Jun 102012

This handsome guy will be at our party tonight!

CONFIRMED! Rich Sommer, who has been teasing us with “probably” for weeks, will be at the New York City Basket of Kisses Season 5 Finale Shindig.

Be there!


  6 Responses to “Rich Sommer CONFIRMED for our Finale Party!”

  1. Now I’m REALLY bummed out that I can’t be there…. 🙁

  2. Oh No!
    I cannot believe it. I had a gallbladder attack yesterday that has left me unable to leave my crib.
    I so wanted to be there and thank the Lipp sisters, (by the way are you guys related to Larry Lipp who married Eunice Lipp from Canarsie? I worked with her on Madison Ave in the ’80’s)

    I am a HUGE fan of Harry! Later this summer I will be in NYC. Will his play still be running?

    Please tell Rich he has a bunch of fans in Annapolis Maryland who will be traveling to see him!

  3. Sweet!

  4. Got a picture with him! He was super nice!!

  5. […] at a terrific New York City bar, at the Basket of Kisses Season Finale Party, sitting next to Rich Sommer. It was a fantastic experience: Cheers, applause, shock—there’s truly nothing like sharing […]

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