May 292012

Smithfield, 215 West 28th Street, Sunday June 10th, 8pm. Live jazz, wonderful food, no cover, TV screens a’plenty.

And we already have a “probably yes” from a Mad Men star.

We’re definitely having one, Sunday, June 10th, in Manhattan. Will either be free or relatively inexpensive, same as our other parties. Once I finalize the details I will announce it proper; for now it’s a teaser.

And there’s always the fun question– who from the show will stop in? We’re two for three.

Watch this space.


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  1. Wow! Wouldn’t it be wild if Harry and Paul showed!
    I am planning to come, again, but this time I will make it!
    Looking forward to saying thank you to the fabulous Lipp Sisters.

  2. People tell me all of your parties have been lots of fun.

    Unfortunately I will be stuck here in Hollywood that weekend. So far nobody has discussed a Mad Men Season 5 Finale Party. Maybe Cole’s Bar in Downtown. Who knows?

  3. Wish it was in L.A. :>(

  4. Feel free to post the photos I sent that were taken last year. I can’t attend this year.

    • We do still have those. We’ll miss you Judy.

      • Not enough time or…liquidity! 🙂 Of course, this will also be the year you’ll have a MM surprise guest, I’m sure! x

  5. Hi all!

    If you’re in or near the San Francisco Bay Area on June 10, you can join other Basketcases for a viewing party and potluck dinner at the home of Basketcase Frank Bullitt. White T Jim B and I will both be there.

    If you’re interested, go to the About Us page here on Basket of Kisses, find the addresses under Contact Us, and drop one of us an email. We’ll get back to you with the details.

    It’s unlikely anyone from the show will join us, but at least we’ll have each other. 🙂

    • I speak from direct experience – watching Mad Men with Anne B and White T Jim B is a whole lotta fun (and insightful, too). Please join us for good food, drink, company and entertainment. Hey, who needs surprise guests when you can hang with Anne & Jim?


      Frank Bullitt

      • Would love to hang with Jim and Anne. Question is, would they want to hang with me?

        • Of course. Just play nice with the other kids, share your toys and let others have their turn to talk 🙂

          TK – we take watching Mad Men seriously but not ourselves seriously. You (and any other NorCal Basketcases) are welcome to join us for the finale. To paraphrase Jimmy Barrett, Jim and Anne are a couple of cool cats.

        • Love to hang with you, tk. Maybe for next year’s season premiere in NYC?

          • I’d ask for your autograph Anne. Sorry, if that’d make you uncomfortable. 🙂

    • Anne, feel free to do a separate post on it– a West Coast BoK Party is surely worth an announcement. And who knows who might pop in?


    • Damn it! Will be in the Bay Area June 17th……

      Anyone having a party in Los Angeles???

  6. I’m soooo there. Can thank the Sistahs in person for all their toil and trouble. I’ll be wearing my Mets cap.
    Lane is a Met fan. Hope he’s still alive for the denouement. 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to hear the details!

  8. Would love more info. I’m a faithful MM fan since day #1!! Would love to attend. 😉

  9. Awesome! Thanks, Roberta (and Deb). I’m definitely going to try to make it. I really enjoyed attending Seaon 4’s finale party.

  10. I’m looking forward to attending my first Lipp Sisters Mad men finale party.

  11. Would it be weird if I came up from DC to attend?

    • I came out from SF to attend the premiere. And a past finale. And I will again.

      So unless I’m weird (and I am), that’s not.

    • I’m thinking of the same thing – looking at hotel costs right now

  12. I have just left NY to return home to Australia, knowing full well I would miss an end of season special events!! Damn!!
    Roberta and Deb thanks again for BoK and I’m sure the party will be a success, all the best

  13. Have fun and post photos!! (don’t forget to actually watch the episode, though!) 🙂

  14. speaking of finales….. 🙂

    Ok, FWIW, here’s my vision on how the finale goes down:

    Pegs is, of course, gone…

    At a partners meeting, Pete asks Lane to borrow more cash to expand the Jaguar business.

    Lane hems and haws, and newly emboldened partner Joan reveals she’s figured out he’s embezzled the previous 50K and that there’s no more to be had.

    Misplaced Anger Pete suggests Miss Holloway get ready for another night with Jaguar….or one with Ford, Chrysler, or the 101st Airborne!

    Enraged Lane comes to her defense, and Cambell-Price II is on!

    More intense this time it careens out into the elevator hallway (with everyone else in pursuit!) just as Megan comes out to tell Don she’ll be in Jesus Christ Superstar for a year and adios!

    The second elevator doors open and the scrum of Megan, Lane, and Campbell go down the elevator shaft in front of everyone.

    Burt, already on the launch pad, goes to greet Ms. Blankenship in that Great Agency In The Sky.

    Roger, has an LSD flashback/vision of Mona and Jane leaving him, not in his suit, but in a barrel with suspenders, and he has that Called Third Strike Coronary.

    Joan looks up at the thunderstruck Don and takes his hand tenderly (kinda like the end of Fight Club!) as they prepare to run the business anew during The Summer Of Love. With Ginzberg.

    Ken gets a job at Analog, Trudy goes off to community college for new skills, Henry quits on Betty, and reveals he never really sold the Ossining house and offers it to Betty to get her out of his life.

    Francine reveals how much she’s into “big girls” and Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis starts a new chapter of her life in her old digs as well….


  15. This looks great! See you there!

  16. R and D- I didn’t know where else to post this suggestion:

    After hearing (and writing) “Emmy!” for Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and Vincent Kartheiser over the last few days, I had a thought: how about “Lippys?” I’d love for a chance to vote and other posters to vote on things we love right here on the Basket! “Best Recap”, “Favorite Guest Poster”, “Best ‘Catch'”, “Best Comment,”….

    After the finale of course….

    It just sounds like fun! 🙂

  17. Woohoo! I’ll be there!

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  19. I really, really want to go. I would be happy to meet any of the cast. Maybe Bryan Batt because he is on the East Coast a lot and I am hopeful he shows up at Ted’s agency in the next two episodes.

  20. My friends and I will be in NYC for the finale and were looking for a party to go to! This is fantastic, can’t wait.

  21. Glad I saw posting early enough to plan on attending. 🙂

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  23. If Matt shows up at your party? Oooohhhh. 🙂

    Gotta say, though: if he showed up at ours, I’d probably go Full South Park Stan on him. <3

    "There's that guy, that I like ..."


  24. I’ll be there, have to make it 3 for 3! Will bring not-a-Mad-Men-fan boyfriend, though I secretly suspect he is now a fan after watching every episode of the current season with me 🙂

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