Basket of News, May 26 – June 1, 2012

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Jun 012012

Slate does its typical multi-part look at “The Other Woman,” while Gothamist time-stamps the episode’s cultural references.

Jaguar tweeted a response to “The Other Woman,” while David Pryor, VP-brand development for JaguarUSA, amplified at AdAge.

Pop Rocks asks: “Is Pete Campbell the Biggest Tool in TV History?”

Christina Hendricks gives a short but good interview to GQ about “The Other Woman” and S5 generally.

TIME’s James Poniewozik doesn’t buy “Cleopatra Joan.”  Neither does NPR’s Linda Holmes.  [I think they were not paying sufficient attention to Joan’s prior scenes with Roger and Don, or to the inflation rate. -K]

Entertainment Weekly places odds on where Peggy Olson fits into the show now.

Wrong Like Right presents “A Brief Visualization of Don and Peggy’s Relationship.” [Making a point I made in the open thread for “The Other Woman.” -K]

John Slattery talks about LSD on The View.

January Jones takes part in THR’s all-female Emmy-season kickoff roundtable panel, including her reaction to the fat suit. 

Jon Hamm talks life and family in an excerpt from this month’s Total Film.

Christopher Stanley talks to AMC about Betty’s weight gain and the importance of coming to terms with your own identity.

Jeff Clarke (Howard Dawes) talks about riding the Mad Men train with Pete Campbell, Matthew Weiner and Alexis Bledel.

Alison Brie talks to Conan O’Brien about her clothing-optional college and her cleavage.

Jessica Paré will present at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards on June 4 in NYC. is running an occasional series titled, The Sally Draper Diaries.

Vanity Fair has an epic slideshow of Season 5 fashion.  Vulture thinks we’ve seen Joan’s fur before.  Speakeasy looks at the shoes of the season.

Off-screen, Mad Men fashion puts mad money in the Gap’s pocket.  And retro style has reached Rapid City, SD.

We chuckle about how reckless the Sixties were, but they really were more lethal.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  11 Responses to “Basket of News, May 26 – June 1, 2012”

  1. Karl-I hope you dont mind that I add to your list which I look forward to every week. I found this article interesting in business week about the effects of MM on marketing and consumers. Here is the link:

  2. Great Christina Hendricks interview. And I like the EW suggested Peggy-scenarios, especially the last one, if only for the idea of Bill Irwin and Robert Sean Leonard as Ted Chaough’s partners.

    • I thought Leonard would do great on the show as Gleason, but Cutler is supposed to be really old. Remember Ted used that to offer senior partnership to Pete, when he was courting him?

  3. Hamm did an Emmy panel for the LA Times:

  4. In the THR piece, JJ said she was in four episodes this season. Will we see her again in 512 or 513?

    She was in 503 (Tea Leaves – with the thyroid tumor), 504 (Mystery Date – at the end), and 509 (Dark Shadows telling Sally about Don’s “first wife” and later in the penthouse).

    Was she in another this season?

    • I’m not sure Mystery Date counts since she said one word, basically.

      • It depends on whether Ms. Jones counts it. Do you suppose she (and the Henry actor) showed up to the table read for one scene?

  5. That Hollywood Reporter video interview was more Inside the Actor’s Studio than Inside the Actor’s Studio. The THR video isn’t anywhere near those old episodes of Inside, but it was more interesting and rich than the Mad Men episode.

  6. Did Ted Chaugh hire Peggy to because of her talent or to hurt Don? Similar to how we don’t really know what won the Jaguar pitch, Peggy will never be fully sure of why she was hired. This doubt will eventually cause her to reconsider her decision. She will end up back with Don.

  7. I tried submitting this through the “Submit a News Item” function but it didn’t work. This is an article in the June 5th edition of The Globe and Mail titled ‘How following Mad Men backfired for the real Jaguar
    ‘, describing how Jaguar tried to use the recent Mad Men storyline as free advertising and it backfired in a big way. Well worth reading.

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