’s not there. My DVR seems to have screwed up (it happens) and the only way I can watch the finale now is to pay for a download (ef ’em) or wait for a re-run (a couple of days).

I promise to tell you all about Rosie’s killer. Eventually.


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  1. I don’t if this will help but Lane Pryce’s murderer is Rosie Larsen.

  2. This past Sunday’s episode wasn’t the finale. That airs this Sunday.

    • Really? JEEEEZ. Well, it’s not on the screener site and I’m kind of losing my mind.

  3. Deborah–yeah, wait for a rerun, I don’t know what cable company you have, but mine seems to run it fairly frequently. But I usually wait and watch it on Free On Demand–it takes them a couple days to put it up, but it’s probably up by now. I just didn’t get a chance to watch yet so will shoot for tomorrow.

  4. I don’t watch the killing, so take this with a grain of salt, but Dish recently moved AMC from 130 to some number in the 9000’s, and the bump screen you get on the old channel indeed refers to last week’s episode as “the finale”. It also says something about their being more (than usual?) extra airings of both The Killing and MM finales later in the week, but I didn’t pay attention to that part. The tone of it made me think a lot of Dish viewers must’ve missed both shows this week to to the move or something along those lines.

    • I hated Dish before it was cool. I watch via Cablevision.

      • It’s the best option for me in my semi-rural area. I’m not overly fond of some aspects, but I honestly can’t say I’ve experienced a lot of the issues other people seem to. Appearantly, the reason they moved AMC was to put up a seperate channel to encourage people to vote down the Illinois Satelite tax.

  5. The “finale” is in two parts. Sunday’s episode was part 1 entitled “Donnie or Marie.” Part 2 airs in the usual time slot Sunday with a re-run of part 1 at 8 p.m. ET. Looking forward to your review. Part 1 left me a little confused. They’ve zeroed in on Rosie’s killer, but I’m sensing a big twist coming in part 2 and I’m sure it will be somebody else entirely.

    • I’ll have it up as soon as I can. I’ve contacted AMC about the screeners but I don’t know when I’ll hear back. I assumed it was a finale thing but that’s because I’ve been so focused on Mad Men. Now that I know it was not the finale I think it’s a glitch.

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